What is Web Hosting (Web Hosting Explained for Beginner)

Web hosting, internet shape & domain name are 3 different services which you provide. Wish to create your webpage? Please contact you at www.serverfreak.com to find out more.

If we learn the Games: Max Payne 3, LA Noire, Grand Theft Car along with a lot alternative games that Rockstar Games created, you’ll like my UNREQUESTED Internet Design for them. I had boring occasions, plus prepared this inside like 220 Minutes….! Simply a clean & easy gaming Internet Design for their company that looks truly obvious. Again, I try to receive greater, plus for me, I’ll receive there inside a limited months! Full Project: be.net Subscribe to: youtube.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Website: lukasandrewmueller.com Song by Klapyex “Ready To Go” Website bit.ly YouTube: bit.ly © 2012 The copyright inside this movie is owned by Lukas Andrew Müller Videorecording beneath exclusive licence to Fullscreen, Inc.
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41 thoughts on “What is Web Hosting (Web Hosting Explained for Beginner)

  1. Superb presentation. Explaining a technology that is paperless, using paper drawings makes it easy to grasp. While others think of a website in the order of domain,hosting and design, the order in which you explained i.e. design, hosting, domain is the right order to plan a website.

  2. Its sick but 2 problems, one is major one isn’t, instead of having the drop downs, you should have had it when someone clicked the videos tab, or newswire thing,it should the catagories etc, there was no need for the games, trailer sand language, also, the languages should always be in the footer! Also, the logo, the layer style you applied, VERY unprofessional even for a game company, other than that, very good job! Also, the sliders arrows, could have been better. :D

  3. If you know the Games: Max Payne 3, L.A. Noire, Grand Theft Auto and a lot other games which Rockstar Games made, you will buy them from the money u made with yt vids <3

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