The Culture of Entitlement and Why ‘Business Opportunity Seekers’ are the Worst Customers

Do we have exactly what it takes to become a ‘laptop entrepreneur’?

I just ask considering the mindset of many ‘business opportunity’ seminar guests is shocking.

I could recognize – I’ve talked to 12,000 of them.

I was talking with Shawn Casey the additional day (he was providing me guidance regarding infomercials), plus he said to me which company chance seekers are the greatest customers, however are the worst clients.

Why? Because almost all of them are lazy plus greedy. They wish To create income without adding value to anybody, plus without functioning.

After all, they usually purchase a course or an provide considering they don’t wish To function anymore.

This attitude of ‘money for nothing’ goes from the many fundamental principles of riches creation: Money Is Nothing However The Measure of the Value We Create For Other Folks.

Many years ago I realized which inside purchase to create additional money, I might have to become a company owner.

Business owners appeared to create a lot additional money plus build riches quicker than the average staff, thus I decided to set up a business. After all, if you need to become lucrative, model lucrative folks.

(In my early twenties I set up a organization inside England, for $ 50, despite that I didn’t learn what I was going to do with it. But at minimum I was today a ‘company owner’!)

What is a ‘business’?

A company is merely a car which delivers solutions to the group of individuals which want those solutions. The more solutions we offer, as well as the more folks we help; the additional money we create. You get paid inside direct proportion to the worth we deliver based on the market.

This had been a big ‘aha!’ time. If I desired to create income, I had to stop performing like the globe owed me a living (the culture of entitlement), plus rather I had to do 3 things:

1. Decide what group of individuals I was going to aid.

2. Create the solutions which they required.

3. Set up a company plus tell which target marketplace regarding my solutions!

Here is where it gets interesting. When you’ve gone by these initially 3 procedures, a company owner could commence generating a LOT cash.

Why? Because, when you have a company with a product or answer to supply, you are able to create funds by acquiring unique clients because of SEO, pay-per-click advertising, banner advertising, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Groupon, eBay,, joint ventures, solo advertisements, listbuilding, e-mail advertising, Clickbank, affiliates, CPA networks, outsourcers, blogging, forums, talking at seminars, along with a THOUSAND more advertising strategies!

The Culture of Entitlement

Across Europe as well as the US I see this huge ‘culture of entitlement.’

People were available a lay their entire lives. They were brainwashed to believe which all they required to do was to conform to what society expects of them, ‘get a superior education’ plus then they’d ‘get a superior job’ plus might then be ‘set for existence.’

What’s incorrect with which, we would ask? So, 1 result of the programming is the fact that they today believe which when they finish their research they simply should show up as well as receive paid.

‘How will I do because small function because potential, deliver because small value to my company because potential, plus receive paid MORE?’ That is how the typical staff thinks. (another gross generalization, I learn, nevertheless you’d be surprised).

There are tens of millions of individuals over Europe which get ‘money for nothing’, because they are unemployed.

In the US, there are over 60 million persons about FOOD STAMPS. That’s proper, free food plus free revenue within the government, merely for ‘showing up.’

Millions of individuals feel they are entitled to revenue for nothing, irrespective of how much function or how much value they supply to their companies or to the economy at big.

When they look for techniques to create funds online, as well as show up at Internet company seminars, they frequently approach a venture with their ‘entitlement’ mindset. ‘How can I receive paid for doing nothing’?

They believe which Internet advertising is regarding ‘taking’ funds from individuals, as well as wish To discover out how they will ‘take’ revenue too! They need their share!

After all, for their entire lives they’ve been taking revenue off their parents, their companies, plus their government.

They think like scammers. These are typically consequently attracted to frauds, plus they usually see everything because a ‘scam.’ Because of the, they seldom – when ever – create cash online.

And when they are doing create cash, it really is seldom sustainable.

Of course, there is not a shortage of individuals available providing ‘easy’ treatments which appeal to the greed, ignorance, plus laziness of company chance seekers.

Successful entrepreneurs think inside a diametrically opposed method to a ‘business chance seeker.’ They think: ‘I’ve selected a group of individuals which I am going to serve, I’ve found solutions for them, plus today I’m going to advertise these solutions for them!’

If you may be a genuine computer entrepreneur – or budding computer entrepreneur – that would like to grow a real company plus are functioning hard to offer perfect value to the clients, this post is not guided at we, naturally, plus I applaud we. You have the mindset it takes to become very effective.

P.S. By the technique, this situation (the culture of entitlement) benefits the government inside main techniques. Governments grow ever heavier, with more plus more millions of individuals depending about them for survival. And this benefits the bankers, whom create billions from lending revenue to the governments to pay for this ‘social welfare.’

The happen? Huge riches for the politicians as well as the bankers, when difficult functioning persons receive taxed to the hilt plus millions of individuals are programmed to be helpless, brain-dead, plus ‘un-resourceful.’ If there ever had been a time to become a laptop entrepreneur (plus be capable to reside anywhere) it really is today.

Mark Anastasi is an Internet entrepreneur plus founder of the Inspired Marketing Group. Organizing occasions including The Traffic Generation Summit, The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women, plus The Passive Money Summit, he has trained over 12,000 entrepreneurs all over the world because 2005. Want more? Grab his free reports plus videos at

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The Culture of Entitlement plus Why ‘Business Opportunity Seekers’ are the Worst Customers

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