- Web Design – Live Website Redesign: Implementing Custom Page Designs with Drupal 7

Drupal expert Jacob Pittassi is tasked with converting the Photoshop files designer Aure Gimon prepared last week into a live show page inside Drupal, complete with custom images along with a functioning Youtube movie. Along with Jacob, the host Jose Caballer is joined by 2 members of the Producer Program: Robert Haydock (@crowdtuner) plus Matthew Adonis (@miadonis). Both Robert plus Matthew were inside town for Groop Skool Session 3 plus they’re hear to share their experiences, together with offering a user’s attitude found on the website redesign.
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www.mlwebco.com – Copying vs. Stealing inside Internet Design

30 thoughts on “- Web Design – Live Website Redesign: Implementing Custom Page Designs with Drupal 7

  1. It’s a great amazing video. I heartily congratulates to you to implement such new concepts. It’s really very informative video and it taught me many concepts. Thanks for our? co-operation towards its (video) uploading and developing way.

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  3. Keep the red mic , in fact give each show a color mic and make that like a branding thing for the twi network

  4. We are all inspired by things around us…be it the way we dress, speak, act etc. On the web, the same is true. I think Michael is showing a quite literal example of inspiration for demo purposes, but dont feel like you need to go from site to site copying styles and calling them your own. I have had major companies ‘STEAL’ elements from my sites, and also found elements I created on smaller sites, Its very easy to sue and/or get the site shut down so dont do it. But by all means, be inspired!

  5. Is this really how people design websites? By going to a bunch of active ones and taking things from them? I mean, yeah, take them as inspiration but I wouldn’t go to a bunch of websites and take elements from them and then put my new design up on the web.

  6. Actually google has an update called Panda, in which you just copy and paste other contents from website to your own, your website will de-rank.

  7. Millions of websites share common layout pronciples. These are often based on grids and well know graphic design principles. The best designers are inspired by designers before them. Nothing is unique, just deconstructed and reconstituted in fresh new ways

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  9. I’ve only done development or programming for over 20 years. I’m only just now getting into design, I’ve learned a lot from your videos so far. I don’t have Adobe Creative Suites, I’ve been duplicating the lessons and tutorials in GIMP, which can do just about everything, except Vector graphics are difficult. I’m thinking of Posting some video responses to some of your lessons showing users of GIMP how to do the same things.

  10. im sorry for this doubt.. but i didnt get right the name of the photo site.. icedack photo? icedock? icedoc?

  11. Awesome vid! Just a question…is it possible to design my own video box like the box in the the site? When I design it my own way, and then just put the video inside?

    Thanks I subbed!

  12. Nice video! Check out our channel for lots of Easy Help Zen Cart Video Tutorials. We are adding new ones daily!

  13. haha yeah it sounds like a hard task :D but it should get easier for you as you become more and more familiar with how framework is put together. if you’re a beginner, no need to worry too much about flash… flash is good to know in order to round off your skillset, but it’s not really a necessity.

    keep at it and i wish you luck :D

  14. ah ok. Yeah i didn’t think it’d be a problem and … it’s harder than it sounds LOL I skipped so many websites because I haven’t even touched flash yet. But, I guess the ones that were left, were so boring that it wouldn’t be anything to copy them as an exercise.

  15. should also add (Mike, not sure what you meant by this), but for me personally, being inspired by a website doesn’t (shouldn’t) necessarily mean me using elements from that site, even if it’s indirectly. the point of inspiration is to get the creative juices flowing; to generate your own ideas. that’s just my own definition 

  16. well yeah there’s a huge difference between using existing websites as a learning/teaching tool and foundation for your own future work, and just copying.. err i mean stealing code and designs :D

  17. ok speaking of this. and i’m not saying i’d claim it as my own work, but as a beginning designer, what do you think if i completely copied like 100 websites, as a practicum. I have not been to school, nor do I have much of a portfolio, but if i copied like 100 designs, as a practicum, I think the task of hand coding that many websites, would hone my skills very nicely. THEN, make a portfolio of my own design.

  18. Michael, could you make a video explayining the use of GIF, JPEG and PNG in web design optimization?

  19. i find your work and tuts very inspiring,
    i want to follow internet business, but now i’m a student on multimedia and strugling with database theory (OMT).
    i hope you keep on showing us these stuff that are really important for our carreers or future carreers.
    let’s contribute for a better world with better, clean, simple and intuitive design.

  20. So you can take ideas, but don’t copy work. I was already wondering where this thin line between copying and stealing was. Sometimes it is tempting to just copy parts of code and using it without really changing it. Thx for explaining that when you take parts of a site for inspiration it’s about taking the idea, not the work itself.

  21. Very informative, I’m just starting to get interested in web design and am learning as I go, just for fun, but I love all the great information you provide and find it very helpful as a guide. You helped answer questions I had in the back of my mind. Thank You!

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