Yahoo CEO to Announce New Plan Tuesday

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has taken plenty of switch to the organization in 2 yrs she has held it’s place in cost.

She’s going to carry on her trend of modification by announcing a “new program” the organization recently — exactly the same few days Yahoo is unveil its third-quarter profits.

After publishing its results Tuesday, Mayer is expected to announce new cost-cutting attempts also divulge new information regarding the way the business is evaluating feasible purchases, a resource “who had been briefed regarding plan” told the Wall Street Journal.

The resources said Mayer is contemplating the acquisition of 1 or maybe more big technology start-ups using funds from the $ 5.8 billion it made from the first general public offering of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

According to the report a sizable purchase would assist Mayer to produce significant brand-new streams of revenue when it comes to google company — something that is sorely required after a decline in sales in four out from the past five quarters.

The move by Mayer isn’t just about announcing modification, however, it can be an endeavor to “fend down difficult” by activist investor Starboard Value LP, in line with the WSJ.

People, the report stated, are becoming impatient with Mayer’s inability, thus far, to push up revenues.

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Yahoo CEO to Announce New Plan Tuesday


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Twitter Teams Up With SoundCloud to Offer Audio to its Users

audio_card_blog-1Twitter has become enabling its users to relax and play podcasts, music as well as other types of sound content from the comfort of their particular timelines.

Utilizing the social networking site’s brand new Twitter sound Card, people can find out and tune in to sound directly from their particular timeline on both iOS and Android devices.

Twitter is integrating with third-party streaming solutions, the very first of which are SoundCloud and iTunes.

“Throughout your listening knowledge, you are able to dock the Audio Card and keep hearing as you consistently browse in the Twitter software,” reads a-twitter blog post.

“We’re simply beginning to test the Audio Card and plan to ensure it is open to more lovers and creators in the foreseeable future to ensure many more musical artists and creators will be able to share unique, in-the-moment audio to millions of audience on Twitter.”

Sound are accessed with an individual tap and cards may either display record album art at full screen or could be shrunk down so people can read on their particular Twitter feed while paying attention.

Whenever listening to music from choose iTunes music artists, users, with just a few taps, can pre-order unreleased music and purchase songs directly from the Apple platform.

Twitter users can follow @TwitterMusic for real time changes about records utilising the brand-new sound Card.


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Twitter Groups with SoundCloud to provide Audio to its people


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Why The Poor Pay $1,400 for Old iPads

By Terry Parris Jr., ProPublica

Can you spend $ 1,439.28 for an early on design iPad? Some just who can’t pay for it do. In a few means, the predatory lending into poor that put America into a tailspin in 2006 has shifted to smaller things like iPads and couches. Rent-to-own shops can charge effective interest levels of greater than completely and avoid state usury rules by categorizing the purchases as “leases.”  While the business is growing: the store that sells the $ 1,400 iPad (more than 72 months) at this time has actually 204 shops and desires to increase that number within the next three years.  2014 The Washington Post via @dabeard

Our consumer economic climate is polluting this town, virtually and politically. A $ 2.36-million bribe to a lowly city councilman in l . a . exurb of Moreno Valley generated an account of just how our customer economic climate of “two-day shipping, click-to-ship, and get-it-on-your-doorstep-by-noon-tomorrow” includes a cost “paid because of the people just who live in the shadows associated with mega-warehouses.” That price is “lung-stunting, cancer-causing pollution and, in many cases, governmental corruption.” 2014 BuzzFeed

Bad proof and blunders place an innocent 17-year-old in prison for 20 years. “We made some decisions which were bad choices,” stated Bill Hackathorn, certainly one of Michelle Murphy’s protection lawyers. “we knew all along the most innocent individual I ever represented got found guilty because I wasn’t sufficient.” The Tulsa World’s two-part series examines Oklahoma’s flawed prosecution of Murphy for the murder of her son or daughter.2014 Tulsa World via @caryaspinwall

If inmate doesn’t perish in prison, it willn’t show up on prison moves. In Orleans Parish Prison, seven inmates have actually died after released from custody, “an deliberate circumvention of this general public reporting demands for in-custody fatalities,” according to critics. Some of these deaths were classified as “natural factors,” but there is however a deeper tale right here. All-natural triggers don’t imply the deaths weren’t preventable, which is “why thorough reviews after deaths are important to find out whether the root cause associated with the demise had been anything fixable, like increasing CPR response times or changing medication administration guidelines.” 2014 The Times-Picayune via @NaomiMartin

Pyramid schemes tend to be unlawful but multi-level marketing companies aren’t. Herbalife is one of those MLMs. This business’s “nutrition-club system” recruits visitors to buy then try to sell its tasting nutritional shakes. Critics state the business “targets bad, often-uneducated Latinos, a lot of who you live in the united kingdom illegally.” This multi-part show looks at multilevel advertising companies, pyramid schemes and also the communities that gravitate to them. 2014 Al Jazeera via @laurarenamurray @sonipaul

ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for their particular newsletter.

