Google Algorithm Update Ad Targets severity sites

Only last week, Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine country reports the latest Google algorithm updates the display targeted heavy Web sites. As the official Google blog post announcing the page layout algorithm , says the update “… concerns sites where there is only a small amount of the visible above-the-fold content or related content persistently pushed large blocks of ads. Matt Cutts warned that this update has already come to PubCon in November.

How many ads too much?

As a user, I guess Google trying to take over on an ad-heavy sites. It is annoying to have to dig through a page of ads to find a section of content that I look and it creates a poor user friendliness. On the other hand, is saying that Google to a site owner, how to run their business? I do not have AdSense ads on my site, because that’s not how I earn money. However, a blogger very strongly supplement on the ads for their income. And with the AdSense policies say “ads above the fold is tends to be better than those below the fold,” why a site owner instead of ads up top?

Google says that its page-layout algorithm was developed update to Web sites that link to “load on top of the page with ads, to an excessive degree,” but does not spell out what exactly interviewed too high. In the article Danny Sullivan He Matt Cutts, Google is not offering an official tools to determine if your website was guilty of excessive ads, what does it do even more difficult for site owners, where the line is said. It is easy to tell if a site gone overboard, but what about those who are borderline?

Something very important is to mention one of Sullivan’s article-page ad heavy influence on the ranking of your entire site, not only that page. If You think you can on the line “excessive” with your ads on every page of your site, it would be prudent to remove some in order to protect themselves from the update as much as possible. Remember that if your site with a penalty is whacked, it could take weeks to get this punishment is canceled and your website gains some of his old rankings. Like the Panda update, Google has to crawl on your website to see what (if any) have errors They corrected or, if you are new guilty.

What are your thoughts on the latest update of Google?

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