- Web Design – Live Website Redesign: Designing with Drupal

Drupal expert Chris Stauffer returns to discuss designing with Drupal in your mind because Jose plus Xin build out the ThisWeekIn attributes in the proposed sitemap. 00:35 Introducing Xin Chung plus Chris Stauffer 01:16 Jose describes the challenges of defining range with a customer 03:18 The value of insurance, and just how Hiscox will enable 07:15 Prioritization of attributes with all the team as well as the customer 09:44 Chris explains the why as well as the how of the MOSCOW task 12:40 Estalishing the topline priorities for ThisWeekIn 15:35 Designing with a recognized budget or blue sky tips. 18:46 Chris brings up attributes which the team had not considered inside past sessions. 20:45 “Chunky violent” shape design. 21:20 Chris defines “solar search” for the team. 25:48 The far-reaching ramifications of designing consumer profiles. 32:30 Taking a step back plus hunting at the priorities at a macro level. 34:23 Utilizing Drupal to conveniently establish consumer permissions. 41:45 How to build a marketing infrastructure in the ThisWeekIn website. 46:45 Stepping back to find when there are any missed qualities, you understand the sponsor consumer profile hasn’t been totally addressed.

Hide the spouse, conceal your children, we’ve got a Design Battle about the hands! Last week we saw Jose build about Aure’s wireframes for the ThisWeekIn Internet Design redesign, now the 2 designers battle reside online! That’s appropriate, Jose plus show favorite Aure Gimon usually simultaneously riff about shape concepts, contending plus collaborating to find that is the wildest internet shape gunslinger of the west. And naturally, by viewing live you’ll choose up several wonderful tricks plus techniques from 2 of the number one designers going online now. 00:00 Open 00:30 Web Design Battle introduction 01:35 Robert Haydock, the initial associate of the Producer System joins you about set 02:02 Blank Spaces as well as the joys of co-working spaces 02:45 Why did we join the Producer System? 03:20 How was the pace of the Groop Skool event? 03:45 Jose reads the Groop Skool ratings about air for the very first time. 06:30 The treu advantages of the Producer Program: observe the show because planning plus then go to Groop Skool for the real globe practice 08:00 Prepping for the Internet Design battle with Aure Gimon. 09:15 Talking with Aure regarding designing with a creative brief in your mind 10:30 Talking regarding competitors plus media partnerships 11:20 Setting up 2 different perspectives for approaching the shape task 12:20 Avoiding too several restrictions inside the shape stage 13:05 Robert talks regarding meeting Eric Ries of The Lean Startup 16:30 Jose talks regarding advantages plus understanding curve of applying lean development to internet shape 18:30

23 thoughts on “- Web Design – Live Website Redesign: Designing with Drupal

  1. Great episode!! It was really helpful to learn about the MOSCOW process. What a great step (and episode) in your website re-design. I really enjoyed Chris and Xin’s expertise as well (wicked smart guests). What a great team. Cheers!

  2. Great video, really appreciate the effort you put into this.Will definitely return the favour with a few links to your site.

  3. Great video. Some people didn’t like all of the conversation. They probably should have listened. This wasn’t about how to make a 3d image or use dreamweaver or make explosions in after effects. I guess they’re the 1.0 people. LOL Just kidding. I’m not disrespecting anybody. I enjoyed and learned from your conversations. Thanks

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  5. I’ve been producing design for quite a few years. I like the dialog offered via this video, it actually made me pause…but I wasn’t too impressed much with the design results at the end of the video. I am more of a circles and ovals guy, the web seems to be all rectangles and text.

  6. This would be an example of how not to do a youtube video. The video is too long, and most of the things it captures are boring and irrelevant. I bet it could be summed up in 10 minutes. I watch the first 5 minutes and I had to stop watching.

  7. We’ll continue to look at trends in the industry, give advice on accelerating your career, and dig deep to give you expert-level tips from people like Jose & Aure. We’ll probably also start up another long-fomr project: people have been responding really well to the TWi redesign!

  8. Thanks for watching, and let us know what you want to see more of! We’ve been on a programming/strategy focus of late, but we’ve been approaching the visual design a bit more lately as well. Your feedback can help shape the show.

  9. I’ve enjoyed everything – really enjoyed this ep, also the initial stuff with talking to the client and creating user profiles etc

    What happens when this whole redesign is complete? I would tune in for a weekly Sink or Swim :-)

  10. We try to slow Jose down, but some times he gets so passionate he gets ahead of himself. I’ll remind him to watch the language. :)

    Thanks for watching the show! Are there any episodes or segments that have stood out to you.

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