My Best Speedart to Date!: Apex Website Design

My Best Speedart to Date!: Apex Website Design

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

On episode 39 Tony Wong challenged the ThisWeekIn Internet Design team to reach the company of building the minimal worthwhile product of ThisWeekIn’s hot website inside below six weeks. With designer Aure Gimon plus programmer Jacob Pittassi, Jose plus Tony usually lay the groundwork for this challenging sprint, reside for the viewer. This isn’t an episode, this really is the team planning for a product with all the intention of going live inside lower than 2 months. When ThisWeekIn Internet Design claims “observe you work”, you mean it!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

32 thoughts on “My Best Speedart to Date!: Apex Website Design

  1. love this man, the final image looked sick, i thumbed up the video! could you check out my latest speed art, and leave me some feedback it would help me a lot and help my views incease – if you enjoy give it a thumbs up! -Thanks Bnzsy

  2. ik, i meant like break up the page into smaller individual pictures so the page won’t take as long to load

  3. i think he means that you created it in one giant picture rather than doing it in css and html individually

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  5. Thanks for the great video! If you need help installing, configuring, or setting up zen cart, check out our channel for lots of Easy Help Zen Cart Tutorials:

  6. Would’nt it be great to have a tour feature on site like “New to ThisweekIN? Take a Tour” and then user takes a tour on how the site works. I think it will be helpful for new users..

  7. Use for the comments. I’m not a Facebook user but i’m a hardcore fan of Thisweekin network., SO i won’t be able to comment.

  8. @ 0:57:00 are you leaving any time for refactoring code, documentation, capturing things that need to be fixed / enhanced in the future? how would you convince your client that they really need this important part, even though it seems like it is not a critical part for their deliverable, they do need to budget for it, so they can start the next phase running, instead of wasting precious time trying to recall what needs to be done in the next phase?

  9. @ 0:44:00 oh you actually want to have these types of planning conversation during a scrum planning meeting? I thought it was a waste of time, and this was just supposed to be for scheduling the work to be done for this week’s sprint

  10. @ 0:36:00 it’s nice that you are having all these design discussions about user experience, current problems, and possible solutions, but this should not be done during a scrum meeting. those issues should already be worked out ahead of the meeting and be recorded as items to schedule during the meeting. and I also notice a lot of talking, but not much recording (writing down) of what decisions where made. Since you do this only once a week, hope you don’t waste time hav 2 review wat u forgot

  11. and YES your website needs to have a way that users can comment on the videos, because these youtube comment length restrictions really ruin any good feelings i had about this series!
    the comments should be categorized into 3 groups:
    - kudos “good video”,
    - comments, and
    - questions,
    so we don’t have to read through a bunch of “hey good video i like web design” garbage to find interesting discussions.

  12. i guess it doesn’t really matter which comes first, but in a real client situation, you would have a list of business goals, then you would create strategies, then you would create a task list of the work that needs to be done to implement the strategy, including identifying and recording metrics to help you measure if the business goal is being achieved.

  13. @ 0:31:00, you are focusing on features and then you equate them to the business goals, i.e. have a way the user can share a video, so we get more viewers.

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