LinkedIn 3Q Revenue Rockets 45 Percent

LinkedIn reported strong third-quarter income development as more and more businesses utilize its services to engage workers.

Despite a 45 % increase in revenue to $ 568 million when compared with $ 393 million into the 3rd quarter of 2013, the professional social network nonetheless published a loss, although it had been smaller than that which was forecast by experts.

The internet loss due to common stockholders had been $ 4.3 million, compared to net loss of $ 3.4 million inside year-ago one-fourth.

“LinkedIn made considerable progress against several lasting strategic investments we began this season,” LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said in a”>press launch. “During the 3rd one-fourth, we took significant actions in increasing the scale and relevance of task listings, developing the professional publishing system, and growing our user community in new geographies and demographics.”

Weiner, during a seminar call with investors and experts, said China is its second-largest way to obtain new members behind the U.S. LinkedIn simply entered the Chinese marketplace earlier this year.

“We’re showing great grip indeed there,” he said.

Third-quarter features included:

  • Expansion of “Limited Listings” choices to a broad base of U.S. and global companies. Jobs hunters are in possession of access to nearly two million task listings on relatedIn, driving powerful energy to do the job Research mobile application.
  • Release of product sales Navigator to enable sales professionals to establish and develop relationships with leads and customers. This new stand-alone item experience permits product sales experts to keep updated about crucial records, focus on the correct folks, and develop reliable interactions.
  • The acquisition of Bizo, accelerating the capability to develop an end-to-end B2B advertising system. Building regarding the success of Sponsored changes, Bizo’s staff and technology will increase LinkedIn’s capability to leverage present material advertising services and products and gives a wider variety of solutions to fulfill our customers’ advertising and marketing targets.

“LinkedIn demonstrated power in third one-fourth, leveraging the scale developed by our member community to deliver development across all three products,” stated primary monetary officer Steve Sordello. “We still make intense assets in our member and consumer platforms so that you can recognize our long-lasting potential.”

LinkedIn is forecasting income of between $ 600 million and $ 605 million because of its fourth one-fourth and a yearly income of between $ 2.175 billion and $ 2.180 billion.

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LinkedIn 3Q Income Rockets 45 Per Cent


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Lenovo Concludes $2.91B Purchase of Motorola Mobility

Lenovo these days completed its nearly $ 3-billion buy of Motorola Mobility from Google, very nearly a complete 12 months after announcing its intention to get the device device.

Lenovo will pay $ 2.91 billion in total for the manufacturer associated with Moto X and Moto G Smartphones — $ 660 million in cash and $ 750 million in organization stock. The remaining $ 1.5 billion will soon be paid in the form of a three-year promissory note.

The purchase implies Google is eliminate a small business that has been bit more than an albatross around its corporate throat considering that the $ 12.5-billion acquisition nearly 3 years ago. In those two years, Motorola features been successful in dragging straight down Google’s earnings.

Google is retaining ownership of a lot of Motorola’s huge patent portfolio which, alone, is really worth a pile of cash. Lenovo will, but get a license into the patents and other intellectual residential property.

President of Lenovo’s mobile business team Liu Jun, left, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing and Motorola president and chief operating officer Rick Osterloh celebrate the finishing of Lenovo’s purchase of Motorola Mobility these days. Here, Osterloh demonstrates modern top features of the latest Nexus 6 Smartphone as you're watching organization’s brand-new logo.

President of Lenovo’s mobile company group Liu Jun, left, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing and Motorola president and main running officer Rick Osterloh celebrate the closing of Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility today. Right here, Osterloh demonstrates the latest top features of this new Nexus 6 Smartphone at the organization’s new logo.

Lenovo said Motorola will continue to run as a wholly-owned subsidiary with its headquarters continuing to be in Chicago.

“Today we realized a historic milestone for Lenovo and Motorola – and collectively we are willing to compete, grow and win in the international Smartphone marketplace,” said Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing.

“This cooperation is definitely a perfect fit. Lenovo has a clear method, great global scale, and proven working excellence.  Motorola brings a powerful presence in the U.S. and other mature areas, great provider interactions, an iconic brand, a powerful IP portfolio and a remarkably gifted team.  This Will Be a winning combination.”

