Technology News Briefs 2 – Sept. 11, 2012

GoDaddy Back Online

Go Daddy is back online following “internal network occasions,” not an anonymous hacker, caused a host outage, the organization mentioned Tuesday.

“We have determined the service outage was due to a series of internal network occasions which corrupted router information tables,” interim CEO Scott Wagner mentioned inside a organization statement. “Once the issues were diagnosed, you took corrective actions to restore services for the consumers plus We have implemented measures to avoid this from occurring again.”

Originally, “Anonymous Own3r” reported responsibility through Twitter for the interruption which immobilized millions of sites the business hosts.

GoDaddy spokeswoman Elizabeth Driscoll told The Associated Press there was clearly no reduction of sensitive customer info like credit-card information or passwords.

Driscoll mentioned the outage started Monday at 1:25 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The website was back up plus service was restored for the volume of its consumers which night.

GoDaddy targets its goods at tiny companies.

Itching for New iPhone

Out with all the aged, inside with all the new iPhone5.

Droves of iPhone owners are eager to market or trade their equipment, various of that are not even 2 years of age, plus substitute it with its hottest successor: the iPhone 5.

According to a USA Today story, utilized iPhones bring anywhere from $ 315 for a top-end model to because small because $ 35 for a low-end device.

Customers, mostly, are selecting to scrap older iPhones found on the strength of rumors which Apple might radically change both the appearance plus functions of the iPhone, the report mentioned. The brand-new model is reported to have a bigger screen plus leaner frame, creating present models look dated.

Instagram Popularity about Rise

Instagram is today the second-most-popular application behind Facebook, a latest research has found.

In truth, Instagram was the most-downloaded social application inside July over the 10 biggest markets it tracks, MediaPost News reported Monday.

Macquarie Securities analyst Ben Schachter told MediaPost Instagram is incredibly prevalent with teenagers.

A report by Schachter based about interviews with Facebook plus Instagram consumers ages 17 to 28, found:

* All were actively utilizing Instagram, though none were a year ago.

* Facebook was nevertheless common, largely considering it combines all social connections inside 1 place.

* Many mentioned they think they can employ Facebook less six months from today.

* Teens mentioned most of their neighbors were absolutely utilizing Instagram.

Localytics to Up Mobile Marketing

Reaching application customers is not a simple feat.

Mobile analytics fast Localytics, still, believes it has the answer.

With the assistance of fresh financing, Localytics is investing inside unique advertising services to resolve difficulties including members selecting to not employ “push messaging” plus failing to share their email addresses.

According to a MediaPost News interview with co-founder plus CEO Raj Aggarwal, “it is simple to grow connection with consumers by implanting advertising messages into users’ app experience.”

Localytics, the post mentioned, can “then employ its analytics technologies to measure campaign performance – plus create mandatory changes.”

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Technology News Briefs 2 – Sept. 11, 2012

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