Google, SolarCity Partner to Create $750 Million Fund – Will Pay for Installation of Solar Panels on Homes

Large number of home owners in 14 states will be able to utilize solar panel, partly thanks to Bing.

Solar-city_logoon the web monster’s continuous work to become as green a company as you are able to, Bing and SolarCity have partnered for a fund that will fund $ 750 million in family solar panel systems. The announcement had been made Thursday via a press launch from California-based SolarCity.

While a definitive number wasn’t available, the development of this system is known to be able to help lots and lots of homes install solar panels on the houses and give the solar technology into the electrical energy grid.

Google features committed $ 300 million toward the task.

“We’re thrilled to support SolarCity’s objective to greatly help households decrease their particular carbon impact and power expenses,” stated Sidd Mundra, renewable power key at Google. “It’s advantageous to the environmental surroundings, best for families as well as tends to make great business good sense.”

On its blog web site, SolarCity explained the theory is simple — the fund will take care of set up expenses of not only the solar panel systems nevertheless needed gear to transform homes over to solar energy.

“The home owner will pay SolarCity the electricity the solar panels create, or month-to-month lease when it comes to panels when it comes to a rent. Typically it’s very similar to the arrangement you have got together with your neighborhood utility, which finances the construction of a centralized power-plant and delivery grid then offers the energy for you. Just the power that SolarCity provides is cleaner, and in most cases cheaper, also,” the post explained.

This marks the second time Google and SolarCity been employed by collectively, reported Mashable. Last year the two companies joined up with to encourage and enable domestic solar powered energy.

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Google, SolarCity Partner generate $ 750 Million Fund


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Study Examines Online Bullying – Handful of Students Intervene During Test Experiment

Those who believe society is turning the wave on cyber bullying is amazed by the outcomes of a current research.


Kelly Dillon

a test conducted by scientists at The Ohio State University found when students noticed internet based bullying occurring in a chat room a small percentage became right included. The research, Eureka Alarm reports,  involved 221 pupils and a chat room moderator and ‘victim’ which worked off a script to then gauge effect from the pupils into the chat room.

The study revealed just 10 % of students which noticed the punishment intervened. a greater number, though, did respond after the bullying with about 70 % indirectly intervening by either giving the moderator and/or chat room a negative analysis following event.

“The results didn’t amaze me personally,” said Kelly Dillon, lead author of the study and a doctoral pupil in communication during the Ohio State University. “Many other research indicates bystanders tend to be reluctant to have involved once they see intimidation. The outcome disappointed me, as a human, however they didn’t surprise me personally as a scientist.”

With bullying becoming a hot key subject inside news for previous several years, the outcomes might surprising, but Dillon stated in a report regarding matter that judging those that failed to work directly during test negatively is a bit harsh.

“At the end of the research, when we informed individuals towards true reason for the study, many whom didn’t respond or just who responded indirectly said they desired they’d right intervened. Various said they desired to react to the intimidation, but weren’t sure what they have to do,” Dillon said.

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Study Examines Online Bullying


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Google Consolidates European Operations

Bing is merging its two devices running in European countries amid force from the European Commission.

Google’s Northern and Central European countries unit will become one unit covering Southern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the Financial Circumstances reported today.

The change comes as Google consistently deal with the European Union’s anti-trust probe into its company techniques and a current vote by the European Parliament to separate search-engines from commercial businesses.

Although Parliament it self cannot enforce such a law, it is currently putting pressure in the group that may: the European Commission. It really is urging the Commission to probe the methods of se’s to “prevent any misuse when you look at the advertising of interlinked solutions by providers of search-engines.”

Basically, the resolution proposes splitting Google’s internet search engine functions in European countries from the remaining portion of the business to finish its “monopoly” associated with market.

The European Commission, the executive arm of European Union, began probing Google’s search techniques in November of 2010 after getting some complaints from businesses that allege technology fast rigs search results in its benefit.

The search engine giant’s tentative settlement with the European Commission fell through last year after European Union regulators asked Google for lots more concessions in September.

Today it really is as much as newly-appointed European competitors Commissioner Margrethe Vestager to manage the matter.

Vestager, just who took over from Joaquin Almunia at the start of November, stated she in the pipeline to examine the opinions of functions mixed up in case and check on the newest improvements in the sector before taking any activity.

She added your examination would only be about competitors issues despite pressure from critics so it should-be broadened to incorporate information privacy and news pluralism.

