Latest Google Algorithm Update Penalizes Web Spam

Google has introduced a brand-new update to their ranking algorithm this week, aimed at isolating plus penalizing sites which employ specific spam techniques. From the official website post:

“In the upcoming limited days, we’re launching an significant algorithm change targeted at webspam. The change might decrease positioning for websites which you believe are violating Google’s existing standard regulations.”

So what constitutes a violation of Google guidelines? While deliberately avoiding being certain, Google has highlighted these techniques because difficult plus probably to be targeted:

Duplicate Content
Keyword Stuffing
Link Schemes
Deliberate Redirects
Doorway / Gateway Pages

Unlike Panda, this algorithmic update has no cutesy name, just the *webspam algorithm update* according to Search Engine Land.

As much because this update is a slap found on the wrist for aggressive look engine optimizers, Google were really thoughtful to endorse the methodology of so-called *white hat* look engine optimizers inside their announcement plus isolate those “acceptable” techniques within the methods they is punishing with this update:

“We need folks doing white hat look engine promoting (or no look engine promoting at all) to be free to focus about creating amazing, compelling websites.”

It’s interesting to find them thus eager to help the SEO industry however, possibly a signal which they’re expecting webmasters to be confused by the changes as well as the possibility which they would accidentally over-optimize their websites.

The algorithm change has absolutely started to roll out plus Google claims it can affect around 3 % of look questions.

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Latest Google Algorithm Update Penalizes Internet Spam

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