Website Content Meets the Penguin Gold Standard

Recovering from Google Panda penalties demands optimum url content. Rewarding top-quality content is supposedly a main objective at Google HQ, plus is reported to be at the core of both Panda & Penguin plus sundry interim algorithm updates. In light of which, maybe certain clarification of the “content quality” concept is within purchase?

What Is Content?

Content is produced up of several ingredients, plus is basically the;

* On-page noticeable text
* Images plus image Alt text
* Anchor text inside hyperlinks to internal or exterior pages
* Hyperlink titles inside hyperlinks plus menus
* The descriptive Title plus Description meta-data

In the context of Google, a pic is NOT value a 1000 words! Moreover, words need to be accessible, not embedded inside pictures or Flash films, JavaScript, slide shows etc.

In 15 years because an SEO consultant, when there’s 1 well-known denominator obvious about sites, it’s which there is a deep reluctance to expend time, revenue, plus creative stamina about specific text content. Brevity is the watchword – affordable utilize of words is encouraged by shape, branding plus advertising advisers!

* The branding experts desire we to utilize the textual equivalent of sound bites – bullet points plus brief sentences!

* The url designers wish the whole content of the page to be above the fold – no scrolling!

* The advertising plus advertising team need the warm fuzzies – inside choice to explicit descriptions of what we sell or do!

* The owner would like to constrain the budget…

* The SEO man which knows how possible visitors really look online won’t receive employed till traffic volumes don’t meet expectations

That is usually how it goes for most commercial websites… the inevitable outcome is:

* A low word expect all pages
* Image domination at the cost of text
* Minimal originality inside textual elements
* Vagueness inside page’s descriptive elements

Net happen is nothing much for Google et al to function inside terms of assessing an individual page’s relevance to a particular keyword look phrase!

What is Bad Content

This is usually a subjective assessment, nevertheless several or the following ingredients is obvious in the website:

* Duplicated from a different website/s, plus contending inside the same internet room.

* Copied from a synonymous website plus passed off because your.

* Homogenized content – acquiring a series of top-ranking pages from authoritative sources, plus blending them together into a hot page for your site.

* More pictures than words, or words embedded inside pictures.

* Content produced by JavaScript, Flash or Frames.

* Dominated by vaguely worded, non-explicit, warm plus fuzzy drivel from branding plus advertising pitches.

* Word-for-word product descriptions copied verbatim within the producer.

* Lack of exactly targeted content which fails to fill a defined look need.

* Doorway pages – particularly produced to target a series of keyword words however, bereft of intrinsic merit.

* Page plus image file names are cryptic, without explanatory keywords.

* Riddled with mis-spelt words, grammatical mistakes plus wrong punctuation.

Basically, should you can’t present a topic (items or services) inside an smart plus articulate way, plus precisely define what the point of the page is, plus just what it contains, its inevitably going to be watched because substandard plus perplexing content.

If we “borrow” thoroughly from alternative people’s creative content, at right you’re instantly 2nd ideal. At worst, you’re clearly guilty of:

* Copyright violation
* Theft of intellectual property
* Plagiarism

WHY might anybody anticipate Google to reward them for which???

What Defines Great Content?

* Written by an authority found on the topic, inside his/her own words, plus conveying useful info to visitors.

* Defines a issue, proffers a answer plus explains why we want it.

* Research has determined the audience’s requirements, as well as the page is created for the certain viewer demographic.

* Contains relevant exact-match keyword look words inside active employ.

* Accurately plus verbosely described inside key regions (headings, titles, metadata)

* Keyword-rich, search-engine-friendly page plus image URLs.

* Correct spelling, punctuation plus grammar.

Take a leaf within the pages of the Public Speaking 101 book…

* Tell them what you’ll tell them
* Tell them
* Tell them what we told them

Don’t be vague, don’t waffle about regarding trivial stuff. Focus more about what a visitors require from we, plus about solving their issues. Focus less about why you’re thus smart, handsome plus witty.

Content Volume

There became a time whenever Google thought we can summarize a topic inside lower than 250 words plus resemble an expert simultaneously. Obviously, that’s a superficial attitude, plus they’ve addressed which by upping the ante about standard by considering amount.

