- Web Design – How do I avoid creating bad web design?

In this episode you answer the question: “How do I avoid creating bad internet design” We may answer the following 3 questions: 1. What does bad internet shape resemble? 2. What are the most commonly known errors folks create inside internet shape? 3. How will I avoid these errors? Like you about Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow TWiWebDesign about Twitter: twitter.com Support you by joining the manufacturers system. Discover more here: www.twiwebdesign.com Our Sponsors Chrometa – application.chrometa.com Youeye – youeye.com Go Daddy – godaddy.com Utilize Code Web40 Our Media Partner: HOW Interactive Design – howinteractivedesign.com Resources from this episode: 960.gs To Understand Basics www.lynda.com teamtreehouse.com www.howdesignuniversity.com Join the Producers Program: www.twiwebdesign.net Follow Jose about Twitter twitter.com

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27 thoughts on “- Web Design – How do I avoid creating bad web design?

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  2. You should add links in the description to certain points on the video like Lifehacker’s Youtube videos. Thanks


  3. To me WordPress, Drupal, and other CMSs are just that,content management systems. Just because someone uses them (I use them) doesn’t mean a thing. Fast Company’s site is a drupal site, and to me it’s one of the best on the NET I like going to the site, I look forward to it. Making it easy for the end user to use the site is job 1. Who really cares what platform it’s on, the HTML and CSS can be customized (should be customized). The CMSs make life easier for us and more importantly the users.

  4. hey Jose and Aurie, thanks for sharing the knowledge about how to use the grid. My designs look so good that many of my colleagues think I use templates! lol

  5. Yes. You can A. Work for an agency B. Work with a development partner C. Use something like PSD to HTML (A service that does your HTML). Today its super easy to build website with WordPress. I am not a hardcore developer and I can set up a wordpress site on a server and customize the CSS. You DO need to get your hands dirty with “TECH” stuff. Not matter what.

  6. Yeah if you are a talented graphic designer with a good understanding of the web, some companies have someone who does the PSDs then a developer who will turn that PSD into a functioning website.

  7. Yeah if you are a talented graphic designer with a good understanding of the web, some companies have someone who does the PSDs then a developer who will turn that PSD into a functioning website.

  8. This is one of the hardest things I’ve faced. Getting content from clients. Write a content specification document, saying exactly what you need and how much. Keep sending it back to them until you get what you need.

    It’s the only way.

  9. We do, in fact we do quite a bit of web design and print design (business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.) for people in the internet marketing and network marketing industry. I’ve sent you a message with some more info about our packages and quotes on pricing. Thanks!

  10. Does your company design sales and capture pages for internet marketers to use for their network marketing business? If so, how much do you charge and how quickly can they be done?

  11. We sure do! Having worked so close to Los Alngeles and that market, we had actually put together a package specifically for actors. Stop by our website and give us a call or shoot us an email and we can chat about your project. Thanks for inquiring!

  12. We do seem to have an affinity for alternative wellness organizations lol, but we certainly are not limited to them. We’ve done website and graphic work for doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors, so we are confident we can offer a great solution for any type of health care professional. Thanks for asking!

  13. We do! We offer custom design for business cards, flyers, brochures, post cards and much more. If you already have a design in mind, we can print and ship it to you. We can accommodate any size, style and layout.

  14. Thanks for the compliment and inquiring about our rates. I’ll send you a message here with some more info and you can let us know about what kind of project you have going on. You can also contact us via our website or give us a call directly.

  15. - We do actually, we’ve delivered custom logo design, business cards, flyers, brochures, car magnets, you name it. I’ll contact you regarding our print services or you can send us a message through our website…

  16. - Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you, I’m sure we’ll be able to offer some great solutions for your project.

  17. The video is great. I also took a look at your portfolio at your company website, you do some really great work! How much do you charge?

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