Buying Motorola not merely provides Lenovo a stronger position inside us and Latin American Smartphone areas, but a foothold in west Europe as well. Motorola is the # 3 Android os Smartphone manufacturer into the U.S. and # 3 overall in Latin The united states.

Motorola president and main operating officer Rick Osterloh said the purchase implies a much larger impact for Motorola phones.

In Lenovo we a partner that shares our goal which brings worldwide scale, a varied product portfolio and a track record of seizing strategic options and making the most of all of them,” he said. “Together we’re going to get further, faster. With an impressive portfolio of Smartphones, wearables and PCs, our two businesses are uniquely situated to drive the boundaries of choice and worth, and bring exciting new experiences to people every-where.”

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Lenovo Concludes $ 2.91B Purchase of Motorola Mobility


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Google Working to Create a Pill That Can Detect Cancer

Google is focusing on a magnetized nanoparticle tablet that may detect cancer tumors along with other conditions.

The project — that is becoming conducted by the business’s study device, Bing X — is headed by Andrew Conrad, the pinnacle of organization’s life sciences unit.

Conrad told The Wall Street Journal’s WSJD Live meeting that supplement would substitute for traditional medical evaluation.

“Every test you ever go to the physician for will be done through this technique,” he stated. “That is our dream.”

The tiny nanoparticles find after which attach themselves to cells, proteins or any other molecules inside the human anatomy. The nanoparticles then screen the cells etc. to supply up an early analysis for cancer tumors as well as other conditions. The early detection means more effective therapy.

Besides the tablet, Google X normally taking care of a wearable product with a magnet to attract and monitor the particles.

Don’t expect to be gulping down a product to monitor for disease anytime soon though. Professionals interviewed by the WSJ said “the the reality is probably significantly more than five years down.”

These types of a tablet would deal with “a higher regulatory bar than mainstream diagnostic resources,” Overseas Institute for Nanotechnology at Northwestern University director Chad A. Mirkin informed the WSJ.

Conrad said Google won’t gather or shop any of the health information but will license the technology to a third party to take care of the collection and protection associated with data.

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Google Attempting to Develop a Pill That Can Detect Cancer


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Facebook Drives Four Times More Traffic Than Pinterest in Q3

With a $ 200-billion marketplace limit and a dynamic user base that rivals the entire populace of Asia, Twitter has actually significant endurance.

For writers, marketers and site owners, this is particularly essential because Twitter could be the leading motorist of social recommendations to websites across the internet. Additionally, remarkably, throughout the last year, Pinterest was giving Twitter CEO Mark Zuckerberg and organization a run for cash whilst the No. 2 supply of social recommendations.

In the third Quarter 2014 edition associated with the Shareaholic Social networking Traffic Report, we take a look at just how much traffic each one of the eight top social networks sent editors’ means. The data reveals “share of visits,” a percentage of general traffic — direct traffic, personal referrals, organic search, paid search, etc. — websites obtained, for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google+, YouTube, and relatedIn.

This Summer, Twitter delivered nearly a quarter of this total visits sites all over internet got. While its share of traffic has actually marginally shrunk ever since then, the ubiquitous social network nonetheless drives four times more visitors than Pinterest.

Our Q3 report, which aggregates data from Shareaholic’s community of sites*, is split up into two primary components:

  • Area I: Social recommendations over Q3 2014 (Summer – September 2014) – a short evaluate four months of information gathered from 300,000-plus sites reaching an international market greater than 400 million unique monthly visitors.**
  • Part II: Social recommendations year-over-year (September 2013-2014) – a much deeper evaluation of thirteen months of information collected from 200,000-plus web sites reaching a worldwide market greater than 250 million unique monthly site visitors.**

Let’s simply take a dive into the figures.

Part I: Personal Referrals Over Q3 2014

Our very first chart observes “share of visits” for each myspace and facebook throughout the months of Summer, July, August, and September 2014. The final column quantifies simply how much each personal platform’s share has changed from June (end of Q2) through September (end of Q3).


Of the eight social networks monitored, just two — LinkedIn and Bing+ — drove a higher share of traffic at the conclusion of the third one-fourth than they performed after the second. Another six each saw their particular share of traffic reduce somewhat, between 1.03 – 0.01 portion things.


