Lines Already Forming For iPhone 6 – Customers Waiting Outside New York City Apple Store

It hasn’t even hit the street yet, however those that need it have.

Apple image — The iPhone 5C.

Apple image — The iPhone 5C.

Numerous agencies have reported lines are absolutely forming inside NY City because customers anxiously await the arrival of Apple’s iPhone 6. The fresh telephone has been rumored to arrive upcoming week though, officially, Apple has not set a date.

The firm has teased customers, though, with invites being issued stating “9.9. 2014 Wish you might state more.”
CNBC reported Wednesday folks were absolutely forming a queue at 1 of Apple’s shops inside NY City. Consumers have started to receive inside a line, several with sleeping bags plus garden seats.

One these customer, Brian Ceballo, mentioned not merely is he hoping to receive his hands found on the hot iPhone yet he additionally would like to set a record for those waiting for the device.

“We sought to beat the record, that had been 18 days,” he mentioned.

Ceballo can beat which record when the past is selected because a measuring stick. Apple was expected to release both the iPhone5S plus iPhone 5C about Sept. 10 of last year. The organization unveiled the goods then however, customers were forced to wait over a week following which, Gamenguide reported, before they can receive their hands about them.

What’s worse is the truth Apple nonetheless has not shed any further details found on the product’s launch. But, it’s generally believed the iPhone 6 can finally be out sometime upcoming week.

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Lines Already Forming For iPhone 6


W. Brice McVicar is a staff author for SiteProNews.

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Apple Avoids Blame In Hacked Accounts – Nude Celebrity Pics Accessed Through No Flaw In System

Recent leaks of celeb bare pictures were the happen of deliberate attacks, not a mistake inside systems.

AppleThat’s Apple’s side following it came below fire whenever hundreds of naked pictures of the range of celebrities including Kate Upton plus Jennifer Lawrence were leaked following a hack. That hack, the business reported, wasn’t the outcome of the program compromise.

“After over 40 hours of research, you have noticed which certain celeb accounts were compromised with a surprisingly targeted attack about consumer names, passwords plus protection concerns, a practice which has become all too normal online,” The Register quoted Apple because stating inside a statement.

“None of the situations you have investigated has resulted from any breach in almost any of Apple’s systems including iCloud or Find My iPhone.”

The story has produced global headlines plus has caught the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Monday, the bureau mentioned it was addressing the claims online accounts of the celebrities had been hacked, Business Week reported.

In light of the hacks, Apple has advised consumers they could submit spot two-factor authentication plus select sturdy, hard-to-hack passwords for all their accounts.

As constantly, too, individuals need to be aware of providing any password info about websites they are doing not trust or know.

However, MacRumours reported Apple is continuing its research following it was found a tool entitled Github might have been employed by the hackers to function their method into the accounts by the protection flaw inside Find My iPhone.

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Apple Avoids Blame In Hacked Accounts


W. Brice McVicar is a staff author for SiteProNews.

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Five Tips that Boost Sales and Search Rankings for eCommerce Sites

I’ve had my fair share of conversations with eCommerce website owners. The 2 issues which appear to constantly come up throughout the course of the discussions are look engine promoting (SEO) plus sales. Frankly, several receive it plus several only don’t.

Truthfully, nearly all of what we read online regarding SEO plus conversions is outdated misinformation which has merely been repeated (inaccurately almost all of the time) from somebody else. There are valuable limited actual authorities which you need to follow. This really is 1 cause numerous eCommerce websites have a hard-fought battle with regards for you to get positioning plus converting consumers into customers.

Allow me to provide five secrets (based about severe errors I’ve enjoyed different eComm websites make) which will allow you to boost sales plus look positioning.

1 – Take Many Time to Plan

During those conversations I’ve had with eCommerce website owners, another problem additionally usually comes to light: shortage of planning. There are certain which take the required procedures to analysis keywords, outline a logical navigation structure plus determine a sales flow from site entry to the buy today switch. Kudos to we.

I’ve mentioned it a 100 occasions before: Planning isn’t sexy, however the results it brings are.! If wise SEO plus excellent conversions are 2 of the priorities, you’ll like to take time to look over:

  • Keywords which cater to each stage of the getting procedure (see No. 2)
  • Logical site navigation which intuitively leads consumers to where they require to be
  • Cross-sells plus upsells which flow effortlessly with all the items the visitors are searching for
  • Copy which definitely lets visitors learn why they must purchase from we plus not the 1,000 different websites marketing the same things
  • Elements which lend to a site’s trust plus credibility plus enable consumers to feel confident obtaining from you

2 – Select Keywords which Drive the Sales Process

Keyword analysis for eCommerce websites is a bit of the different animal than doing analysis for – state – a services-based site. Buyer aim plays a big character inside the keywords you choose for the different kinds of pages about website.

For example, did we learn which the more certain a keyphrase is, the closer the searcher is to generating a obtaining choice? Putting pretty wide keyphrases about a product page usually isn’t the number one idea. Those kinds of terms are better suited to a house page, that attracts general traffic plus then directs it to the upcoming stage inside the ordering task.

