A Statistical Analysis of Marketing Trends-Part 1

Statistic: 255 million Americans observe videos online, at a rate of 1.3 billion videos daily, plus research show far high degrees of engagement plus customer conversion amidst brands which employ movie about their sites. Source: Global Company Hub

What It Means: Online movie advertising is quickly becoming the best method to reach customers. Consider it… in the event you function throughout your day, how numerous solutions exist throughout a commute, whilst you’re expected to be functioning, throughout a lunch break or throughout down time to surf the web plus observe videos? Compare which quantity to the amount of time we spend viewing TV or hearing to the radio.

Statistic: Mobile networks can shortly be prepared to handle movie calls plus by 2015, plus according to Cisco (that are planning about integrating movie into all their solutions by Q4 2013) 85% of all traffic is movie. Also, smartphone adoption may continue to explode, accounting for 90% of all cell phones by 2013. Source: SocialMediaToday

What It Means:
Both mobile technologies plus wireless networks are fast being optimized for movie. This might cause a more connected plus collaborative staff, along with a reduction found on the dependency of e-mail. Conference Calls can become Video Conferences, plus eventually even usual telephone conversations is video based. The latest Mac OS X running program (Mountain Lion) offers an application which enables you to text plus movie chitchat with iPad’s, iMacs, MacBooks plus iPhones. Video is not merely becoming the most crucial shape of advertising, nevertheless the most crucial shape of correspondence.

Statistic: The average American web consumer watches 20 minutes of online movie daily, plus 35 hours of movie footage is uploaded to YouTube each minute, that’s over 50,000 hours of movie footage daily. Sources: Communications Conversations plus REELSEO.

What It Means:
While the average American attention span is famously brief, we’re spending hours viewing (plus creating) online movie. Because online movie content plus advertising is really much cheaper than obtaining airtime about tv, you are exposed to a much high amount plus range of content. With thus much content accessible, the amount of time you spend exploring the possible plus possibilities of movie is just going to heighten.

These numbers are impressive. But, you should temper expectations before dumping the whole advertising budget into YouTube. These numbers are astonishingly significant, yet you additionally should understand it costs nothing to upload videos about YouTube or Facebook, plus everyone with a smartphone has a video camera. Consider which despite the reality you are capable to target a big percentage of the marketplace by integrating online movie into the platform, there are furthermore a lot of individuals about these websites which don’t care regarding we.

Researching and targeting online plus social content is the most crucial step to make use of these chances. It is as irresponsible to dump content randomly about the web because it’s to create media purchases randomly about the nation by throwing darts at a chart. Choosing the sites which a targeted demographics see, plus invest a superior amount of time about, is the most crucial thing to do before creating online content.

Creating plus posting authentic videos plus advertisements about your site plus social media pages is crucial, nevertheless how do you receive a customers to find those pages? Targeted advertising found on the pages they’re absolutely exploring. Lower 3rd advertisements about YouTube, sports features, plus information videos they’re absolutely viewing. Banner advertisements about blogs plus e-commerce websites they absolutely have accounts about.

The same means businesses utilized to buy airtime found on the channels they knew their targets were viewing, you should focus the internet marketing efforts found on the sites you understand the possible customers are exploring. Only then will these gaudy statistics apply to the exposure plus development of the desired marketplace. The solutions exist, the individuals exist, go receive them.

Mike Burke is Head of Company Development at redcmedia.

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A Statistical Analysis of Marketing Trends-Part 1

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