The Fascination With Pinterest: How It Can Help Grow Your Business

In an eMarketer Webinar this week the following statistics were shared, courtesy of Vitrue, regarding Pinterest:

* It’s the quickest growing social network!
* Between May 2011 plus May 2012 it grew 4377%, both inside distinctive visitors plus look engine clicks.
* Site engagement ranks just behind Facebook plus Tumblr, with all the average consumer spending 98 minutes a month found on the site.

In June 2012 Pinterest scored referral traffic which SURPASSED Bing AND Google for the initial time: It today ranks behind just Facebook, Yahoo plus Google (organic) for referral traffic.

Launched inside March 2010, by mid 2011 Pinterest showed a continuously increasing development curve. Next, following being called among the “50 Best Websites of 2011″ by Time Magazine inside August 2011, its development rate picked up greatly, actually, phenomenally!

How is it which this relative newcomer to the social networking scene has attained this form of achievement inside such a brief time period?

A fast consider Pinterest offers we a initially clues!

* It’s graphic (a pic IS value a 1000 words).

* It’s user friendly (see to find for yourself).

* It’s succinct (description of pictures is limited to 500 words – plus many folks just utilize a fraction of that).

* It’s linkable (you are able to include a hyperlink with a pinned image thus which pinners may visit it plus go to a website or the page where more info lives).

* It’s effortless to organize (create ‘Boards’ with titles to describe the pictures you’ve pinned – a graphic filing system).

* It’s effortless to adhere to others as well as for those to follow we (individuals plus brands, or particular ‘Boards’ of individuals plus brands).

* It’s a amazing spot to receive inspirations plus inspiration (crafts, strategies, articles, etc.)

* It is a internet shop front for work From Home companies (Etsy is the many pinned brand about Pinterest!)

Wondering when Pinterest could assist grow a company?

According to an post about, “A Bizrate research found which 25% of respondents that were aware of image-sharing websites like Pinterest prepared a buy by them. The top five categories bought about Pinterest were: Clothing & Apparel (39%); Jewelry, Handbags & Accessories (23%); Art, Art Supplies & Hobbies (22%); Home, Garden & Pool/Spa (18%); plus Health & Beauty (14%).”

While not all companies can be suited to marketing items straight about Pinterest, many could with a bit of thought find a method to build their brand recognition utilizing this platform.

Whether you’re a blogger, a chiropractor, a information media outlet, a construction organization, a bakery, a make-up artist, a travel agent or perhaps a drug shop, there are techniques to create Pinterest function for we. It’s all regarding sharing interesting or thought provoking pictures which cause individuals to like to ‘pin’ what you’re sharing – plus to adhere to we. And, like all social media, the greatest techniques to engage a target audience is by sharing useful, interesting and/or helpful info with them.

You nevertheless have to either request to join Pinterest or get an invitation from somebody absolutely found on the site. If you’d like an invitation send me a e-mail address plus I’ll arrange for an invite to be delivered to we.

Sue Cockburn is the owner of 911SmalBiz, a social media plus web advertising company with a passion for assisting tiny companies increase their impact, expand their marketplace share plus better their bottom-line.

Find out more info on Sue plus 911SmallBiz at: plus about Facebook at

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The Fascination With Pinterest: How It Can Assist Grow The Business

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