- Web Design – How can I be a good web design client?

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Hi, In this nerd vblog, I speak regarding understanding internet technologies when recounting a crazy internet programming story involving lawyers, suing plus Perl. www.killerphp.com

23 thoughts on “- Web Design – How can I be a good web design client?

  1. Julien, thanks for your feedback.
    Yes, I do read from a script. We make a huge effort to have valuable content. Writing scripts is the best way to provide you with valuable content. Would you like us to use a TelePrompTer so that you can’t see me reading? What is it that you don’t like about me reading from the script?

  2. I plan on learning as much as i can in web design this summer break so when fall comes i will have what i need to break into the industry doing small tasks for people and making some money plus i will have a part time job so with all of that by senior year 2014 i should have a little bit of money for my own personal grant for college

  3. W’d love to hear more stories from you, especially about how you’ve learned without going into college, what kept you motivated and so on. So w’d learn from your past and experience, thanks and wish you all the best.

  4. That was a great video and a nice story.
    I’m trying to learn about web design and programming, I’ve dozens of ebooks or maybe a whole lot more, but I’m impatient, I try to learn things within a day, I start reading I read dozens of pages a day and then get bored, and tired, and jump into another book and so on, and I end up with empty hands.
    Just wondering if you could have some advice or even some story.

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  6. It’s not your fault at all. It’s just bad bureaucracy. A curious thing has happens to me and it’s exactly the contrary . I have a technical degree, so to speak, in Cobol. However I remember nothing about Cobol. Anyway, people respect things I do as a web designer just because I studied Cobol (!). Crazy.

  7. That’s great! You should check out our Killersites Forum Community, you’ll find web designers/programmers who are there to help get you on the road to web freelancing.

  8. @killerphp Great video and very informational! I started learning javascript a year ago (i’m 19 now) and i feel so related to what you said. I bought a book(JavaScript:The Definitive Guide 5th Edition) and slowly started studying it. Although i knew a lot about javascript(core and client side) when it came down to do something practical, i just couldn’t. Now, i started re-reading the book while testing small pieces of code! Hope to be a freelancer in the near future…

  9. I felt this video was an honest opinion/look into the area. Good information, could pick up the pace a little, but Its Sunday and nothing else is going on. Thumbs up.

  10. Thanks for the video. I am studying as a software engineer, and you are right, I know a lot algorithms and theory. But you are right, I do not know how really to program. So where do I start? And how do I use my knowledge. Agian, thanks . looking forward to more.

  11. That’s what I thought, just like in construction and you show the buildings you built, that’s your ticket to getting a job right there.

  12. Have you got any php tuts that I can do where I can write the code with you as you write it ?? If not can you do one plz ,, Thanks ,,

  13. You are a nerd, but I love this. I am a Mechanical Engineering student who started doing web dev. 8 months ago. I never learned anything about it in school, I just started playing around with it and now I pay for school freelancing PHP/HTML/CSS/Wordpress/etc. My experience was very similar when I started. I broke a lot of stuff but worked hard to fix it. Thanks for the videos, keep it up!

  14. I am a self taught web designer but I went to school for graphic design. I remember learning HTML in 1999 but it was only HTML 4. Just this year, I dove in the waters of XHTML, CSS and HTM

  15. @Pavlovszky,

    They dragged it on in court for 1-2 years, where my client ended up spending 5x the money on legal expenses vs the original amount he was being sued for!!

    … For the chairman of the company, it was the principle and the money was not an issue. Eventually, the case just faded into nothing.

    In the end, the lawyers made more money than the plaintiff, the defendant and even me on this project.


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