New Linking Metrics for the Post-Penguin Web – A SPN Exclusive

In case we haven’t noticed, Google has almost flipped the whole internet inside the last couple of months, disrupting countless well-established websites plus changing them with what Google believes are better standard ones. If you’re the dominant look engine with 65% to 90% of the web’s profitable look traffic, that you can do which with merely a limited changes inside the algorithm code.

We won’t go into details, yet anybody whom has been advertising online, knows about a Post-Panda/Penguin internet, items have absolutely changed. SEO plus link building need to be viewed inside an completely different light, if you would like website plus content to nevertheless rank inside Google. Over-optimization as well as the incorrect form of aggressive link building will do more damage than wise about this fresh internet.

The over-riding theme, that is becoming more plus more obvious, is not dropping about quiet ears. Should you try to “game” or “manipulate” Google’s look engine position, website may move down inside the listings, rather of up. Should you too aggressively target commercial or cash paying keywords inside the anchor text hyperlinks plus inside the internal website structure, you are penalized by these newest ranking filters.

Thousands on thousands of affiliate site owners plus online marketers are groaning inside unison. Along with millions of business owners that have purchased SEO services that have aggressively optimized their content to rank inside the various search engines, specifically Google. Everyone is scrambling to fix these issues inside purchase to keep Google happy plus to safeguard themselves from any future updates, that everyone knows comes.

Keep in your mind, this might be not an SEO condition, nevertheless a Google issue. Optimizing website plus content, even aggressively building links to a content, wasn’t a condition till Google decided this aggressive advertising was unfairly influencing their index plus decided to cut out aggressive website owners plus online marketers.

Neither Google or anybody else must assume which simply because a website was generating a healthy money within the internet, it wasn’t creating superior content. In recent years, you have watched a complete online industry accumulated about Google look traffic, with these website owners functioning full-time to create standard content. In the procedure, various of these webmasters built quite active niche communities online plus became known specialists inside their niche. Most won’t survive plus from this attitude, various believe which Google’s latest changes usually eventually downgrade the over-all standard of the internet. Google’s short-term gain is the web’s long-term reduction.

Regardless, webmasters MUST understand this really is Google’s ballgame plus they MUST play by Google’s policies or suffer the consequences.

Against this complete backdrop, webmasters plus site owners, just want a greater technique of judging the standard of websites plus hyperlinks online. They require a easy method to discover standard link couples that will assist them fight Penguin plus any additional changes Google is creating inside the future. In a very timely launch, a site called has merely built 2 unique “flow metrics” inside purchase to greater evaluate websites and/or hyperlinks online. This new evaluation consists of 2 metrics, both calculated inside numbers (between 0-100) plus is shown graphically.

Citation Flow – how numerous hyperlinks are flowing/linking to a domain or URL.

Trust Flow – how much trust is flowing by the domain or URL.

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In many instances, the citation flow or amount is bigger than a trust flow amount. This stands to cause, considering inside a all-natural link building procedure, many websites can have a lot more hyperlinks from low level websites, that have low trust flow. This last metric offers webmasters a wise decision of how trustworthy a possible linking partner is inside improving their site’s authority online. Supposedly, the high the Trust flow quantity, then based on the MajesticSeo site, “…proportionally more of which value may ‘flow’ by to the hyperlinks from which URL.”

Best of all, you may swiftly plus greater judge the standard of the website or link by watching the graph as well as the numbers that pop up. It provides more info than a Google PageRank amount that has become less significant over time. The only other similar measuring is possibly MozRank by that you could discover by utilizing the OpenSiteExplorer website – it might show the Page plus Domain Authority position.

Just how, or when, the SEO community utilizes these metrics plus whether they usually become prevalent with webmasters, remains to be watched. The signup requirement for a free or paid account can stifle adoption. In the Post-Penguin planet, nonetheless, linking for high positioning has become more complex than inside the past. The more info we have regarding a domain as well as its hyperlinks, the better prepared you are at generating a smart choice inside regards to your linking plus advertising. These two new metrics fit the bill well.

The writer is a full-time webmaster with many websites online. His principal website has free advertising guides/resources/tools plus is placed here: He has moreover merely created a quite useful report found on the Google Panda/Penguin Updates, a must-read should you have been affected by the latest Google changes – you might get it here: Free Penguin Report.

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New Linking Metrics for the Post-Penguin Internet – A SPN Exclusive

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