A Statistical Analysis of Marketing Trends – Part 2

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- 3.5 billion pieces of content are shared every week about Facebook.
- Every day 2,300 hot Wikipedia articles are made, adding to its 17,000,000 articles with contributions from 91,000 members.
- There are 5 billion pictures about Flickr.
- 1.4 million brand-new website posts are made daily.
- 210 million Facebook consumers access the service from a mobile device.
- For the very first time inside history, pills outsold desktop computers inside 2010.
- $ 3.08 billion was invested about social network advertising inside 2011, a 55% heighten from 2010.

Sources: banking.com, econsultancy, ecademy, websuccessteam blog

What It All Means

The idea which the universe is regularly growing has constantly overwhelmed me. Knowing how big the solar program is, it’s difficult to understand which even the massive solar program occupies a minuscule corner of the much bigger area (for shortage of the greater word).

However, I’m beginning to consider which the Internet is growing quicker than the universe. The amount of time, resources, plus $ entering creating, monetizing, marketing, examining, plus any alternative -ing you are able to think of, being invested about Internet content daily is staggering. The statistics above show not just an astonishing amount of existing content available, however, point to huge development plus expansion, about a close continual basis.

How do you create sense of it all? First you should eliminate certain outliers. The most of the statistics indexed above exist inside places online which are individual or private, element of social networks which firms cannot plus cannot have access too.

Even the private content informs you a some details. First, these websites are extremely common. Even when individuals are going about Facebook plus Flickr to consider marriage images or communicate with their neighbors, you will capitalize about which presence. Targeted advertising about social media websites is efficient, however, not enough.

The alternative thing which these statistics tell you is the fact that persons are engaging with content online. Commenting, reposting, sharing, creating, folks are associated inside the conversation. By creating advertising tips which contain calls to action plus provide customers benefits when they are doing thus accomplishes numerous elements. We extend the amount of time which advertising information remains inside front of the target. We create brand loyalty, plus you turn every customer into an recommend of the brand. If I purchase a Groupon, it gets posted about my Facebook page plus Twitter feed. I’m simultaneously a customer along with a promoter.

We today understand which social media websites are huge, frequently growing, accessible from mobile equipment, plus being seriously advertised about. We furthermore recognize which the need for mobile web access has forced mobile device sales before desktop computer sales. It no longer issues when targeted customers are sitting at a desk inside an workplace inside Manhattan, riding inside a truck inside a cornfield inside Iowa, or about a train crossing the Swiss Alps, you could reach them.

Marketing techniques have to use these cars plus discover targets like smart bombs. We learn where folks are, thus how do you receive there. Banner advertising, Facebook advertisments, Twitter hashtags, YouTube movie advertisments, they all piggyback found on the sites you learn folks may see.

However, when you may take a step further, plus supply incentives for the clients to recommend you, the advertising plus the shoppers are swept up inside the huge ocean of social media, bouncing between websites plus equipment, plus function for you, 24 hours a day, at a fraction of the expense of conventional targeted media purchases.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the explosive development of web content, let’s create it function for you.

Mike Burke is Head of Company Development at redcmedia .

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A Statistical Analysis of Marketing Trends – Part 2

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