Responsive Web Design Bootcamp

It is not any longer secure to assume which visitors to a webpage are sitting inside front of the big monitor built with a keyboard plus mouse. As smartphones overtake the desktop because the main portal to the Internet – plus because new device kinds plus interaction models continue to emerge – designers should follow future-friendly techniques which help the full range of consumer contexts with a single codebase. What is covered? -The “One Web” strategy plus advantages -Mechanics of media questions -Code company plus ideal practices -Adding help for adaptive pictures -Fallback techniques for elder browsers Who is this webcast for? This webcast is for internet designers plus programmers that are interested inside creating mobile websites plus internet apps. A functioning familiarity with standard HTML, CSS, plus JavaScript will be helpful yet is not needed. About Jonathan Stark: Jonathan Stark is a mobile plus internet application consultant whom the Wall Street Journal has called an expert about publishing desktop information to the internet. He has created 2 books about internet application programming, is a tech editor for both php|architect plus Advisor publications, plus is quoted inside the media about web plus mobile life-style styles. Jonathan started his programming job over 20 years ago about a Tandy TRS-80 plus nonetheless thinks Zork had been a sweet game.

4 thoughts on “Responsive Web Design Bootcamp

  1. Native APP’s will reign for the next 3 years (2015) as we battle on with the MobileOS Wars, i.e. Wireless Device Wars. Bigger battles will be waged on the Mobile ‘browser’ experience (ships have already set sail.) “Device Specific” “WebApps” will introduce a plethora of “APPlied Ideas”. Custom “Mobile Computing” devices will be manufacturered. APP Developers will be rockstars. Crazy use cases will flood the global marketsphere, PRODUCING ‘The Renaissance’ that we missed out on in the 90′s.

  2. Context dictates Content. “Mobile Computing” is an entirely unique dimension of KINectivity; “IT” really has nothing to do with the Desktop experience of the past 20 years. “One Web” is delusional (YES, WE ARE ALL KINected, but we are all not ONE connection — not in this dimension ;) Tim Berners Lee should have listened more to Ted Nelson. The Content is not the Product; USERS are the product. Mobile Computing is about PRODUCTIVITY not “Product$”. The next 6 months are gonna blow yOur mEYEndz!

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