If eu regulators are not pleased with Google’s after that round of concessions, the company could possibly be slapped with a $ 5-billion fine.

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Google Consolidates European Businesses


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Gemalto Says NSA, GCHQ Hacks Did Not Reach Smartphone Encryption Keys – Breach of its Systems Affected Only its Office Network, Company Says

Gemalto says U.K. and U.S. spies may certainly have hacked its network back in 2010, nevertheless the SIM card maker is denying companies in a choice of nation could receive the encryption tips protecting countless Smartphones.

Gemalto, in a report introduced these days, stated its interior research showed the breach, due to the National safety Agency additionally the U.K.’s national Communications Headquarters, only impacted its company community, not the infrastructure employed for making and transmitting SIM card encryption secrets, despite statements produced in documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden stated.

Snowden paid the papers towards the Intercept a week ago where the NSA bragged it had accessibility Gemalto’s entire system.

Gemalto’s report refuted those statements, however, and organized, chronologically exactly what it feels taken place.

“In June 2010, we noticed suspicious task in another of our French websites where a third party had been wanting to spy regarding the workplace system,” reads the report. “By office community we indicate the main one utilized by workers to keep in touch with both and the external world. Action ended up being straight away taken fully to counter the hazard.”

A moment incident ended up being identified because of the business’s safety team one thirty days later on. Fake emails were delivered to a mobile operator buyer spoofing real Gemalto e-mail details. The emails had been sent alongside an attachment that, if established, would install destructive rule.

“We straight away informed the customer as well as notified the appropriate authorities each of the incident itself in addition to form of spyware utilized,” Gemalto said.

Through that same time, the business also detected a handful of attempts to access the computer systems of Gemalto workers that has regular connection with clients.

“At the full time we were not able to recognize the perpetrators but we now think that they could be about the NSA and GCHQ operation,” Gemalto stated. “These intrusions just impacted the external elements of our communities – our office communities — that are in contact with the outside world. The SIM encryption tips also customer information in general, are not kept on these companies. You Will Need To realize that our network structure is designed like a cross between an onion and an orange; it’s several layers and sections which help to cluster and separate data.”

“Although the intrusions explained above were severe, advanced assaults, nothing was detected various other parts of our community. No breaches were found in the infrastructure working our SIM activity or in other parts regarding the secure system which handle our other products such as financial cards, ID cards or electronic passports. Each of these systems is isolated from 1 another and are perhaps not connected to external systems.”

The organization’s analysis  revealed the NSA and GCHQ targeted a number of other parties as well.

Gemalto boasts significant companies such Verizon and AT&T as consumers. The organization tends to make wise chips not merely for cellular phones but in addition for bank cards and passports.

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Gemalto Claims NSA, GCHQ Hacks Couldn’t Achieve Smartphone Encryption Keys


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Google Wallet Partners With Softcard to Challenge Apple Pay – Service to Offer Tap and Pay Functionality

Bing is teaming up with cellular payments company Softcard to take on Apple Pay.

Technology titan is reviving Bing Wallet, the company’s virtual wallet solution, with the help of Softcard, that is had by AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

Google picture

Google picture

The relationship will bring tap and pay to Android users.

“Under this commitment, the Google Wallet application, like the tap and pay functionality, will come pre-installed on Android mobile phones (working KitKat or more) sold by these providers in the U.S. later this year,” stated Google Commerce vice-president of repayments Ariel Bardin. “We’re also obtaining some exciting technology and intellectual property from Softcard to create Google Wallet better.”

Bing is doing everything it could to press its digital wallet service. In 2013 it connected Bing Wallet with Gmail so people could send payments as a mail accessory, no matter which email solution the individual used. Google also managed to get much easier for consumers to utilize their particular loyalty cards using its Bing Wallet Objects API. The tool allowed people to incorporate all of their respect cards, provides, passes, and account cards to Google Wallet for simple access via Smartphone.

In December of 2013, Google circulated a physical Bing Wallet card handy people the ability to go shopping and pay in stores by swiping the card at participating MasterCard locations plus withdraw money at ATMs.

Still Google features quite a distance to attend meet up with Apple’s repayment solution.

Apple’s brand-new repayment system, which allows people to pay for making use of an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, has become accepted by a stack of U.S. financial institutions and merchants such as for instance Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Staples and food stores Winn-Dixie and Albertsons. Its even taking towards the skies courtesy of an innovative new cooperation with JetBlue Airways.

