How PPC can help your SEO?

For small to medium size businesses that do not fall more than $ 10k to PPC every month, there are some search engine marketing value in the establishment had PPC campaign, even if you only spend a minimal amount. In my experience, organic SEO produces much more long-term results than PPC, but certain elements of the PPC can actually improve your SEO.

Keyword Research
The nice thing about the introduction is a PPC campaign that it’s a lot of useful information very quickly that you can apply your SEO campaigns, including keyword research. Site owners can test the effectiveness of certain keywords with a PPC campaign and then slow to benefit from these new keywords in their SEO. Instead of waiting 3-6 months to find out whether you can target the right keywords, you forward faster and start your SEO off in the right direction. SEO is a long-term process of cutting, but some of the uncertainty over selecting the right keywords can definitely give you your SEO boost.

Online Branding

I’ve found that PPC ads for the best brand searches . If someone directly for your site with search engines, they are already one step closer to conversion. I would rather pay the few dollars for a click when I know that someone is actively looking for my company, and not only reviewing their options. The further they in the buying cycle the more worthwhile is that PPC ad.

search Presence
With a strong brand presence in both the organic and paid search results listed really improve your overall online presence of the brand and helps build your confidence factor. The more points of contact with you to create your website, PPC ads, social profiles , blogs and thereby establishing the more likely you are to connect with your target audience, increase your traffic and ultimately your conversion rate.

I feel like I should mention that some website operators claim that it is a correlation between how much they spend on Google AdWords and where their site ranks noticed, the more they spend, the better it organically. Google emphatically denies they offer preferential treatment to large AdWords accounts, but that has not done much to clear up the rumors. Personally I have not notice any connection between my or my client’s PPC budget and our organic success. It will be interesting to see what happens as time goes by.

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