YouTube Hoping to Nab Funds for High-Quality Content: Report

YouTube is speaking up Hollywood plus independent manufacturers inside the hopes of securing financing to fund premium content found on the movie sharing website, sources “with knowledge of the talks” told Reuters.

Google-owned YouTube has been striving for the previous several years to upgrade its site from 1 with a pile of homemade videos, to 1 with more sophisticated content inside a call to nab more audience plus advertising $ .

The sources mentioned the fast is meeting with Hollywood manufacturers to suss out what “types of help it can provide its content creators plus provide more must-see programming.”

One of Reuters’ sources mentioned YouTube might provide between $ 1 million plus $ 3 million to provide a series of programs, plus may lead the required income to market them also. Another source mentioned YouTube was interested inside videos less than 25 minutes inside size.

The talks continue to be merely preliminary, the sources mentioned, adding which nothing will come of YouTube’s efforts.

The drive by the video–sharing website comes because Yahoo continues to forge ahead with its own premium content products.

Yahoo, is planning a Web-based movie platform that has been described because a more elite adaptation of YouTube with just top-quality plus prevalent movie content which is chosen plus approved by Yahoo itself.

Yahoo’s program received a main boost earlier this month with all the information ‘Community,’ a sitcom regarding community university, had been rescued from cancellation by the Marissa Mayer-led Internet fast.

The show, cancelled by NBC, is back for the sixth season about Yahoo, exciting fans plus offering Mayer the boost she must receive the ball rolling along with her plans to provide YouTube — and Netflix, Amazon plus Hulu — a run for their funds.

As Amazon Netflix, Google plus Yahoo jostle for audience, it is interesting to find when the underdogs, inside this case Google plus Yahoo, have a chance to provide the big guys a run for their cash.

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YouTube Hoping to Nab Funds for High-Quality Content: Report


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.

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Microsoft to Layoff Up to 10 Percent of Its Workforce

Microsoft employees may shortly be seeing pink, according to Nomura Securities analyst Rick Sherlund.

The analyst states the program giant is probably to declare layoffs of between five plus 10 % of its staff following posting the results from its newest quarter July 22.

It is thought the job cuts can impact inside certain the 25,0000 employees whom joined Microsoft following it acquired Nokia’s handset company for $ 7.2 billion inside April.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella inside an email to his employees this week talked regarding amping up innovation at the organization plus eluded to changes being found on the technique.

Sherlund mentioned the re-organization makes sense considering Nadella, today with six months below his belt because leader, need to place his own stamp found on the business.

“We viewed his letter past to employees because placing everyone about see which he would like to create organizational changes to lower levels of administration, fix accountability, stimulate innovation plus apply organizational changes,” mentioned Sherlund, a longtime Microsoft expert.

Sherlund mentioned Microsoft may eliminate regarding $ 1 billion inside bills from the 25 % reduction inside the Nokia company.

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Microsoft to Layoff Up to 10 Percent of Its Workforce


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.

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Amazon Seeks FAA Approval to Test Drones

Amazon is asking the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to exempt it within the laws which keep the eCommerce giant from testing drones inside the U.S.

Amazon prepared waves inside December following announcing it hoped to utilize independent ‘octocopters’ — basically a little drone — which relies about GPS to deliver customers’ packages from nearby fulfillment centers. The initiative, that has been dubbed Amazon PrimeAir, might just be utilized to deliver packages which weigh five pounds or less.

Although it was initially thought the announcement was nothing over a publicity stunt, a letter to the FAA proves otherwise.

“We are fast experimenting plus iterating about Prime Air inside the upcoming generation analysis plus development laboratory inside Seattle,” the letter to the FAA mentioned. “In the previous five months, you have produced developments towards the development of highly‐automated aerial cars for Prime Air.”

These drones may travel quicker than 50 miles per hr, Amazon mentioned, adding which the project is “attracting a growing team of world‐renowned roboticists, scientists, aeronautical designers, remote sensing specialists, along with a previous NASA astronaut.”

