Technology News Briefs – Sept. 14, 2012

No More Passwords?

Passwords is a thing of the previous when Intel has its technique.

A pill with brand-new software along with a biometric sensor which recognizes the special patterns of veins about a person’s palm, might substitute the requirement for passwords, Intel scientists claim.

“The condition with passwords — you utilize too many, their rules are complex, as well as vary for different sites,” Intel Labs director of protection analysis Sridhar Iyengar was quoted by Reuters. “There is a means from it, plus biometrics is a choice.”

Once the pill recognizes a consumer, their identity is confirmed with banks, social networks plus different services where the individual has accounts, the Reuters post mentioned.

Any device utilizing the technologies might have built-in “accelerometers to identify whenever a consumer puts it down, plus might then log its owner off to keep unauthorized folks from getting inside,” the report mentioned.

‘Leader’ of hacker group arrested

The self-proclaimed leader of computer hacker group Anonymous is within FBI custody.

Barrett Brown, 31, was arrested by Dallas authorities at 11 p.m. Sept. 12, Reuters reported.

“He was arrested plus created for booking,” mentioned Dallas County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Carmen Castro.

Castro mentioned she didn’t recognize why Brown was arrested, adding there was clearly no offense indexed found on the booking sheet. Brown was then turned over to the FBI.

A spokesman for the FBI declined to comment.

California law fast Leiderman Devine announced through Twitter, it might protect Brown at a hearing inside Dallas federal courtroom about Sept. 13. The post furthermore indicated Brown had been detained about charges of “threatening a federal agent.”

Brown has been of interest to law enforcement officials for certain time plus was interviewed by the FBI inside March, the Reuters report mentioned.

Brown has been criticized by other members of Anonymous for utilizing his real name as well as for being quoted because a representative of the group. Anonymous is acknowledged for having no obvious leaders.

Google Adds the Bacon Number

It’s all regarding Bacon about Google nowadays.

Kevin Bacon which is.

Google, this year, has been adding cool plus fun look providers like “tilt,” “askew” plus “a barrel roll” to its queue of “Easter eggs.” Then there is the “Bacon quantity.”

It’s not regarding fattening pork items. It’s regarding Footloose plus A Few Great Men actor Kevin Bacon, the many distinguished actor not to have been nominated for an Academy Award.

Google’s newest “Easter egg” enables all its consumers to play the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, a game lengthy played by movie buffs. Google has built a function to aid consumers figure out how carefully connected any movie star is to Bacon, without consumers needing to stress their brains.

To utilize it, kind inside the words Bacon quantity, followed by an actor’s or actress’ name. Google comes back with how carefully he/she has been to Kevin Bacon.

The game came to be following Bacon created a statement inside 1994 which he has worked with everyone inside Hollywood, or knew somebody whom had worked with him or her.

Updated Facebbok App for Blackberry Users

RIM has up-to-date its initial party Facebook application. The 3.2 variation boasts a brand-new UI with a fresh navigation grid.

The update provides the Enhanced Birthday Feature, providing the consumer more control of how or when birthdays appear inside their calendar.

Facebook Events, that enables consumers to organize gatherings, reply to invites, plus maintain with what neighbors are doing, was additionally up-to-date to permit consumers to see profiles of invited guests, talk regarding the event plus RSVP.

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Technology News Briefs – Sept. 14, 2012

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