Copywriting Rates: Preparing for the Price War A SPN Exclusive

This post concentrates on copywriting rates from a copywriter’s point of view – mostly considering they’re the ones whom set the rates, besides the fact that customers have the best veto! As with any market, there’s a continual battle between customers plus sellers, every wanting to maximize the advantage they gain within the transaction.

Any experienced copywriter reading this is all too familiar with a few of the conditions which happen whenever negotiating copywriting rates. For various, it may usually be a minefield fraught with a variety of customer attitudes plus an even better range of copywriting projects, payment techniques plus opportunists whom find just to ‘commoditize’ what ought to be a creative plus persuasive technique at the heart of each advertising campaign.

As sole providers, copywriters have to be about their protect against exploitation by heavier plus wealthier agencies plus direct customer firms. Many copywriters shortage the experience plus company knowledge to negotiate the number one rates for their services. Others usually come up against conditions they’re not familiar with so that they frequently end up exiting revenue found on the table.

This has all been sharpened up inside latest recessionary occasions where extreme value for revenue has been desired by improving numbers of individuals. The Internet is the happy looking ground for countless, of the persuasion, where copywriting – particularly content writing – is today attracting anything similar to slave work rates. Sympathetic visitors found on the ‘client’ side in addition to knowledge-hungry copywriters usually hopefully benefit from a few of the points highlighted here.

Every company transaction involving copywriting has a synonymous sequence of events: the enquiry; the meeting; the negotiation; as well as the agreed rate. On the face of it, this might be no different from any alternative sales transaction inside the service sector. There are, nevertheless, countless dangers that will usually be prevented.

Handling the Enquiry

This is the initially point of contact between buyer plus seller thus the copywriter should clearly create a advantageous impression. If the initial contact is by telephone, it’s important which he or she sounds specialist, knowledgeable, plus articulate.

It’s equally significant to be capable to consider about the feet plus grasp the client’s demands instantly – plus attach a ball-park price to any they’re struggling to achieve. On the strength of the two-minute call could rest the possible for a durable plus profitable client-copywriter relationship. A lethargic reaction may just open the door to another copywriting rival.

Much of the moreover applies to how a copywriter responds to an email enquiry. It’s important to create a advantageous impression by speed of response; formatting of the e-mail; well-written text; along with a businesslike proposition. This usually all influence whether the enquiry progresses to the upcoming stage.

A wise technique of achieving this inside a competitive environment where a customer has e-mailed many copywriters is to provide 2 or 3 alternative cost points. Each could provide a progressively worthwhile package or provide for the rate being charged: Gold,
Silver or Bronze in the event you usually.

For various customers, just a face-to-face meeting may serve. Understandably, they might choose to find the whites of the eyes of the copywriter they are dealing with. This introduces a unique dimension to the decision-making task where individual chemistry, body code, appearance plus attitudes are all taken into consideration, totally independently plus irrespective of what exactly is being discussed.

The matter of expense usually just rears its head several technique down the line – plus just those copywriters with an above-average bodily presence, articulacy level plus ‘likeability factor’ usually end up doing the company!

Before the company, comes the negotiation…

Clients usually utilize ruthless methods to browbeat a copywriter, particularly when they sense any signal of vulnerability, weakness or deficiency of negotiating abilities. Below are some examples:

* The New Organization Pitch
– This really is a situation which normally just arises whenever a copywriter is dealing with an advertising, shape or PR agency that are seeking to land a modern customer. They may state the pitch is ‘speculative’ – “but when you win the company, all copywriting function is yours.” This really is a reasonably widespread situation – nevertheless an unpaid pitch is 1 a copywriter must avoid at all bills.

The agency might say: “We’re committing the time, vitality plus resources, thus why not we too?” Why for providing it a big “No” is apparent. Agencies are paid fees for much of their function plus they moreover charge mark-ups about suppliers’ costs. Copywriters, by comparison, have just their time to market as well as are frequently one-man bands. Losing out about a pitch usually consequently impact a copywriter more than an agency that has a big plus different money stream.