The Cupertino company is also in speaks using top finance companies in Britain using goal of debuting its brand-new repayment solution truth be told there in the 1st 50 % of 2015.

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Google Wallet Partners With Softcard to Challenge Apple Pay


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Kid-Friendly YouTube App to Launch Monday

YouTube is gearing to start a unique cellular form of its video solution only for children.

The software, that will be set to launch Monday, will undoubtedly be available for Android users inside U.S. to start out, but Google is expected to expand on that over time, based on an USA These days report.

The child-friendly app will only offer content appropriate youthful watchers and will come that includes numerous parental settings including an element allowing parents to place limits regarding duration of each program and an amount toggle for muting and unmuting films.

In accordance with a Tech Crunch report, some of the content should include Jim Henson TV, DreamWorks and nationwide Geographic plus popular YouTube content providers.

The software will include curated options to make queries much easier.

Google engineering vice-president Pavni Diwanji informed American Today the tech giant has intends to fashion versions of most of its best services and products — search, YouTube and Chrome — for kids.

“The big motivator inside the business is everyone is having children, therefore there’s a push to alter our items to be fun and safe for children,” Diwanji, that is a mom to daughters aged eight and 13, told the publication.

“We expect this to-be controversial, however the simple the fact is young ones curently have technology in schools at residence. So the better method is always to merely see to it the tech can be used in a better way.”

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Kid-Friendly YouTube App to Release Monday


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OneNote Gets Optical Character Recognition, Handwriting for iPad

Microsoft’s note-taking service has received an awesome new update supplying optical personality recognition (OCR) help across all platforms.

OneNote’s OCR improvement — that is suitable for all versions of OneNote — makes it possible for text search within all photos included with notebooks conserved on OneDrive.

Microsoft has also added handwriting to OneNote for iPad.

As several of you have got stated, one major function that has been lacking from OneNote for iPad is handwriting,” reads an organization blog post. “With today’s revision, it is possible to pen notes in every OneNote applications for tablets, including OneNote, OneNote for Microsoft Windows Store, OneNote for Android now OneNote for iPad.”

To make use of the newest function, just touch the new Draw tab on the ribbon and then pick the pen, marker, or highlighter you wish to utilize.



Aided by the OneNote inform, it is really not feasible to perform out-of room — the software instantly expands pages while you type or write. Whenever writing, use two hands to scroll the page, pinch to zoom in and to focus on the little details, or zoom out to obtain the big picture.

So long as have to worry about resting your hand regarding display while you write, either, because OneNote for iPad now detects your hand. The app works together with any stylus whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. To utilize it, touch Palm Rejection on the ribbon then touch the image that looks closest to the manner in which you would usually hold a pen.

Another up-date feature: Text within any image placed into a notebook conserved on OneDrive will today be searchable in OneNote on all devices, including OneNote Online. It can take only a few mins for OneNote service to process the picture. It will then can be found in search engine results.

Future changes consist of OneDrive for Business support and the capability to search photos from your older notes.

To download the app, simply click right here.


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OneNote Gets Optical Character Recognition, Handwriting for iPad


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Russia Opens Google Anti-Trust Investigation

Russian regulators have formally established a study into Google’s company techniques after the nation’s biggest google firm accused the technology titan of violating anti-trust rules.

The Federal Antimonopoly provider (FAS) of Russia announced Friday it can move ahead because of the situation against Bing after determining a problem recorded by Yandex had quality.

“We have actually examined the complaint and decided to open up procedures regarding the violation of anti-monopoly regulation,” a FAS spokeswoman told Reuters. She declined to review further regarding the probe.

Yandex delivered a problem towards the FAS earlier this week, accusing Bing of breaching Russian anti-trust legislation utilizing the bundling of their search application also solutions using Android os operating system.

Yandex can also be accusing Bing of forcing smart phone makers to pre-install its apps also to set Bing search given that default, and even though Android is billed as an available platform. Manufacturers are not permitted to put in services from Google’s rivals, Yandex charged.

Bing has actually rejected any wrong-doing, telling Reuters just how it does business doesn’t violate anti-trust law.

“Device manufacturers tend to be liberated to put in the applications they choose and customers will have complete control over the apps on the devices,” Bing said in an email to the news agency.

The European Union established an informal investigation in 2013 into exactly how Bing makes use of its Android os os to “dominate the mobile marketplace.”

The investigation stemmed from a joint problem lodged using eu by FairSearch, several 17 technology and search businesses that includes Microsoft, Expedia, Oracle and Nokia. FairSearch asked the EU to probe Google’s “anti-competitive technique to dominate the mobile marketplace.”