Amazon mentioned being granted the opportunity to test the drones outside is not a different than those whom fly model airplanes.

“One day, seeing Amazon Prime Air is because usual because seeing send pickups found on the road now, causing massive advantages for customers over the country,” Amazon added. “We respectfully submit this petition for exemption thus which Prime Air is willing to launch commercial operations because shortly because eventually permitted by next FAA action.”


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Amazon Seeks FAA Approval to Test Drones


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.

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Chinese Hackers Accused of Accessing Files of U.S. Workers

China inside March hacked into the U.S. government computer network which contains the individual information of all federal employees, the NY Times is reporting.

Citing senior U.S. officials, the report indicated the hackers’ target was the files of the tens of thousands of employees to have used for top-secret protection clearance.

The U.S. fast noticed the breach of the Office of Personnel Management’s e-QIP program plus blocked hackers within the program, the Department of Homeland Security told the Times, adding there is nothing to recommend any reduction of “personally identifiable info.”

Applications for protection clearance stored inside the program include financial, healthcare plus alternative sensitive info, the report mentioned.

Although the safety breach was traced back to China, it isn’t recognized when the Chinese government was the instigator.

The incident is 1 inside a string of occasions involving Chinese hackers breaching U.S. government systems.

The finger was initially pointed at China last February by an American online protection fast, Mandiant Corp, inside a 74-page report which alleged a Chinese military device had established thousands of hacking attacks against Western firms plus protection companies because 2006. The most of the attacks, the report mentioned, targeted American businesses plus companies.

Mandiant linked Unit 61398 to the hacking of 141 firms internationally because 2006, however the protection fast mentioned that has been probably really a fraction of the cyber-espionage the device had performed.

The Alexandria, Virginia-based protection fast traced the hacking to 4 big networks inside Shanghai, 2 of that serve the Pudong New Area where a 12-storey building run by Unit 61398 of the People’s Liberation Army is situated. Mandiant mentioned Unit 61398  needs its personnel to be adept inside computer protection, computer network operations as well as the English code.

In May, the U.S. brought precedent-breaking cyber-espionage charges against five members of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army for hacking the computers of American firms to take trade tips.

A grand jury inside the Western District of Pennsylvania indicted five members of device 61398 of the Chinese military for computer hacking, financial espionage along with a range of alternative offenses guided at six U.S. victims inside the nuclear force, metals plus solar treatments industries.

The indictment accused the suspects of conspiring to hack into the computers of U.S. businesses — like Westinghouse Electric Co. (Westinghouse); U.S. subsidiaries of SolarWorld, U.S. Steel, Allegheny Technologies Inc.; the United Steel, Paper plus Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial plus Service Workers International Union (USW); plus Alcoa Inc. — with all the express cause of stealing information which will be of employ to Chinese, state-owned companies (SOEs).

China refuted the charges, insisting the indictment was based about  “deliberately fabricated details.”

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Chinese Hackers Accused of Accessing Files of U.S. Workers


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.

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Some Tech Interns Pulling in Massive Salaries

If the teenager has tech smarts, he or she may shortly be creating additional money than we because of firms like Facebook that provide interns appropriate from excellent school salaries because excellent because $ 6,000 a month — or even more.

25-Highest-Paying-Companies-for-Interns-301x1024Other benefits being available are free housing plus transportation, Bloomberg News is reporting.

And Facebook is not truly the only firm doing it. Google, LinkedIn plus additional Silicon Valley powerhouses are equally nabbing kids after their significant school graduations.

Facebook told Bloomberg it lately started recruiting interns before they even begin university. LinkedIn, meanwhile, opened its summer system to excellent school pupils inside 2012 plus Airbnb Inc. has taken about interns because young because 16.

With technology interns being available free housing, transportation plus salaries of over $ 6,000 a month, these young individuals are topping the average monthly money for U.S. homes, that sat at $ 4,280 inside 2012.