* The Promise of Future Work – This really is connected to ‘speculative’ projects inside the sense a copywriter is mortgaging the present inside the hope of the rosier financial future. The customer is saying: “Do a advantageous job about this project at a knock-down cost plus there’ll be a lot of function inside the future.” Just a trick might go together with this!

* The Thumb-Screw Approach - This really is just somewhat less unpalatable than providing ‘jam tomorrow’. But, by agreeing to a cheaper total day-rate inside exchange for 10 or fifteen days function, the copywriter does at smallest have certain semblance of the deal!

* Playing One Copywriter Off Against the Other – This really is a prevalent technique amidst customers whom go online to look for a copywriter. “We’ve had a much cheaper quotation,” they can state. Or: “Is which a right cost?” with all the sturdy inference which they might conveniently go elsewhere in the event you don’t lower a rates. In this condition, it’s constantly right to follow the guns. There can constantly be somebody cheaper round the corner, thus why devalue oneself with customers whom may not know the worth of standard function.

The Payment

In these straightened financial instances, countless customers recognize why copywriters ask for a deposit, particularly about heavier jobs or where a project can encounter weeks or months. Running the danger of the customer defaulting, or having them inventing a spurious cause to not pay the bill are factors enough. Apart within the peace of notice it provides the copywriter, a deposit improves a copywriter’s cash-flow, and encourages a ‘commitment to complete’ found on the element of the customer.

Deposits taken for function including webpage copywriting are usually 50 % (with all the balance payable about completion). Larger projects, or projects which will extend over many months, is split into 3 or 4 components. On uncommon times, payment ahead of time is justified – inside the case of the fresh overseas’ customer, by way of example, or with a modern company start-up.

In general, copywriters charge by the hr or day, about a monthly consideration basis, or ‘per 1000 words’ for journalistic-type function. All of these techniques have advantages and disadvantages. Hourly plus day rates tend to devalue a copywriter’s services by somehow recommending you are able to ‘measure’ their output. Monthly retainers normally end up with a customer being ‘over serviced’ for the fee they’re paying, whilst anybody that asks a copywriter to charge by the amount of words they write is encouraging attacks of verbal diarrhea plus possibly has small idea of the function included.

‘Price Shyness’ – plus How To Overcome It

Many copywriters are timid regarding demanding their true value considering they worry rejection. Paradoxically, customers usually have more regard for somebody that charges high costs – PROVIDING THEY CAN JUSTIFY IT! The easiest way to do this really is to incorporate value to a proposition plus enhance the perception of professionalism.

As an example: this may take the form of providing ‘strategic company solutions’, particularly with projects where developing plus integrating numerous advertising techniques is concerned. In conditions that way, a copywriter could follow a ‘consultancy’ approach where a more strategic participation inside a client’s company justifies a high day rate, plus perhaps an more ‘Project Management Fee.’

To Conclude…

All of the only scratches the surface of how copywriters arrive at the rates they charge and just how they may secure optimum reward inside exchange for their necessary advertising abilities. Many copywriters have an inferiority complex regarding their true value. Compare this with all the average designer whom may usually create more funds.

Maybe it’s due to anything because crude because the truth which the ‘average’ customer CAN write nevertheless CANNOT draw or paint well. They consequently think which copywriting is within certain means less useful. In the real commercial globe where what we state plus what individuals read regarding we issues more plus more, this really is a hazardous supposition.

Mike Beeson is a UK freelance copywriter, journalist plus PR consultant specializing inside website plus SEO copywriting. Mike’s firm, Buzzwords Limited, was established over 20 years ago plus is placed inside Knutsford, Cheshire (south Manchester). For more info, visit: / or e-mail:

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Copywriting Rates: Preparing for the Price War A SPN Exclusive

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