Apple Behind Schedule on iPhone 5 Pre-Orders

Apple is absolutely running late about iPhone 5 pre-orders.

The firm forced back shipping estimates inside hours of the device being put into Apple’s online shop, according to USA Today.

While the iPhone page about Apple’s online shop assures a launch date of Sept. 21 inside retail shops, the pre-order page  indicates the 16GB, the 32GB as well as the 64GB phones is shipped inside 2 weeks when ordered online now.

Apple had mentioned the fresh iPhone will be inside shops inside the U.S., Canada plus many additional nations Sept. 21. The alternative release nations are Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore as well as the UK. A week later, the telephone was to first inside 22 more nations. Pre-orders were to begin Sept. 14 inside the U.S.

The iPhone 5 page about its online shop — that went live Sept. 16 — yet, reported  iPhones pre-ordered online might ship by Sept. 21. That see has been changed by another see, “available to ship inside 2 weeks,” inside the U.S., France, the U.K., Germany plus Australia, USA Today claims.



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Apple Behind Schedule about iPhone 5 Pre-Orders

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