15 Cool Facts About Google’s Summer of Code

Kicked off about May 21, Google’s Summer of Code is absolutely effectively underway, providing university pupils with an incredible method to invest their summer: functioning about real-life, open source projects below the tutelage of Google plus reliable mentors inside the computer programming industry. Participation inside GSoC is a fuss, providing pupils the chance to build their abilities, experience, plus network for a more fulfilling profession. In action because 2005, you think which the premise of Google’s Summer of Code is actually cool, nevertheless even cooler are a few of the fun details behind the system. Did we understand which GSoC has an 88% achievement rate for participants? And which they really receive paid thousands of $ to function about free software? We didn’t, plus we’re surprised by these details plus more. Read about, plus you’ll discover 15 actually interesting factors regarding this absolutely actually cool project.

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15 Cool Facts Regarding Google’s Summer of Code

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