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Russia Opens Bing Anti-Trust Investigation


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The Market for Children’s Wearables Heats Up

Certainly, you’ve heard of the booming marketplace for wearable technology. These devices, often used regarding the wrist, can let you know such a thing from your own heart rate to whether your dog is resting. (Your pooch would probably be wearing the gizmo on its collar).

Recently, however, there’s been even more task in a sub-category inside the market: children’s wearables.  It makes sense. While customers have expressed some  skepticism in regards to the continued appeal of devices that , state, report  as to how well you’ve slept, it’s a smart choice to see the attraction for moms and dads just who may want to know their particular infant is properly snoozing upstairs.

Here’s a look at three these types of items:

Maintain Your Family Close

For a lot of a pre-schooler, the available floor of a large shop packed with irresistible clumps of clothes hung on racks is nothing under an invite to run as a long way away possible and conceal. If you’ve ever before experienced cost of these a kid, then you know the excruciating anxiety that ensues once you look-up, simply to realize that your son or daughter has actually disappeared.

That’s the situation the producers for the Kiband, look for to address. A device for kids age eighteen months to 7 years, it absolutely was designed by Spencer Behrend, some type of computer tinkerer while the parent of five in Provos, Utah, after a fateful Fourth of July parade whenever his two-year-old disappeared to the group for a number of terrifying minutes. “I decided there had to be an easy method,” he states.

After trying out multiple techniques, Behrend decided more efficient was to target keeping moms and dads’ line of sight. You add these devices on a child’s wrist—it can only be removed by an authorized person—and set the variables for what lengths your child can roam, to 200 legs. If the kid veers past an acceptable limit off program, the device vibrates and directs off an alarm. You can see on your pc or smartphone display instantly how long a young child, represented by a little icon, has actually relocated in relation to where you are.

With $ 35,000 raised through business strategy tournaments and a crowdfunding promotion, Behrend and three fellow co-founders plan to ramp up manufacturing shortly, therefore the $ 120 item can go on purchase this summer.

 Head Saver                                                                                  

Concussions or lesser mind accidents are pretty common amongst kid athletes. And often, young ones are injured much more really than first meets the attention. Go into the Jolt, a sensor in the shape of a tiny wearable video that connects to helmets, baseball caps, headbands or other gear and tracks head motion immediately. (The inner level is made of an extremely impact-resistant changed polycarbonate and a cushioned, rubberized external layer). These devices can sense any such thing from a head snapping whenever a kid is hit in the chest towards the effect of a baseball speeding at complete throttle and landing at the rear of that athlete’s head. When there’s less standard of influence, it vibrates, assisting kids figure out how to become more conscious of the way they’re playing. For a far more considerable hit or a number of smaller effects in a brief period of time, the sensors react much more forcefully, letting players know they need to go directly to the sidelines and alerting mentors and moms and dads what only happened.

Benjamin Harvatine started working on the device while however a junior at MIT learning mechanical manufacturing and structure, following a bad concussion he experienced during a wrestling meet that arrived him in hospital. In 2013, per year after graduating, he stop his job be effective on Jolt full time. He and his co-founder, a fellow MIT graduate who learned electric manufacturing and computer science, won a $ 50,000 Arch Grant in St. Louis this past year and moved businesses truth be told there. They be prepared to begin shipping the product by the end of the year.

Usually the one stumbling block, according to Harvatine, is football and basketball, particularly for boys, since there’s no required head gear. Nonetheless, he says, “If Lebron James can have fun with a headband, so can they.”

 A Child’s-Eye View 

The concept behind Bibayo, would be to allow parents begin to see the world from their particular toddler’s point of view—literally. Considering devices for severe activities enthusiasts, it’s a waterproof clip-on product with an accelerometer, video and camera lens, and microphone that records and takes photographs of no matter what kid is looking at. Then the product is sent via Wi–Fi to a pc and turned into a keepsake for moms and dads. In addition it produces a graph that maps, like, how long the little one has traveled.

“You can share their tasks from a direction we don’t usually see,” claims founder Sean McCostlin.

The organization is dependent in Bath inside U.K., in which McCostlin, a former Californian, resides. He intends to market the item into the U.K. before entering the says. He’s creating a prototype now for the gadget, that may offer for approximately $ 100.

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The Marketplace for Children’s Wearables Heats Up


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