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  1. Part 3: Keep a margin for important text and graphics that you don’t intend to be cut… at least 1/8″ from the edges. I recommend font sizes 10-12pt. Just because you can read a font on screen doesn’t mean it will be legible when printed.  Always ask your print shop for a proof to see how their printers handle the colors you’ve chosen. It may look blue on screen but print purple on paper… especially if you’re randomly choosing a color and not using PMS color codes.

  2. Part 2: I would recommend sending your printer/print shop a PDF. If you send Illustrator or Photoshop, I would recommend converting your text to outlines/curves to avoid font issues. I would recommend sending only 1 up versions of your cards and let the print shop gang the cards for you because they will gang them up in a way that saves both you and them money. Be sure to include at least 1/8″ of bleed on all sides for designs that go to the edges.

  3. Part 1: I work full time at a print shop and I design and print business cards every day all week long. I would recommend NOT using Microsoft Word for anything but word processing tasks like writing letters. MS Word sucks because margins change from one computer to the next, fonts can go MIA and Word doesn’t tell you. A better Microsoft option is Publisher because it will tell you if you have missing fonts. Fonts can be embedded. It has a gang up feature, which makes printing easier.

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