Technology News Briefs — Nov. 1, 2012

Google Declares Gmail No. 1

Google announced Oct. 31 its Gmail service has 425 million monthly active consumers, surpassing Hotmail for the first-time to become the No. 1 email service.

Hotmail, Microsoft’s email service, had been the best service because it bypassed Yahoo certain years ago.

At the beginning of the year, Google announced it had 350 million monthly active consumers about Gmail, based about its own information. Eleven months later, the firm states its information shows it today has 425 million monthly consumers.

Web analytics firm comScore, yet, ranks Google’s email service behind Hotmail plus Yahoo. According to comScore’s newest numbers from May, Hotmail remains at No. 1 with 325 million specific visitors, Yahoo at No. 2 with 298 million consumers, plus Gmail at No. 3 with 289 million consumers.

Google about Track to Sell 1M Nexus 7 Tablets Monthly

Google’s Nexus 7 pill sales are found on the rise plus may shortly hit 1 million equipment available monthly, claims Asustek Computer, the Taiwanese producer of the pill.

Asustek professionals mentioned sales of the seven-inch pill are climbing continuously.

“At the beginning, it was, by way of example, 500K units a month, then perhaps 600, 700K. This newest month, it was close to 1 million,” Asustek Chief Financial Officer David Chang told The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Google spokeswoman Caroline Hsu wouldn’t confirm Chang’s statement, still. She told the WSJ the firm has not introduced sales figures for the Nexus 7.

New Blackberry Smartphones inside Testing Phase

RIM’s fresh BlackBerry Smartphones are inside the testing stage courtesy of 50 telephone carriers all over the world. The business is gearing up for the launch of the hot Blackberry upcoming year.

The carriers, that RIM declined to name, are checking to ensure the modern equipment are suitable with their systems, the Ontario business mentioned Oct. 31.

The testing stage is a “key step” for the BlackBerry phones plus BlackBerry 10 running program, president plus CEO Thorsten Heins mentioned inside a statement.

RIM plans to have the brand-new Smartphones inside shops throughout the initial quarter of upcoming year, however hasn’t publicly set a date for the launch.

Glocal All Regarding Local News

A modern movie site is about a mission to deliver surrounding information.

Glocal a surrounding information movie aggregator, might provide an all-in-one website for nearby information offered by networks, papers, companies plus additional entities.

Glocal has partnered with 1,900 services, including the Associated Press, that permit their videos to be re-posted online.

The new online movie site is run by neighbors Aaron Hodari plus Lincoln Cavalieri, whom came up with all the idea following reading an post regarding Hulu.

According to the website, “Glocal lets you see, observe, plus share what’s significant inside a community. Featuring videos from localized plus nationwide content creators, Glocal makes it convenient to explore what’s happening all over the world.”





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Technology News Briefs — Nov. 1, 2012

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