Technology News Briefs — Oct. 17, 2012

Samsung Retains Top Spot

Samsung continues to be No. 1 in the mobile marketplace, hot information has revealed.

During the three-month average period ending inside August, Samsung had 27.5 % of the mobile reader marketplace, according to comScore information introduced this month. LG placed next with 18.2 % carefully followed by Apple at 17.1 %.

Apple’s share of the mobile marketplace improved 2.1 % whilst LG’s share dropped 0.9 %. Samsung’s percentage stayed steady.

In the bottom half were Motorola with 11.2 % of the marketplace, a drop of 0.8 % plus HTC with 6.1 %, an heighten of 0.2 %.

Texting has been the top activity: 75.6 percent of mobile telephone owners do thus, followed by getting apps at 53.4 % plus browsing at 52 %.

Passbook Can Soon Be Used at Apple Stores

Apple visitors might shortly be capable to employ Passbook at the company’s shops.

Citing an “unnamed Apple source,” the unofficial Apple website site TUAW mentioned the firm usually launch an update to its EasyPay point-of-sale software later this month to permit shop employees to scan Passbook-based Apple Store cards for repayments.

The business has completed its substitution of the instances for EasyPay-enabled iPod touches to enable utilize of the rear-facing camera. Previously, the EasyPay add-on obstructed the lens thus it was impossible to scan products.

“The feature looks to be limited to prepaid present cards, at smallest for the time being, thus those hoping to load plus reload their own online Apple Store card nonetheless have certain waiting to do,” the website mentioned. “The organization probably absolutely has a answer in your mind, thus don’t be amazed to find the ability to incorporate funds appear inside the close future.”

‘No Limits DVR’ to Launch Nov. 1

After much speculation, it was confirmed — the Boxee DVR can launch Nov. 1 for $ 99.

Boxee TV is the new over-the-air DVR that uploads users’ recordings plus shops plus retrieves them within the cloud. There is not any limit about how much is recorded.

Boxee, that has dubbed the development “No Limits DVR,” enables the consumer to access all TV recordings through Boxee TV or any device — including Smartphones plus pills — which could load its HTML5-based site. Boxee TV could record on-air TV shows utilizing an antenna or its unencrypted standard cable through its built-in QAM tuner. It enables consumers to record 2 shows at when, or observe 1 show when recording another.

There is a $ 15 monthly subscription fee, yet, that, probably, is to pay for the electronic system guide information as well as the limitless cloud storage.

Apple Sued for Utilizing ‘Eye’ inside Ad Campaign

A Swiss photographer has introduced a suit against Apple.

Photographer Sabine Liewald alleges the organization misused 1 of her photos by utilizing it to promote its newest MacBook Pro computers.

Liewald claims Apple obtained the rights to utilize the image of the seriously made-up model’s eye for “layout reasons just,” not for commercial employ. The problem states Apple utilized the image inside its advertising, including about its website. She claims the pic is covered below copyright, plus “protected below the Byrne Convention because a non-United States function.”

The suit was filed inside the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of NY earlier this week. It seeks a trial by jury to establish damages plus potential reduction of income.

Apple has yet to comment found on the suit.


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Technology News Briefs — Oct. 17, 2012

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