Google Delights Trekkies With Interactive Star Trek Doodle

Star Trek anniversary Google doodleAs shortly because I laid eyes about today’s Google Doodle I knew it was going to be my favorite thus far. I’m a big Star Trek enthusiast, thus my heart began racing whenever I typed inside plus recognized the familiar uniforms within the Starship Enterprise adorning the letters inside the GOOGLE logo. However it’s a far cry from the usual doodle. Today’s Google Doodle is a completely interactive game of kinds.

To mark the 46th anniversary of the iconic TV series Star Trek, Google has put together a truly fun commemorative doodle. Ryan Germick, Google doodler plus keen Trekkie, led a team of animators to create the multi-scene Star Trek animation to enjoy the show’s release 46 years ago.Google Doodle Star Trek anniversary

My initial delight inside spotting the doodle grew because I noticed the incorporated interactive ingredients. Clicking about highlighted regions of the Google logo triggers a series of tributes to iconic Star Trek shows, including “The Trouble With Tribbles” plus pilot episode “The Man Trap”, that aired about Sept. 8, 1966. Various letters within the Google logo play the team of the starship Enterprise. Captain James T. Kirk is played by the central “o” inside Google.

There are some different scenes with numerous highlighted regions you are able to visit to result in the scene play out. My favorite is the tribbles hiding inside the ceiling of the Transporter Room. How several others are you able to discover? After the final animation plays out, Google redirects we to search results for Star Trek the Original Series.

I declare this to be Google’s Best Doodle Ever! You are able to observe a full movie of the interactions under :



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Google Delights Trekkies With Interactive Star Trek Doodle

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