Therefore, a page with 750 words which is authentic plus provides greater coverage of the topic inside query will anticipate more exposure to the golden light from Google… That makes well coherent sense to me, yet apparently to not the pin-heads inside Branding or Marketing…

Sure, There Are Shortcuts

Basically, creating advantageous content takes a great deal of time plus creative ability. Actually, it takes damned close because lengthy because the time plus effort which goes into designing techniques to cheat the program! But, certain individuals instinctively choose short-term gains produced from:

* engaging inside black hat SEO techniques including content cloaking.

* offering Google something plus visitors another.

* engaging inside dodgy schemes to create their site appear much better than it’s.

When it all goes stomach up, it’s incumbent about them to not blame Google.

Google Panda & Penguin – Marks from 10

Actually, I heartily agree with all the objective of worthwhile advantageous content. Whenever I’m looking for anything, I wish the many relevant plus helpful page to appear at the best of the list.

Is There a Fatal Flaw inside Google’s Logic?

The algorithms create automated, plus arguably, objective judgments of content found on the basis of defined plus extensive criteria.

In several scenarios, several subjective judgment is imperative plus it makes sense which peer comments from outside sources are included into the relevancy ranking algorithm. The newest algorithms put far better focus about outside public online commentary from Social Media sites. That’s perfect, type of…

But how about the 100′s of thousands of great online companies which have been providing exemplary services to visitors for years but;

* they are not found on the Social Media radar – they don’t recognize it, can’t be bothered with it, etc.

* they are not computer literate, neither do they understand Google’s approach as well as the have to evolve.

* their sites meet the requires of their active plus possible customers.

* They’ve usually had good position inside their niche.

* Their site regularly provides a extensive part of their brand-new company customers.

Suddenly, Google arbitrarily changes the rules about established websites…

* Their webpage drops from page 1 to page 6.
* Their traffic drops by 75%.
* Their enquiries dry up instant.
* Their money is slashed.

To add insult to injury, competitors who’ve been copying their content plus stealing their tips are suddenly rated high than them! That’s the result for several wise companies over the world inside the aftermath of the previous year’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) ranking formula changes at Google.

What is not factored inside is the fact that several website classes/niches/industries merely don’t fit the Social Media referrals mold perfectly. In a Social context;

* we could commonly select to “like” a page about a travel destination/hotel/tour operator/fishing guide website…

* you’re far less probably to “like” a plumber, electrician, attorney, gynecologist, proctologist, hypnotist, etc.

Any exterior referencing system which assigns a social media weighting to niches which are not perfectly represented seems to tip the scales inside unusual instructions.

Have Search Results Improved?

Frankly, I stay unconvinced which the results of Panda + Penguin have been a resounding success;

* More damage than advantageous has been completed to thousands of innocent companies.

* The trash content inside numerous built-for-Adsense / scraper websites nevertheless dominates niches.

* Authentic neighborhood companies continue to be dominated inside localized look by parasite websites – especially inside niches like bed & breakfast, hotels, rental vehicles. The leech sites which suck out profits within the companies which offer the services continue to prosper.

* In location-specific searches, doorway pages from main websites, albeit containing minuscule content, nevertheless dominate position.

From what I see about a daily basis, there is a heck of the great deal of collateral damage, nevertheless several main targets continue to be intact!

Do Heavyweight Sites receive too much Clout?

Why could a skinny page about Travelfish, Tripadvisor, Infohub, Agoda, HotelsCombined, etc. out-rank a location-specific town / provincial site? That might appear counter to the revolution.

If we work an accommodation company inside a town, is it fair which the best “accommodation” positioning are dominated by the persons whom don’t work accommodation facilities! Instead, the tech-savvy, big-dollar accommodation promotion websites receive top billing, plus you must either pay those to appear about their site, and/or provide them a booking commission.

For illustration, try a look for: “bed & breakfast New Orleans”

To me, the results show a obvious plus unequivocal inconsistency (if not a double standard) inside Google’s avowed detest of selling/purchasing hyperlinks.

* Are those Bed & Breakfast book & webpage promoters which sell advertising location to bed plus breakfast providers immune from paid link penalties?

* Are those bed plus breakfast advertising sites really more useful inside look results than a list of actual services of bed plus breakfast services?

The same logic plus concerns apply over a variety of niche markets, where the service provider’s site is arbitrarily devalued inside favor of the parasitic websites which reside off the efforts of those providers… Or did I miss anything deep inside there someplace?