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Why The indegent Pay $ 1,400 for Old iPads


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SiteProNews Offers Glimpse of Smartband Puls

Black-eyed Peas co-founder has a little something for your wrist.

PulsCalled Puls, the Smartband ended up being launched at’s yearly summit, Dreamforce 2014.

“ Puls represents digital freedom, individuality, cleverness additionally the intersection where style and technical development meet,” said in a statement. “I’m recognized to share with you my vision for Puls with this specific international audience.”

Puls doesn’t have is attached to a Smartphone to function. It offers wearers the capability to make and get calls, text, check always social media marketing and emails, hear music, shop and view pictures and track private fitness. These devices comes with a-clock, maps and a calendar.

The musical organization in addition comes filled with an electronic associate named ‘AneedA,’ which will be run on Nuance Communications.

AneedA usually takes dictation for texts and emails, post social networking updates, make telephone calls, arrange the user’s schedule and play music.

The Puls web site offers little information but does offer interested events the choice to register for pre-order information.

“For the dreamers which bring tomorrow today. Thank you for visiting Nexterday,” the web site reads. “Introducing next amount Smartband because fresh since the threat takers and groundbreakers just who rock it.”

(Through PCMag)

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Facebook, Apple to Pay for Female Employees to Freeze Eggs

Twitter and Apple tend to be taking a supplementary step to greatly help their particular feminine staff members get their particular ambitions of motherhood later in life.

Both technology companies will probably pay for staff members to freeze their particular eggs.

Twitter started addressing egg freezing at the beginning of this present year while Apple will begin to do this in January 2015, spokespeople told NBC News. Apple addresses prices of egg freezing under its virility benefit, while Twitter does sounder its surrogacy advantage. Both cover up to $ 20,000.

According to the report, the businesses will be the very first significant companies to supply these types of coverage for non-medical explanations. The average expense to freeze eggs has reached the very least $ 10,000 per round, with an extra $ 500-fee for yearly for storage space.

“With notoriously male-dominated Silicon Valley businesses competing to attract top feminine skill, the coverage can provide Apple and Facebook a knee up at women that dedicate crucial childbearing many years to creating careers, bay area fertility expert Philip Chenette told NBC.

“Covering egg freezing can be viewed a kind of payback for women’s commitment.”

Although there is no guarantee of being pregnant if eggs tend to be frozen, more women are using the treatment.

According to the report, since the ASRM lifted the “experimental” label from egg freezing couple of years ago, there’s been an increase in ladies asking for the task. Actually, in line with the report, virility medical practioners in ny and san francisco bay area have said cases of egg-freezing have gone up nearly 50 % before year.

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Facebook, Apple to cover feminine Employees to Freeze Eggs


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Google Adds Right to be Forgotten Requests to Transparency Report

Google has actually included a area to its Transparency Report: Right to be Forgotten needs.

This New section, dubbed European privacy in search, is a result of a landmark decision given by Europe’s top courtroom in May that has forced search engines to either edit or remove internet based search engine results if they’re discovered to break a person’s privacy.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 8.26.27 PMRequests from Europeans together with action Bing has brought to them tend to be placed in the report since are the link elimination requests the tech huge gets from governing bodies and courts and copyright requests.

Thus far, Bing has actually evaluated 498,737 URLs for reduction resulting from a complete of 146,357 demands. The major search engines firm features removed 171,183 URLS — 41.8 per cent of most needs obtained. Meaning 238,714 (or 58.2 per cent) of this URLs weren’t removed.

“In evaluating each demand, Google must consider the liberties of individual also general public fascination with this content,” the web page checks out.

Google provided some examples of this forms of demands it can and does not give.

Successful needs included:

  • In Italy, a woman requested Bing pull a decades-old article about her husband’s murder, which included the woman name. The web page was taken off search results on her name.
  • In Germany, victim of rape requested Bing to get rid of a web link to a newsprint article towards criminal activity. The web page is taken from search engine results for the individual’s title.

Unsuccessful needs:

  • In Switzerland, a monetary expert asked Google to remove more than 10 backlinks to pages stating on their arrest and belief for monetary crimes. We didn’t take away the pages from serp’s.
  • Within the U.K., a media expert required Google pull four backlinks to articles reporting on awkward content he posted towards the online. We couldn’t take away the pages from search engine results.

The sites most impacted by the Address removals were Twitter, ProfileEnging, YouTube, Badoo and Bing Groups.

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Google Adds Right to be Forgotten Requests to Transparency Report


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Nadella Says Women Should Rely on ‘Good Karma’ to Get a Raise

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had a significant foot-in-mouth minute at Grace Hopper Celebration of females in Computing in Phoenix Thursday when he suggested women cannot ask for pay increases.

The comment, meant to a roomful of females, not surprisingly, went over like a lead balloon, despite him earlier in the day informing them they have “superpowers.”

