- Web Design – How do I create great presentations to my web design clients?

Like you about Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow TWiWebDesign about Twitter: twitter.com Support you by joining the manufacturers system. Understand more here: www.twiwebdesign.com Our Sponsors Chrometa – application.chrometa.com Go Daddy – godaddy.com Utilize Code Web40 Our Media Partner: HOW Interactive Design – howinteractivedesign.com In this episode you answer the question: “How do I create amazing presentations to my internet shape customers?” We usually answer the following: 1. What are the most commonly known errors with presentations? 2. What are right practices inside presenting? 3. Why better presentations create we look advantageous to the team plus customers? Resources from this episode: phonegap.com basecamp.com www.acrobat.com box.com www.moreblu.com To Understand Basics: www.lynda.com teamtreehouse.com www.howdesignuniversity.com Join the Producers Program: www.twiwebdesign.net Follow Jose about Twitter twitter.com
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11 thoughts on “- Web Design – How do I create great presentations to my web design clients?

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  2. First of all, I really do appreciate that you guys are willing to share but just prepare better before doing the show. By that I mean, if you are talking about stuff, really prepare the material and learn it, check the cables, make a script, run everything before airing and then go live so it will go as smooth as possible. As a viewer I really don’t care about anything but the subject. Not your inbox or whatever I am just interested in the topic. =)

  3. Thanks for your feedback. Not sure what your feedback means? It’s a live show and the team does a great job every week. There are of course always hiccups – but few that hamper our ability to deliver value to you.

  4. You know, i really like what you do but where are you so amateur!!!!!!!!!! Cmon guys!!! Just get the hardware done and organize it better

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