With an extremely level one-fourth, it’s well worth asking: Has social media marketing plateaued?

Part II: Personal Recommendations Year-Over-Year

A quick glance at historic information informs us that over the last 13 months, both Twitter and Pinterest have shown the effective potential of these respective platforms to marketers, publishers and online marketers.


Collectively, the eight biggest sourced elements of social referrals drove 29.49 per cent of overall traffic internet sites obtained final thirty days. Compare that to 16.44 % throughout the exact same time last year.

Year-over-year, only three social networking sites (Facebook, Pinterest and Google+) saw their particular “share of traffic” grow. Each experienced at least a 50 % bump in share of visits in the last 13 months. The rest of the five (Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, YouTube, and LinkedIn) saw their particular stocks decrease by a lot more than 24 %.


Here are four key takeaways using this report:

1. Twitter leads the pack, driving four times as much visitors to websites as Pinterest does

  • For companies, Twitter is a gold mine of market data and material circulation. For users, it really is an extremely personalized screen into the things/topics/news they care about. In sum, Twitter is everything.
  • Driving 22.36 per cent of total visitors to websites, Facebook’s share of traffic features exploded in the last year. Since September 2013, its share has increased 115.63 % (11.99 portion things) from 10.37 per cent. Whilst it didn’t knowledge considerable gains over Q3, there clearly was nonetheless lots of room for growth.

2. Pinterest is coming for Facebook’s throne

  • Pinterest, while extremely preferred among United states women, has actuallyn’t yet scaled towards size of its competitors. Even nonetheless, with approximately 70 million users, it has securely guaranteed its place because the second biggest referrer of social traffic.
  • In September, Pinterest delivered 5.5 per cent of total visits internet sites obtained. In the last 12 months, its share of traffic has grown 50.07 % (up 1.84 percentage things), providing it a noticeable lead over Twitter, StumbleUpon and Reddit.

3. Twitter is losing influence and clout

  • On a goal to be similar to Facebook, Twitter might have lost its way.
  • Since September 2013, Twitter’s share has steadily declined from 1.17 percent (its 13-month high) to 0.88 per cent (its 13-month reduced) last month. This is a loss of 0.29 portion things (down 24.97 per cent).

4. StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn have been in a category each of their own

  • For some editors, entrepreneurs and webmasters, the five staying social networks are forgettable sources of traffic. Collectively, they contributed 0.74 % of general traffic websites received last month, that will be not as much as how many visits Twitter alone delivered.
  • Over the past 13 months, StumbleUpon’s share of traffic peaked at 0.99 percent, in March 2014, and final month sunk to a decreased of 0.41 percent. Year-over-year, its share reduced 26.49 percent (a loss of 0.15 percentage points) down from 0.56 %.
  • Contrasting September 2013 to September 2014, Reddit’s share moved from 0.26 per cent to 0.18 %. Shrinking 30.56 %, Reddit destroyed 0.08 percentage points.
  • Bing+ may nevertheless live on. Actually, within the last 12 months, it saw modest gains, increasing its share of traffic 57.02 % (0.03 portion points) to 0.07 percent final month, up from 0.04 percent throughout the same time a year ago.
  • YouTube ended up being the greatest loser. Losing 87.27 percent of its weight (0.25 portion things), it once stated 5th destination above Reddit however now ties for seventh with LinkedIn. In September 2013, YouTube drove 0.29 per cent of overall visitors to websites. Final month, it just drove 0.04 percent.
  • While LinkedIn happens to be a writing-tool/”>publishing powerhouse, it sends a comparatively reasonable few personal recommendations to web sites across the internet. In September 2014, LinkedIn accounted for 0.04 per cent of total visitors to websites, down 47.37 % (0.03 percentage things) through the exact same time this past year.

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Facebook Drives Four Times Increased Traffic Than Pinterest in Q3


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Queen Elizabeth Makes Her Twitter Debut

A royal tweet has never received a great deal hit.

Queen Elizabeth II sent the woman first tweet these days in front of a gathering of 600 friends within orifice of a unique exhibit at London’s Science Museum.

“It is an enjoyment to open up the info Age event today in the @ScienceMuseum, and I hope individuals will enjoy going to. Elizabeth R,” she typed.

