7 thoughts on “Custom Website Design $499

  1. Gotta love youtube comments… just wanted to chime in there. Lloks good to me. Keep it up guys.

  2. great presentation. Joomla keeps you from having to constantly update your clients content. Do you use existing Joomla templates or do you create your own? do you have a good reference book for creating joomla templates?

  3. Well, we have helped about 200 clients so far, do just that. They all are extremely happy with their website, and only had to pay $499. Hope that helps.

  4. From my experience, anything under 1000$ for a real site, is a waste of time, at the end of it all. Good for you to do it so cheap.

  5. Ha Ha – I’m a funny guy, and do have lot of excitement… however, I agree that I could be more animated on camera.  Thanks for watching.

  6. Nice efficient resentation. Personally, I would “spice” it up a little bit, with more of your personality showing through.

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