Is AIDA Still Alive? – A SPN Exclusive

Students of advertising plus advertising is mightily familiar with AIDA – she whose initials can catch the eye, inflame a want plus then coax we into action. However is the idea of ATTENTION-INTEREST-DESIRE-ACTION nonetheless alive… plus could advertising copywriters plus advertising strategists nonetheless pay heed with it?

In a advertising planet where eyeball-grabbing has become ever-more challenging, there are possibly hundreds of copywriting techniques which may capture a audience’s attention – when they might just eye-ball we back.

Social media has provided customers the force to deflect attention-seeking advertising techniques. Call it cynicism should you may, nevertheless a total awareness of the tips which advertisement guys have inside their locker allow a average customer to brush apart an extreme most of suitors that are striving to take their heart – plus their cash – inside the name of AIDA.

No-one may blame customers. We’re swamped daily by thousands of advertising pictures whenever you look – inside the media, by the roadside, plus all over the internet globe. Whoever mentioned advertising had gone away? Whoever mentioned which ‘online’ had taken over?

The fact is: ‘online’ is simply another tool for ‘advertising’ to exploit. What is somewhat uncomfortable is the method customers are expected to create options. ‘Branding’ is everywhere; ‘celebrity endorsement’ is not far behind; plus neither are the spoils of sponsorship inside sport, main occasions plus inside ‘TV placement’ solutions.

Branding is a main method to attract ‘Attention.’ Standalone advertisements appear virtually puny by comparison. Even coordinated advertisement advertisments are crying out for the strategic help of alternative main players inside the advertising blend – sponsorship, endorsement as well as the not-so-subtle ploys of PR.

‘Attention’ without ‘exposure’ is impossible. PR is the most perfect car to create exposure. Is PR a tool of advertising – or vice versa? Whenever it comes to creating an arena where brands are provided the oxygen of ‘exposure’, PR is king.

To pique a consumer’s interest relies found on the emotion behind the advertising content or the emotion which is an intrinsic piece of the brand, product or service. Many may invoke AIDA’s cousin, the ‘Unique Selling Point’ or ‘USP’, because we’ve all come to recognize plus love her.

Put just, USP is an old-fashioned expression for ‘Wow element!’ If the brand, product or service doesn’t have it – oblivion is possibly really about the corner.

To create ‘Interest’ is to appeal to the feelings. Every half-way good advertising copywriter knows this. The choice is stark: do we need interest – or invisibility? There are no half-way houses here. To state ‘beguiling’ begets beauty is to state AIDA is much more a focus of fascination than pure woman magnetism.

The antithesis – when 1 should be drawn – is within the beauty of trade advertising. “What?” we state! Yes, it’s true which several males (plus women) love the beauty of machines: steam motors, pistons, valves; cogs, motors, conveyors; trains plus vessels plus planes.

Sparking interest inside machines is to appeal to a base psychological instinct. Many might call it ‘harmony.’ It’s what makes the, planet go round. We’re all looking for tranquility. In the most wonderful mate, the most wonderful machine, it’s the object of interest which can eventually become the object of the ‘Desire.’

The phrase ‘be thoughtful of what we want for’ aligns greed alongside the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ inside the minds. Desire is dangerous, seductive, all-consuming. It’s Lucifer plus Beelzebub rolled into 1 self-fulfilling Faustian nightmare which can not have a money-back guarantee.

Desire invites ‘early adopters’ to take dangers. It invites millions onto the fmcg merry-go-round which sees thousands of brand-new ‘miracle’ goods come plus go each year. By description, want may not die, yet creators of these a effective emotion definitely have an awesome responsibility.

The complete advertising cadre – from director to brand manager to advertisement agency to advertising copywriter – are complicit inside a cold plus calculating scheme to cause ‘desire’ inside their victims. And the consequences of misplaced want – because all of us learn – is calamitous.

The propensity to consume, throughout the globe, has grown exponentially over the previous 100 years. To be propelled into the type of ‘Action’ which purchases goods plus services that are usually of questionable value begs the apparent concerns regarding the social responsibility of advertising.

It issues little that element of the advertising blend was many responsible for all of this dubious action. That might just be a case of ‘shooting the messenger.’ No-one is pretending which there is anything intrinsically bad regarding customers plus consumerism.

Nor is there anything ‘bad’ regarding the signifies by that customers are persuaded. What shines out, many clearly, is the effective continuity of commercial plus psychological urges which usually confirm AIDA lives for ever.

Mike Beeson is a UK freelance copywriter, journalist plus PR consultant specializing inside SEO, online plus advertising copywriting. Mike’s organization, Buzzwords Limited, was established over 20 years ago plus is positioned inside Knutsford, Cheshire (south Manchester). For more info, visit: or email

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Is AIDA However Alive? – A SPN Exclusive

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