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Personal Internet Design | Speed Art by Cloud

Like for my soon-to-be running site! Below is my initially ever internet shape that I have been planning to create for a when today, I think it’s very good for my initially attempt! Suggestions welcome! Thanks for viewing!
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Web Design: Making A Website For Beginners.

Hello men. This really is a more explained movie showing how to create a standard website,use simple tags plus css. I hope I helped plus all my files are inside the hyperlinks under. Facebook: Twitter: Skype: aaronwelsh505 Steam: mrhype505
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7 thoughts on “Personal Web Design | Speed Art by Cloud

  1. Yeah dude I’ll get that video made!
    I won’t be able to make it until Tuesday (2 days for me) because I have college and other shit and Tuesdays my day off. Thanks again man, I am so happy I am helping someone!

  2. Yeah exactly that. How to move picture to different locations on the page rather than the set place given. That was the first thing that came into my head when watching. As I said I’m completely new to this so whatever you decide to put within the video would be great for me to learn. Thanks again for making these videos.

  3. Thanks a lot for that comment! I wanted to make more but because no-one was watching I thought I’d stop for a bit. I’ll start making more videos on these subjects! Could you explain what you want a little more? do you want to know how to set a picture in different locations? like one on the left etc..? Thanks again, the comment made me happy knowing that I helped someone!

  4. Please continue these lessons! I clicked on your video with just an idea in my head that I wanted to make my own little website and this video really help me get started with the basics at least. I can completely follow what you are saying and I don’t feel bombarded with different things too learn. Please continue with these tutorial videos in the future. Could you maybe cover how I would place an image on the webpage in different locations that the set one? Thanks for your help.

  5. I have no clue why it’s black at the start. Please skip to 1:13 :) it took too long to render to do it all again. The quality has also went down which is annoying. Anyways, I hope I helped and all the files I made are in the description for download. Thanks for watching!

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