Actress Sues YouTube for ‘Anti-Muslim’ Clip

YouTube is facing a suit for failing to eliminate clips of a actress whom appeared inside the anti-Muslim movie “The Innocence of Muslims.”

Cindy Lee Garcia claims she was cast inside the film following responding to an advertisement for a movie called “Desert Warrior,” Media Post News reports. Garcia mentioned she was led to believe the creation was to be “an adventure movie … regarding historic Egyptians.” The actress mentioned the final adaptation of the movie makes it appear because though she “voluntarily conducted inside a hateful anti-Islamic creation.”

Garcia, that has additionally sued the film’s manufacturer, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, claims she has received death threats because the movie was posted to YouTube plus is not any longer capable to babysit her grandchildren because a happen. She furthermore claims to have lost her job over protection concerns caused by her appearance inside the film.

Google Inc., that owns YouTube, lately ignored a request by the White Home to eliminate the movie, though the organization did choose to block it inside a amount of Muslim nations including Egypt plus Libya where American embassies have been besieged by protesters.

Garcia’s problem, filed Sept. 18 inside a Los Angeles courtroom, states YouTube ignored her request to eliminate the movie. Garcia contends YouTube’s refusal to eliminate the movie infringes about her appropriate to control the commercial utilize of her image, that certain courts “consider a shape of intellectual property,” the story states.

YouTube has yet to reply to the suit.


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Actress Sues YouTube for ‘Anti-Muslim’ Clip

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