3 ways companies can their B2B Social Media

social media is not just for B2C companies! In fact, some studies have shown that B2B companies see better results with social media marketing than many B2C brands. Here are three ways of B2B companies can better leverage the power of social media to help their own bottom lines.

use social media in conjunction with offline activities.
Social Media is already a big part of the B2B trade shows, conference hashtags with making it easy for participants to stay up to date on the latest state, no matter where they live blogging company presentations and so on. But social media marketing can be in other forms of offline marketing such as mailings or local event marketing as well as be integrated. Encourage your customers (current and potential), on Facebook or follow how your brand on Twitter even if they are not exactly on these pages at the moment. You want to remind your audience about your online presence as often as possible to make your message stick, even if they are not online when you tell them.

Build a larger social network.
B2B companies should focus not only on the connection with existing customers via social networking sites, but also to build social relationships with industry leaders, influencers and decision makers, and even competitors. You can never be sure their influence will grow or shrink during the year, and with a great social network increases your chances of your messaging strategy reaches a greater percentage of your target network. Think about it like this we only say you’re the target consumer’s IT director for small and medium enterprises. Instead of just trying to reach them directly, focusing on the connection with those with the Head of IT, such as developers, managers, web designers, etc. These compounds may work the first step to protect your brand, that IT his head.

promote everything.
When I say everything, I mean pretty much everything. Did you attend a webinar next month? Send weekly report to your followers tweets around (do not forget the link!) For the next few weeks, then write the recorded webinar to your Facebook page for those who could not attend. Use LinkedIn to promote groups and post content to your blog or Company News Jobs on your business page. Post links to online press releases, white papers, articles in your company, give all your network may be a reason to engage with your brand and build your online presence, the brand is mentioned.

Keep in mind that B2B marketing is driven by relationships. The sales cycle is much longer than most B2C interactions, that is, you have so much more time to build strong relationships with your social network. B2B sales decisions are much less impulsive than most B2C ($ 70k piece of equipment for $ 5 sandwich), so you can spend a long time with your customers and keep in touch via social media.

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