Geographical Speed Wobbles

I’m perplexed regarding the impact of Penguin about sites’ positioning inside Google’s geographic-specific databases. I’ve observed websites which appear to have been relocated for neither rhyme neither cause. It utilized to be a site;

* was assigned to the Google dataset of the nation inside that it was hosted – that makes sense…

* was assigned to the Geographic Target set inside Webmaster Tools

In the previous couple of months I’ve enjoyed websites lose their geographical identity without the owner having created any changes. A New Zealand client’s, hosted inside the USA, is included inside “Search: pages from New Zealand.” That’s plain incorrect, plus neither the designer neither the owner has it tagged because geographically targeting New Zealand.

A Real-World Example is an Australia company based inside Tasmania, producing flexible insect screens from premium-grade contents plus delivering them world-wide. They’ve been targeted by copycats, nevertheless have constantly enjoyed superior position plus resoundingly wise customer reviews due to exemplary goods plus services. The previous year has been a roller coaster ride. First they were rewarded by Google, plus then they were punished…

* The Monthly “Visits” column shows development from 12,800 visits inside Aug 2011 to 36,000 inside Nov 2011.

* From Dec 2011 traffic has declined, today averaging 17,000 visitors (May 2012 because at 28th May)

It’s the same content, basically unchanged because time plus it’s inexplicable which these wild variations could happen inside traffic.

There are several peculiar aspects:

* Nov 2011 – at the peak of tourist traffic, 54% of visits were from Australia!

* May 2012 – which dropped to 17% of visits from Australia!

The webpage is hosted inside Melbourne Australia. The website appears inside “Search: pages from Australia” thus is clearly associated with all the Australian dataset. The variation inside Australian visitors is inexplicable – 1 might anticipate that statistic to be independent of traffic volumes.

Low Quality Content:

In hunting at the site from a important attitude, it appeared which the 89 glowing customer references would effectively function as the Achilles Heel. These were separate individual posts inside the Testimonials category, with a widget which chosen 1 at unique plus displayed it inside the page sidebar.

However, bereft of special Titles plus Descriptions, lacking headings, plus with just a couple of sentences plus no pictures, they would appear to be of low standard plus minimal value!

By technique of remedial action, these were inserted into a Testimonials Manager plugin, keeping a unique Testimonial show inside the sidebar, however with a single consolidated page rather of 89 individual posts. 301 Redirection was submit spot about those posts to the modern Testimonials page.

Doorway Pages:

In addition, there were a dozen of thus Authorized Distributor pages, half of that contained nothing alternative than a State or Country variation, generating them appear suspiciously like Doorway Pages!

These were all combined into a single distributors page, with an index hyperlinked to State & Country sections, plus 301 Redirection used.

Impact of Remedial Action about SERPs Results

There became a prompt reaction found on the position for numerous keyword look phrases:

* flyscreen distributors – jumped up +19 places inside a week to #5 about

* flyscreen distributors – jumped up +55 places inside a week to #10 about

* fly screen distributors – jumped up +3 places inside a week to #9

The consolidated page with its bigger plus unambiguous content surely gained fast traction inside the SERPs! Unfortunately, because then those gains have been off-set by further losses over the board, however traffic volumes have stayed steady over the last 3 months.

Website Content – The Conclusion

To succeed inside generating fresh company through internet marketing, Google’s objective of offering the number one plus many relevant content to searchers should become a objective!

To rank high than the competitors, the webpage content should be demonstrably much better than a competitors.

* Take a extended difficult consider each page about the url plus ask oneself what its cause is, and just how effectively it meets which cause.

* Take a lengthy difficult consider a competitors’ sites, plus their contending pages plus choose when they are doing a greater job.

Try plus figure out what a visitors are searching for by performing several online analysis – Google’s keywords tool offers several perfect info because respect. This beats the heck from keyword brainstorming sessions about the workplace coffee table!

Assess what the most crucial searches are to a company, plus that pages relate to people searches. Rewrite plus expand every page to confirm it includes the targeted keyword phrase, plus delivers an answer/solution which is particular / relevant to the topic inside query. Be sure the keyword phrase is prominent inside a heading, the title plus description.

There is an aged Chinese proverb to the impact which 1 could “Buy pricey, plus cry when only!” Translated into a website context:

* Should you result in the upfront investment inside top quality website content, it’s a one-off expense.

* Should you pay for fast plus dirty results, pricey repairs is important regularly.

Ben Kemp has over 25 years of experience inside the IT industry, including 15 years because a specialist SEO consultant, with customers throughout New Zealand, Australia, UK & USA.

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Website Content Meets the Penguin Gold Standard

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