“It’s not about seeking a raise, but understanding and achieving faith the system will provide you with suitable raises while you complement,” Nadella said during an interview on stage with Harvey Mudd university president Maria Klawe. “And that, i believe, could be the extra superpowers … that ladies just who don’t require a raise have actually — because that’s good karma. It’s Going To come-back.”

Men and women alike took to Twitter with a vengeance after Nadella’s remarks.

Have a look at some of the reviews:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.37.03 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.36.12 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.35.42 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.36.45 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.36.29 PM


To Nadella’s credit, but he performed realize the most important gaffe and apologized, both on Twitter and in a letter to Microsoft workers.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.23.33 PM

“I replied that concern drastically wrong,” Nadella stated in the e-mail to workers. “Without any doubt I wholeheartedly support programs at Microsoft and in a that bring more women into technology and shut the pay gap. I think people should get equal pay money for equal work. So when it comes to career advice on getting a raise whenever you believe it’s deserved, Maria’s guidance ended up being just the right advice. If You Were To Think you deserve a raise, you really need to just ask.”

It really is impossible to know if Nadella is sexist, answered unthinkingly or perhaps is entirely oblivious and off touch with an expert woman’s reality.

Have a look at what he had to express in the video clip below, beginning at the 1:35:00 part of the clip to create your own opinion.

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Nadella Says Females Should count on ‘Good Karma’ getting a Raise


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Skype Gets a Makeover for Mac and Windows

Skype gets a fresh search for Mac and Windows.

The Microsoft-owned movie talk solution on Thursday premiered version 7.0 for Mac and provided a preview version for Microsoft windows.

Skype’s Tom Huang said the newest variations was in fact redesigned to “make it more straightforward to chat and share.”mac2

Users will today see thumbnail images of the associates, an innovative new bubble-style talk design, and consistent icons for chat, movie calls and sound calls, making Skype consistent across cellular and desktop products.

An innovative new side-by-side design permits people become revealing messages, photographs, or data with someone during another call.

“People love multi-tasking,” Huang typed in a”>blog post. “Many of you already trade IMs while on a live call these days. Because Of The brand new side-by-side design, it is possible to efficiently multi-task on a voice or video telephone call.”

On Mac, this feature only takes one mouse click.

The inform also includes improvements to register sharing. For-instance, when revealing file types like Office documents and PDFs, the consumer will dsicover file icons exhibited “to make it easier to aesthetically scan for and discover various data within chat record.”

To install Skype for Mac 7.0 click right here. Those desperate to take a look at the new preview for Microsoft windows desktop should click here.


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Skype Gets a Makeover for Mac and Windows


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Amazon to Open Store in New York

Amazon is coming to nyc — virtually.

The e commerce giant is reportedly opening its first bricks and mortar shop when you look at the ny, timed to coincide aided by the vacation shopping period, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

The shop is usually to be set up across from the Empire State Building and will serve as a warehouse and storefront the organization, sources told the WSJ.

The store, that the book called an “experiment,” would permit clients to order an item web each morning and go to the store at night to pick it up. The store, reportedly, will even process returns and exchanges.

Amazon was tight-lipped on matter and refused to either verify or deny the rumor.

Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Cheeseman told CNet the business has “made no announcements about a spot in New york.”

In the event that rumor holds true, it comes simply 8 weeks after the eRetailer extended its same-day distribution get to to shoppers from Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and, naturally, new york. The service has-been available in la, Phoenix, bay area and Seattle metro places for quite a while.

It’s not understood if even more stores will open up or if perhaps it really is linked with Amazon’s same-day distribution objectives.

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Amazon to start Shop in New York


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Comcast Shareholders Support Time Warner Merger – Ninety-Nine Percent Vote in Favor of Deal

Comcast Corp. shareholders show daunting assistance when it comes to organization’s much-debated want to buy Time Warner Cable.

Time WarnerThe $ 45.2-billion price had 99 % of investors offering a thumbs up to the merger which is still prior to the Federal Communications Commission and the Justice division. If authorized, it might start to see the nation’s two largest cable companies become one.

A Comcast pr release granted Wednesday highlighted the simple fact the merger is “subject to different regulatory approvals alongside customary circumstances also needs endorsement by Time Warner Cable investors, who are likely to vote regarding the merger (today). At the mercy of pleasure of the problems, the merger is anticipated to close in early 2015.”

As The La Times reported, though, not everybody is excited about the potential deal with Netflix and Dish Network expressing problems within the suggestion which may see 30 percent associated with country’s cable households and 40 % of homes with broadband Internet obtaining those services through the business.

Early in the day in 2010, the proposed merger in addition caught a person’s eye associated with the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee, earlier this springtime, heard from Comcast’s administrator vice-president and chief diversity officer in public places plan, David L. Cohen.

During those times, Cohen argued taking both giants collectively would just gain consumers by delivering “consumers the next-generation of broadband Web, movie, voice, and associated technologies.”

Bringing the 2 business’s together, he reported, would enhance the knowledge for clients today plus in on future.

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Comcast Investors Help Time Warner Merger


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