University Helps Students Study With New Technology

Nervous regarding mid-terms?

The University of Iowa would simply have the answer. It is providing pupils a method to overcome test anxiousness, utilizing a mind-reading technologies which leads them into a state of relaxation.

Staff psychologist Todd Pietruszka created the university’s Biofeedback System 4 years ago. Last year, the program’s participant rate doubled.

“Biofeedback” displays students’ brainwaves plus informs them whenever they’ve dropped into a state of calm focus.

The Biofeedback System helps pupils inside improving research practices plus their ability to function more effectively about homework, according to

The system assists pupils to feel confident, aware of their actions plus improves their ability to know plus control their actions.

“Once a student learns to minimize their uneasiness utilizing abilities learned by biofeedback training, their performance increases greatly — frequently causing dramatic improvements inside educational performance,” U of Iowa Counselor plus medical psychologist, Jeffrey Ellen told TechCrunch.

In the previous year, 429 pupils have selected the system.

Some pupils feature their employ of the Biofeedback System because key to their educational achievement, the story mentioned.

“I wish to focus about my senior year, plus I’ve been truly stressed out,” Sarah Bishop, senior inside advertising plus first-time Biofeedback System customer told

“Everything’s building up, plus I simply felt like I need certain guidance. My professor brought me to understand which there is a system that’s available which may assist me.”

The Biofeedback System is a resource which is accessible to all ISU pupils.


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University Helps Students Study With New Technology

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