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Please like, favorite and/or sub should you liked it. This speed art can explain to you my modern webpage shape. Website status: being coded. Time taken about 1 hr plus 25 minutes. This really is a follow as much as “Design Progression: Website Desgin ” movie from early March. Psd accessible here: not accessible Follow Zelo about which twitter thing: www.twitter.com Photoshop techniques I used: – Lighting with Lines – Layer designs plus effects – Masking effects plus techniques – Hilighting plus shadow effects – Abstract, easy art plus background texturing Stone Texture: graphicriver.net Free Stone Texture alternatives: www.sxc.hu www.sxc.hu www.sxc.hu
Video Rating: 3 / 5

2 thoughts on “Zelo – Website Design – Zelo

  1. I don’t know a damn thing about this stuff. All I know is cars, women, and women on cars nekkid ‘n stuff. I gotta say though that was fun to watch man or maam. Impressive. (All of the dislikes are either jealous, or don’t know talent when they see it.) I’m not here to kiss your ass, I searched this vid. via comment on 2012 epic win video. 1:33 of not disapointed.

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