Job-search site Glassdoor mentioned the top 10 businesses paying the greatest intern salaries are inside the development field except Exxon Mobil Corp.

Palantir tops the list with a $ 7,012 income followed by VMware at $ 6,966, Twitter at $ 6,791, LinkedIn at $ 6,230 plus Facebook at $ 6,213.

While the average Google intern makes $ 5,969 a month — placing it inside ninth area — certain pull inside as much as $ 8,000 a month —considerably over the average American employee.

According to job-rating url Glassdoor, a software engineer intern, about average, pockets $ 6,763 a month, though several create because much because $ 8,000. That’s a whopping $ 50 per hr.

Google BOLD (Building Opportunities for Leadership & Development) interns create between $ 23 plus $ 25 per hr to rake inside as much as $ 4,192 a month.

Google MBA interns, pull inside $ 8,000 a month — that’s because much because $ 24,000 earned throughout their 10- to 12-week summer break.

An online sales intern at Google is not very too paid, yet nevertheless earns a healthy paycheque at $ 20 to $ 24 an hr whilst Google analyst interns create $ 19 to $ 21 per hr.

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Some Tech Interns Pulling inside Massive Salaries


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Dip in PC Market Slowing This Year: Analyst

Tablets is the brand-new computer of choice, however, PCs nonetheless have their area, according to a leading analyst fast.

Worldside shipments of PCs may dip this year because initially forecast, however less severely because inside 2013, Gartner mentioned inside its newest report.

PC shipments — including desktops, notebooks plus premium ultramobile equipment — might decline by 2.9 % internationally, a immense improvement from last year’s 9.5 % decrease.

“2014 is marked with a relative revival of the worldwide PC market,” mentioned Ranjit Atwal, analysis director at Gartner.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at four.57.13 PM

The development rate of pill sales usually slow too this year to reach 256 million units because markets mature. There is a lower need from consumers for pills with small screens as well as the shift towards phablets inside South-East Asia also.

“The upcoming wave of adoption is driven by lower cost points instead of superior functionality,” mentioned Atwal.

Mobile phones sales are expected to reach 1.9 billion units this year, an heighten of 3.1 % heighten from 2013. Sales of Smartphones inside specific usually continue to do effectively, creating up about 88 % of worldwide mobile telephone sales by 2018 — up from 66 % inside 2014.

When it comes to running systems, Android plus iOS continue to drive development with a 25 % plus 15 % heighten, respectively.

“We anticipate the announcement of the fresh Apple iPhone 6 might attract pent-up need for consumers that desire a bigger screen,” mentioned Annette Zimmermann, analysis director at Gartner. “Windows phones might display sturdy development from a low base inside 2014, plus are projected to reach a 10 % marketplace share by 2018 — up from 4 % inside 2014.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at four.57.25 PM

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Dip inside PC Market Slowing This Year: Analyst


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A Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest has exploded with fresh consumer development inside the last several years, plus it has furthermore become an interactive technique for brands to advertise treatments to their buyers plus generate modern leads. With over 70 million consumers worldwide plus more enlisting daily, brands are increasingly adding Pinterest to their social media approach. Pinterest pins deliver 2 site visits plus six pageviews, about average, plus over 10 re-pins. That’s more viral than Twitter, the firm notes, where posts are just retweeted 1.4 % of the time. Impressive, appropriate?

But how do we integrate Pinterest into your advertising approach, particularly in the event you are not a B2C product-based company? Here are my strategies about creating a Pinterest advertising approach which functions.

Pinterest remains inside it’s infancy, thus it’s simpler to create connections plus build a following. It forces more traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ plus YouTube combined, according to several analysis.

According to unique information from Piqora, the worth of the pin about Pinterest is growing plus is generating 78 % inside sales, about average. That’s up by almost 25 % from Q4 2012. Additionally, you have to remember a pin will drive both traffic plus orders many months following it’s been pinned.