The ‘R,’ in accordance with the Associated Press, is short for, ‘regina,’ the Latin word for queen. The Queen always uses the signature, “Elizabeth R” for official papers.

The Brit Monarchy account immediately tweeted a verification that the previous message was indeed through the Queen: “The last tweet was sent yourself by The Queen from her authoritative Twitter account @BritishMonarchy #TheQueenTweets.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.14.58 PM


Queen Elizabeth’s first on Twitter, obviously, lead to tens and thousands of retweets and favorites.

But not everyone was buying the Queen’s tweeting prowess, based on the Financial Times. There is some question the Queen had typed the tweet by herself. Although some stated it was typed on her and she simply must tap a button, other stated she just pretended to deliver it by coming in contact with the display screen of tablet offered while someone else delivered the message at the same moment.

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Queen Elizabeth Makes Her Twitter Debut


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Snowden Documentary CitizenFour a Must-See, Reviewers Say

The storyline of nationwide protection department whistleblower Edward Snowden is now in the silver screen courtesy of Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Laura Poitras.

Named CitizenFour, the documentary receives great reviews.

From the Washington Article: “Whether you might think Edward Snowden is a hero or a traitor, you ought to see the riveting documentary.”

The BBC: “Citizenfour, Laura Poitras’ interesting and newsworthy portrait-of-a-whistleblower documentary, is one thing all too uncommon: a movie about a seismic occasion that generally seems to take place right at centre regarding the earthquake.”

The Ny occasions claims it can be seen either as a “piece of advocacy journalism, a goad to help expand debate regarding how safety and transparency should really be balanced in a democracy, exactly how governing bodies abuse technology, on how formal secrets are held and revealed” or as “an elegant and smart contribution to your flourishing genre of dystopian allegory.”

Rolling Rock calls it a “potent and serious documentary” that while “guilty of sins of omission, marshalls the tough truths and goes effortless in the varnish.”

SFGate calls it “absorbing, thrilling.”

Take a look at trailer below:


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Snowden Documentary CitizenFour a Must-See, Reviewers State


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Microsoft’s First Quarter Numbers Surpass Expectations – Major Revenue Figures Include Restructuring Costs

Phones, tablets and computing-cloud services and products equaled a lot of money for Microsoft whilst finished its first one-fourth.

Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella

Expectations were considerably surpassed because the computer monster established Thursday revenue of $ 23.20 billion for one-fourth ending Sept. 30. The figures come after conjecture Microsoft may well not fare really with its first quarter as observers predicted lower figures because changes in inclination for cloud-services.

Just as impressive, though, may be the fact the numbers consist of $ 1.14 billion of integration and restructuring expenditures associated with both Microsoft’s restructuring plan established in July while the continuous integration regarding the Nokia Devices and solutions business.

The figures, clearly, had been an emphasize for Microsoft ceo Satya Nadella.

“We tend to be innovating faster, engaging deeper over the business, and putting our customers in the center of every little thing we do, all of these roles Microsoft for future growth,” Nadella stated in an organization launch.

“Our teams tend to be delivering on our core focus of reinventing efficiency and generating platforms that empower every specific and company.”

The news headlines achieved Wall Street with stocks rising three % in after-hours trading Thursday. The stocks had been sitting at U.S. $ 46.37.

“We delivered a solid start to the entire year, with continued cloud momentum and important progress across our unit companies,” Amy Hood, exec vice-president and chief economic officer of Microsoft, reported in Thursday’s launch. “We will continue to purchase high-growth options and drive effiencies across the organization to deliver long-lasting shareholder price.”

Other businesses have actuallyn’t already been therefore lucky.

“In light of current negative profits outcomes from technology bellwethers Oracle, IBM, SAP, VMware, and EMC, Microsoft is bucking the trend so we would label these September results as a great accomplishment,” Daniel Ives, an analyst at FBR Capital Markets, informed the Financial Post.

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Microsoft’s Very First Quarter Numbers Surpass Objectives


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Google Debuts Inbox E-Mail Service

Bing wants to help keep your emails organized.

