What Are Low-Quality Pages and How Do You Fix Them?

In a few of my latest reviews of websites which have lately lost Google traffic, I’ve found a normal thread: many low-quality content pages. However the interesting thing is the fact that this wasn’t the kind of low-quality content created by several scammy SEO inside an attempt to enhance look engine position. This was low-quality content which was naturally built without considered the various search engines.

What could become the matter with which?

Before the days of Google’s Panda filters, probably, nothing. But whenever Google let their Panda from the zoo, certain pages about certain sites which were earlier ignored, started to result positioning plus traffic issues for the total website.

What would low-quality content pages contain?

For the many element, the kind of low-quality content pages I’m speaking regarding here just don’t contain much info at all. They can just have a some words or sentences outside of the international template of the page. Or they could contain info, however it’s especially synonymous to what’s about additional pages of the website. Many of the time these low-quality pages been dynamically produced by any content administration program (CMS) the site is utilizing. This really is incredibly true of website websites utilizing WordPress or different website software, and forum websites.

Let’s consider certain particular kinds of low-quality content:

* Profile Pages:

Empty – Many forums, blogs or additional community websites motivate folks to become members. In purchase to do thus, they need to offer info which is employed to create a profile page of which individual. There’s nothing inherently incorrect with these, yet a few of them can be built with nothing over a consumer name along with a bunch of clear fields. So you are able to end up with hundreds, when not thousands, of almost clear pages.

– Profiles have furthermore been a target for spammers considering a few of them let we to incorporate hyperlinks. Even those which don’t especially permit hyperlinks may occasionally be hacked to include a link with a smarter-than-average internet spammer.

Recommended Fix:
There are some methods to deal with this. You may create profile pages invisible to anybody (including search
engines) whom isn’t authorized plus logged inside. Or we may add the noindex Meta tag to all profile pages. If you like to have a profile pages indexed, we would try to need more info than simply a name thus which there’s less chance of the profile seeming clear. And should you allow hyperlinks, make sure they are automatically tagged with all the nofollow feature. You may equally keep all profiles invisible till they go by the manual human review.

* Empty Directory or Search Results Pages:

Websites which have a directory of types might usually have a amount of different categories. This really is a remarkable idea whenever there are enough products, persons, or places which need to have their own category. However occasionally a website usually receive too granular inside its categories plus just have 1 (or occasionally zero) results contained in them.

It’s convenient to find how this creates a bad consumer experience, and therefore a low-quality content page.

* Tag Pages:

While adding tags to classify website posts could create for a helpful method to browse a website, creating an limitless quantity of tags plus tagging each post with a bunch of them creates tons of low-quality content tag pages. If a tag is really particular which just 1 post is tagged with it, the tag page itself can list just which 1 post. And when which post is tagged with alternative distinctive tags, a entire bunch of rather synonymous stand-alone tag pages is built which all really link to the 1 post. Which signifies they’ve defeated the cause of tagging because a signifies of categorizing posts.

Recommended Fix: Don’t employ tags to stuff keywords about the pages (à la The Huffington Post). Instead, employ them for their intended cause by creating a limited quantity of them which correspond to their own special category. This might supply an alternate means of browsing the website, in addition to more solutions for Google to locate plus spider a pages.

If it’s too late to begin over with the tags plus you’ve absolutely got a crazy range of meaningless tags, then add the rel=nofollow to the tag links themselves, plus add the “noindex, follow” Meta tag to the resulting tag pages themselves. This technique we won’t have those duplicate pages indexed, yet the various search engines may nonetheless follow the hyperlinks contained inside them.

Posts That Just Link to Something Else:

You see anything interesting about another website that you would like to tell a visitors about, thus we dash off a rapid website post which states, “Here’s an interesting post about whatever” plus give a link. Even worse is should you link to these “empty posts” from elsewhere about website inside the guise of providing actual info when they click on the link. This only annoys the visitors considering they need to click yet again to reach what they wish to find.

Recommended Fix: A greater spot for rapid recommendations is to post it about the social media channels and/or link straight to the real content from elsewhere inside website where it makes sense to do thus.

As you are able to see, whether we intended to have low-quality content pages about a webpage, you have certain anyway. Whether we agree with all the method Google is handling this type of content or not, the truth is, various websites have been negatively affected by it. Therefore you’d be smart to recheck your website each thus frequently for low-quality content plus go by every of the suggested fixes to eliminate it ASAP!

Jill Whalen is the CEO of High Rankings, an SEO Consulting organization inside the Boston, MA area
because 1995. Follow her about Twitter @JillWhalen. If you learned from this short article, make sure to ask the colleagues to signal up for the High Rankings Advisor SEO Newsletter so that they could obtain synonymous articles inside the future!

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What Are Low-Quality Pages plus How Do We Fix Them?

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