Also analysis shows which whenever a webpage page is too busy, the less action is taken by the tourist found on the site. If advertising is pushy, folks lose interest. Pinterest is not filled with advertisements, creating a more  relaxing plus enjoyable website, thus more folks go browsing, exploring plus clicking.

Stat breakdown:

  • 12 million monthly active consumers (because of Jan. 2014)
  • 241 percent development rate (because of Jan. 2014)
  • Largest demographic: 18-34, woman, expert, upper money, getting for themselves plus their family.
  • 97 % of Pinterest sharing is by women.

How are individuals utilizing Pinterest?

Pinterest offers a gallery of pictures folks will peruse, pin plus repin. Folks build boards plus collate info for whenever they are prepared to purchase. Boards are frequently built because ‘I want’ or ‘I wish’ lists plus frequently contain pictures of presents, inspirations plus inspiration for future purchases.

Therefore, the many active occasions about Pinterest are outside of functioning hours plus found on the weekend. That is whenever consumers are searching for house plus fashion treatments, inspiration for what to cook, read, observe, what fresh exercises to test and just how to decorate their house or entertain guests at a dinner party.

Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Follow these procedures to create a Pinterest advertising approach plus content plan:

  • Your competition — Do certain analysis. Who are a competitors plus what are they absolutely doing about Pinterest? It’s constantly a superior beginning point to take a look about at what others are doing, specifically in the event you are only getting about Pinterest for the very first time. You like to be distinctive, however you ought to begin here to discover the dos plus don’ts of the social network.
  • Be brand aware — Get to recognize your brand inside plus out. With thus much content available, it’s convenient to receive distracted and commence pinning pictures which we like, that may not be aligned with the brand values. Work out what’s OK plus not OK to repin about the boards to remain consistent.
  • Set the advertising goals — What are we striving to achieve from Pinterest? How might we measure achievement? Which social media analytics tool can we utilize?
  • Plan the boards — Like with any social network, what content may we publish? We might have a board or boards to market the product or service, nevertheless we furthermore wish To receive creative. After you’ve completed a Pinterest analysis, review the organization plus oneself because a company owner. Consider these concerns to come up with other creative boards for the account:
    • What makes a organization special? Is it a staff? The city we function inside? Hobbies plus unusual workplace rules which we have?
    • What inspires we plus the brand? Keep in your mind, you really need to have a wise blend of the own pictures plus “repins” of additional favored, interesting pins to drive traffic to the Pinterest account.
    • When creating boards, result in the nearly all of SEO solutions which Pinterest provides we.
  • Generate hyperlinks to a website — This really is the key to create which pin revenue. For any image which we created or originated, be sure there is a link back to the site. Whenever the pin gets repinned a link is shared too.
  • Content approach — Having a strong content approach is important for generating revenue with Pinterest.
  • Create a board of the website content (or many boards per website category) —You are able to blend it with pins from additional sites plus consumers found on the synonymous topic.
  • Create a board of different content has from a site —  we can pin the pages, YouTube videos, has, goods, newsletters.
  • Infographics are favored online plus about Pinterest — Can we come up with information plus info to create certain regularly?
  • Ask oneself “What’s the upcoming step?” What occurs following somebody sees a pin? How may we receive those to the bottom of the sales channel to create revenue?
  • Your profile — Complete a Pinterest profile with a brief plus concise description of the organization plus what a tourist may discover about the Pinterest page. Next always have a verified link back to the webpage. You are able to additionally include hyperlinks to different social networks.
    When the initial setup plus planning is completed, you are able to begin implementing the content program plus filling a account with pins.


Inspire — position — sell

As a company, you might fail in the event you just try to market to the Pinterest following. Build inspirational boards about what we sell. Pinterest boards inspire plus improve goods without the requirement for a hard-sell approach. Create boards which inspire individuals utilizing information regarding what the company delivers, interspersed with pictures of the product or service. Show persons how the product assists them achieve their objectives plus eventually link those to a url.