Enter Inbox, Google’s brand new email service that better categorizes emails and displays information such as for example flight itineraries, occasion information, and pictures and papers from family and friends.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.19.25 PM“E-mail began merely in an effort to send digital records across the office. But fast-forward 30 years and with simply the phone in your pocket, you can make use of e-mail to get hold of practically anybody inside world…from your best friend towards owner of that bagel shop you found last week,” Android os, Chrome and Apps senior vice-president Sundar Pichai blogged in a blog post.

“With this advancement comes new difficulties: we have more email now than in the past, important info is buried inside communications, and our most important tasks can fall through the cracks—especially when we’re focusing on our phones. For a lot of folks, dealing with e-mail has grown to become a daily task that distracts from everything we really should do—rather than assisting united states get those activities done.”

Inbox builds upon the groups introduced in Gmail just last year, grouping comparable emails collectively. Purchase receipts, as an example, tend to be grouped collectively for quick review. As soon as through with all of them, they can merely be swiped away. People can also modify Inbox by picking which e-mails they would like to see grouped collectively.

The solution not just shows information in emails, it will also display related information from the net. As an example if a user gets a flight itinerary, that can be updated because of the internet with all the real-time condition of routes.

To-do listings can certainly be kept via Inbox.

“Inbox makes it easy to spotlight your concerns by letting you include your personal Reminders, from picking up the dry cleansing to giving your parents a call,” Pichai said. “No matter what you need to keep in mind, your inbox becomes a centralized destination to keep an eye on things you ought to get back into.”

Inbox even provides what Bing calls Assists to aid people finish the same job. If a person logs a note to phone the dried out cleansers, Inbox will supply the store’s telephone number and supply business’ hours.

Email getting an invitation to utilize the service.

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Google Debuts Inbox E-Mail Provider


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Google Launches Security Key to Strengthen Two-Step Verification

Google is adding even more teeth to its two-step verification with protection Key, a USB 2nd element product that actually works only after confirming the login website is truly a Google website.

Google protection secretSecurity Key allows its user in order to prevent typing in rules. Instead, the user merely inserts the device into his / her computer’s USB interface after which taps it when prompted in Chrome.

“When you sign into your Google Account making use of Chrome and protection Key, you may be certain the cryptographic trademark can not be phished,” Bing stated in a”>blog post.

“Security Key and Chrome include the available Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol from the FIDO Alliance, therefore other internet sites with account login systems could possibly get FIDO U2F doing work in Chrome today. It’s our hope that other browsers will include FIDO U2F assistance, also. Much More web sites and browsers come onboard, security-sensitive people can carry just one Security Secret that actually works every where FIDO U2F is supported.”

Protection Key is no-cost and is appropriate for all Bing Accounts but users will have to get a compatible USB product straight from a U2F participating vendor.

Safety Key is the best for some body needing defense beyond just what verification rules delivered to one’s Smartphone offers.

Safety Key, relating to Google, provides much better protection against phishing since it makes use of cryptography in place of verification codes and automatically works only with the website it’s supposed to assist.

Additionally, no cellular link or batteries are needed because Security Key works without a data connection. This means people can hold it using them on a keychain or perhaps in their wallet, purse or pocket.

You’ll find Security secret (FIDO U2F) devices available for sale right here.

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Google Launches Protection Key to Strengthen Two-Step Verification


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Yahoo CEO to Announce New Plan Tuesday

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has taken plenty of switch to the organization in 2 yrs she has held it’s place in cost.

She’s going to carry on her trend of modification by announcing a “new program” the organization recently — exactly the same few days Yahoo is unveil its third-quarter profits.

After publishing its results Tuesday, Mayer is expected to announce new cost-cutting attempts also divulge new information regarding the way the business is evaluating feasible purchases, a resource “who had been briefed regarding plan” told the Wall Street Journal.

The resources said Mayer is contemplating the acquisition of 1 or maybe more big technology start-ups using funds from the $ 5.8 billion it made from the first general public offering of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

According to the report a sizable purchase would assist Mayer to produce significant brand-new streams of revenue when it comes to google company — something that is sorely required after a decline in sales in four out from the past five quarters.

The move by Mayer isn’t just about announcing modification, however, it can be an endeavor to “fend down difficult” by activist investor Starboard Value LP, in line with the WSJ.

People, the report stated, are becoming impatient with Mayer’s inability, thus far, to push up revenues.

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Yahoo CEO to Announce New Plan Tuesday


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