- Web Design – How do I plan a website redesign?

Love the persons that create this show possible: Adobe – adobe.com The Skool – theskoolrocks.com Go to howinteractiveconference.com plus utilize the code JOSE for a discount whenever buying the meeting inside San Francisco October 29-31 or Washington DC September 27-29. Join the Inner Circle plus receive monthly training from Jose plus Aure for the internet shape practice plus projects. It’s just a month plus it assists help the show. http Go to www.adobe.com for a FREE 25 Day path. Enter to win a FREE redesign of the site. Submit a site URL to adobe@thisweekin.com utilizing Muse. Like you about Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow TWiWebDesign about Twitter: twitter.com Follow you about Google+ bit.ly The folks whom create it all possible: Adobe – adobe.com Our Media Partner HOW Interactive Design – www.howinteractivedesign.com Our Education Partner The Skool – The Standard Process for a online company -www.theskoolrocks.com Follow The Skool’s Twitter Twitter – twitter.com ———————————————————— In this episode you answer the question: How do I plan a webpage redesign? We can answer the following questions: Where do I begin with my webpage redesign? How do I choose what platform to employ? How do I begin my redesign with Adobe Muse? ———————————————————— Resources for this episode: Adobe Muse: adobe.com Site Redesign: optimwise.com zzimbagames.com .adamhoek.com To Discover More http www.lynda.com teamtreehouse.com www

10 thoughts on “- Web Design – How do I plan a website redesign?

  1. Thanks for you feedback.
    Adobe Muse happens to be one of our sponsors. It also happens to be a tool that is valuable to our viewers who are not coders.

  2. Good show. Really liked it. Would be nice seeing you build the site though but anyway very good. Just as a quick question I wounder if you’d like to take a quick look at my website, privat.bahnhof dot se/wb802226/, and give me some tips and stuff. I’m in the last year in elementary school (we go 9 years) and have nobody to ask. Aswell I write it all by hand, like to get the experience. Just using Notepad.

  3. Thanks for your feedback. Understand if the videos are too long. They are currently 30 min. How long would you like them to be? What is the most important part for you?

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