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  1. It’s a great amazing video. I heartily congratulates to you to implement such new concepts. It’s really very informative video and it taught me many concepts. Thanks for our? co-operation towards its (video) uploading and developing way.

  2. Great job guys with this episode. Aure, in a very short amount of time, you did make the home page vastly easier to visually digest. Ryan, I love to hear you speak about breaking down the design and what works. We speak the same “designer lingo” and it’s refreshing to hear your ideas/views. I also do the squint test and the flip test from time to time on my designs.
    There is one major FAIL though. Can you guess it? I’m a little shocked this slipped by you guys who are Senior Level Designers.

  3. I’ll pm you the link, it may cost you $5 or $10 for the image, but it is on a white bg so you should be able to drop it out pretty easy in photoshop, If you need help with that, you can msg me. As for your conversions, I wasn’t making any assumptions about yours, I was just saying from my exp. Thats great your having such success. If you ever change your nav structure make sure you setup 301 redirects. It will keep your place in search engines as well as avoid broken links.

  4. Thanks for your feedback.
    Link me to it and I’ll use it on the site… how’s that ?

    PS: don’t make assumptions about my conversion and bounce rate without seeing my analytics.

    The design launch has had no appreciable affect on our site analytics or sales.
    However the beta of our new product, which is consuming most of my time, has result in a surge of inbound links and over a 30% boost in traffic to that page.

    I love great design… but great design can’t move a bad product

  5. Your site should be a good balance of looks and product quality. Use stock photos while you wait for high-res images of your own. Using quality images will give the customer the confidence that your company is quality. I have customers who refuse to purchase images or take their own, and then wonder why their bounce rate is crazy high. Just my opinion, use a png with trans bg in-place of the grey box behind the engine. It breaks the page up too much.

  6. Nice video! Check out our channel for lots of Easy Help Zen Cart Video Tutorials. We are adding new ones daily!

  7. Nope, I built it myself. Life in a startup is an iterative process. Other things like make your product better sometimes trump things like having your site look amazing. There are other considerations as well. Aure used a good looking engine on his mockup but I can’t sell the idea of performance using a 1 cylinder scooter engine…. so even if the graphic is a lower quality, its resonance with the audience is higher. That being said. There will be other iterations.

  8. thanks for watching! I would definitely recommend css sprites as a good way to optimize your site. We can discuss more next time.

  9. Thanks for the reply. I am away on vacation and didn’t get a chance to catch this weeks episode, but one for future segments: What are your thoughts on css sprites. Should we use them and are they worth the extra time in trying to optimize your site?


  10. I really like Jose, but these segments with Aure are just way too cool! Thanks for providing both the analytical aspect as well and the creative design elements of this industry. Keep up the great work!

  11. Just looked at their site a week later. Another example of when good design ideas go wrong.
    I’m guessing they hired some kid on craigslist to build it for less than $300… and at the end they got what they paid for.

  12. Thanks a ton. Let us know what you would like to see from us in Sink or Swim: we’ll address any and all design questions in this segment!

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