To attract more fans, you are able to repin content from different consumers to fill inside a boards quicker, you are able to follow boards produced by additional consumers, plus comment about pins by others. Liking about Facebook, commenting plus sharing builds the exposure with alternative consumers plus begins to create the engagement for your content too.

When we commence getting repins plus comments for a content, always thank consumers for sharing plus answer to comments.

Your Pinterest advertising goal:

  • Build exposure — Create a following, build engagement, receive fans repinning the content;
  • Inspire plus create want — Create boards which improve an inspirational method of living, with your items or services included because a few of the pins;
  • Get traffic to signal up or market a product or service — By having the hyperlinks put into a pins, you’ll generate traffic to the site, when a site is converting effectively, the traffic can become the leads plus clients.

To sum it up, all a pictures, pins, boards, captions, calls to action, repins, comments, plus everything we do, must culminate inside fans landing about the site, enlisting for a email list plus ordering the items plus services.

Once a Pinterest page has started to fill with content, cross-promote it about the additional channels to spread the term. Share hyperlinks to the page or particular pins about Twitter plus Facebook because we pin. Informing an audience about another platform it may furthermore discover we about Pinterest can be of interest to several fans. So tweet hyperlinks to the boards or infographics which we created, share changes regarding a boards, pins plus account, add the Pinterest account to Facebook plus, for advanced marketers, consider running a Pinterest contest which usually include the Facebook company page too.

Getting the goods from Pinterest into stores

If we have bodily items to market, plus you’d like to receive them into shops (or showcased inside magazines):

  • Follow plus engage the proper individuals — editors, customers, owners, bloggers;
  • Build a page to be pro plus eye-catching, post usual updates;
  • Feature beautiful product photography, product videos, reviews, with further info obtainable in pin details;
  • Create a wholesale board — add info how to receive inside touch plus what we provide.

Get the product inside front of the brands, customers plus bloggers that have influence. This technique we gain exposure which is natural plus authentic, with standard plus professionalism. Ensure a photography is visually engaging, plus of great standard.

Don’t forget…

As with any social media channel, usual evaluation is important. After beginning a normal Pinterest publishing, run an evaluation of the account’s performance. Are you presently moving towards the initial objectives? If you change a publishing procedure or content? Create changes because important, plus repeat the entire task frequently, when a month or thus.

Your action this week

Are we about Pinterest already? How are you able to better the advertising approach utilizing the strategies above? What’s a key take-away from this post, which you’ll commit to apply this week? Please share inside comments under — I look forward to the thoughts.

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A Pinterest Marketing Strategy


My name is Tamara Baranova. I run TJConsulting plus I assist business owners grow their company by delivering powerful internet marketing mentoring, help plus training. My clients see their company succeed, grow quick, plus generate healthy income from internet marketing approach which functions.

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Nokia to Acquire SAC Wireless

Nokia now announced it usually get American wireless network equipment installer SAC Wireless for an unnamed sum.

The Finnish telecommunications fast mentioned the transaction is set to close inside the 3rd quarter of the year.

“This purchase builds about the existing strengths plus continued investment inside the customers’ achievement. When the transaction has been completed, it might aid you heighten marketplace share inside the network implementation room,” mentioned Ricky Corker, executive vice-president of North America for Nokia Networks.

“With SAC Wireless’ features complementing the own in-house expertise, you are effectively placed to bring increased standard plus improved end-to-end delivery efficiency to the visitors. No alternative infrastructure provider is providing this amount of proven services.”

Nokia, inside a click launch, mentioned SAC has a “national footprint plus proven performance track record” for using main telecommunication companies.

Nokis mentioned the purchase usually help it to greater address the “complexities surrounding site purchase, permitting, sub-contractor accessibility, plus standard usually hinder network rollout plus time to marketplace.”

SAC’s around 450 employees may move to Nokia Networks once the deal closes.

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Nokia to Acquire SAC Wireless


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