HTML Tutorial 6 – Putting Your Website Online – Website Design Tutorial

In this HTML webpage shape coding guide I may teach we how to spot a own webpage/website online free. This really is utilizing WebNG: Difficulty Level: Medium/Intermediate If you have any issues or require aid with any of the tutorial please leave a comment under or content me about YouTube.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – In this movie I share certain secrets for internet designers for you to grow the possibilities of getting customers.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

34 thoughts on “HTML Tutorial 6 – Putting Your Website Online – Website Design Tutorial

  1. hi dear respected teacher, I am excited after viewing you videos here. thanks a lot for what you are doing. I am very very thankful tu you. Thanks once again.

  2. i’ve learn so much.. Tutorials 1 to 6. Thanks. I gonna try to make my first website ASAP. Please visit. LOL. Thanks. :)

  3. you can implement a ‘forum technology’ almost like WordPress but based around forums. Google something like ‘forum technologies for my website’ and you’ll get a bunch of useful links!

    Hope that helps

  4. Could some please help me, i will sub to you if you help me by answering the following question; Once your website is online can you update it e.g. new images, new videos or even an update blog thing? Please help me i will be so grateful thank you,

  5. Hey Mike, I am 14 years old, know html, css, javascript, jquery, flash, and simple php along with the adobe cs5 suite. Do you think that I should start freelancing (including my age problem)

  6. Transparency is a HUGE thing in landing clients. If you can make your clients feel like they know you without actually talking to, that will increase their trust in you.

  7. Another angle that I have found really useful and a great way to build my skill set while getting paid as a freelancer it is to target graphic designers and internet marketing managers who need someone who can code up a site. There are alot of them out there! You can learn their bit by seeing what they do, and they get you work (and vica versa!) :)

  8. Great point. I think I’ll try to give away somethings for free on my blog. Build up my web karma. Thanks for the video’s, they are always interesting.

  9. Despite I’m new in the web design world, I’m becoming an expert with all your tips and training…. Thanks Mike…

  10. Yes, e-books have been used an abused by cheesy internet marketers. So this marketing tactic has to be done with professional honest advice backed by a solid web design portfolio. There still top companies (honest companies) still using these tactics today to open the door to speak to prospects. But I feel you, the 5-point inspection is different and might seem more authentic. ;)

  11. Yeah, it has to be valuable information that someone can use right away to improve their business or website.

  12. Yeah. I’ve seen this alot. It seems very cookie-cutter. Sign up for a newsletter and recieve free ebook. The ebook actually is a secret marketing tool for other products and a way to capture my contact info to spam me with more things.

  13. Free advice is good. I like websites I go to where I feel like the information will improve my life or put me a step ahead. Simply information that seems like it comes from an empathetic place or that takes my feelings or experience into concern is very valuable. Stories that show a person’s level of experience and expertise. I think this is the type of content that builds a good following.

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