Not familiar with all the ordering task?
There is many procedures, in its many simple shape, the obtaining task has 4 steps: want recognition, info look, evaluation of alternatives plus decision-making.

During the requirement recognition stage, consumers are striving to determine what they need/want. Maybe they have a condition (leaky faucet, anything for kids to carry books inside at school, etc.). They know the requirement plus have considered a limited details which would resolve the condition (a fresh faucet, components for the faucet, a backpack for kids, a book bag, etc.).

Here you’d utilize wide keyphrases inside the copy plus content advertising including “Moen faucet parts” or “back to school bags.”

In the data look stage, consumers investigate the choices they considered plus search for ones they may not have recognized regarding. These are typically trying to create a list, per se, of all of the goods which may resolve their problem/want. Category pages tend to show up effectively for these searches considering they provide groups of products/solutions.

Once clients start to evaluate all of the goods they’ve found, they start typing inside searches including “Moen faucet reports,” “denim vs. leather satchel book bag” or “Lands’ End backpack comparison.” Having this content about website can be extremely helpful inside returning the pages to buyers that are truly close to creating a obtaining choice.

Finally, whenever the shopper has decided what to buy, s/he starts to compare shops plus costs, search for coupons, etc. Precise model or fashion names plus numbers in addition to keyphrases which deal with sales or coupons are right chosen about product pages or inside content advertising efforts crafted to drive traffic to a certain item.

3 – Differentiate The Site from Other Resellers

Think of the own buying experience. Put oneself inside the customer’s boots. The MP3 player begins performing strange plus just playing from 1 channel. It’s time to purchase a unique 1 before this thing dies completely. What do we do?

You go by the obtaining procedure very synonymous to the 1 described above. And, then we search for the cheapest cost. That’s how many consumers go regarding it, too. Other than low cost, how are you able to set oneself aside from all of the thousands of different websites which sell MP3 players? This really is a important query for eCommerce resellers to answer. Otherwise, you’re doomed to consistently fight the cost battle.

I recognize what you’re thinking… customer support! Yes, that’s significant, however here’s the thing regarding customer support being the differentiator… many persons may not experience a customer support except anything goes incorrect throughout the sales/shipping procedure.

Give several severe thought to what you are able to provide which sets we aside. This article from my copywriting blog usually provide several inspirations.

4 – Write Unique Copy (for Two Reasons)

I understand which creating authentic copy for all the treatments is a big challenge depending found on the size of the site. But think of it this way: If you have the actual, same product descriptions plus different content about website which each different eCommerce reseller has, you may be training visitors to look just at the cost.

Unless we provide them anything which others aren’t providing them, truly the only differentiator is how much the item bills.

Secondly, when you’re utilizing identical copy because alternative resellers, Google might have a harder time judging the worth of the site. Contrary to prevalent belief, there is not a duplicate content “penalty,” however, Google does filter out webpage which don’t provide certain kind of distinctive value.

If you need to employ manufacturer-provided (aka canned) copy, add specific value someplace else found on the page. Enable customer critiques or Q&A. Add care plus utilize instructions or demo videos. There are many of techniques to incorporate value to the product pages to offset the utilization of duplicate descriptions.

5 – Reduce Friction to Increase Sales

Another problem normal to ecommerce websites is ingredients or processes which add friction. We need the sales flow plus checkout processes to be because smooth because potential. The more issues or hesitation a shopper has when about website, the high likelihood she/he can abandon her/his cart plus go elsewhere.

Consider your buying experiences for a time. We reach a site, find what we think you’ll like plus add it to a cart. Next – regarding the time you’re motivated to provide the credit card info – the issues begin to fill a mind:

  • How much is shipping?
  • What when it doesn’t fit?
  • Am I going to unknowingly signal me up for a bunch of email which I don’t desire?
  • These costs appear truly low. Is this stuff modern or refurbished?
  • Is my credit card information secure or has this website been hacked before?
  • Can this site be trusted?

Your consumers have the same issues we do. Whenever they are about website, they require this info inside purchase to feel confident ordering from we. Otherwise, there is friction, plus where there is friction, persons leave.

The answer? For something, you are able to create brief, easy-to-understand policies for consumers to read. Make any stipulations for free delivery well-defined. Should you merely post “Free Shipping!!!!” inside a banner region without explaining which there is a minimal $ 100 buy, then whenever visitors reach a checkout, they may feel because when they’ve been tricked.

Quickly allow consumers understand what a return plan is plus then link to a more detailed explanation when important. Utilize trust icons plus secure checkout symbols to affirm to buyers which a checkout procedure is secure. Taking a limited additional measures to clearly communicate may really lower a buying cart abandonment rate plus heighten sales.

Take several time this week to evaluate where we stand inside these five regions. Simply creating a limited easy changes over time could bring extensive increases inside traffic plus sales.

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Five Tips which Increase Sales plus Search Rankings for eCommerce Sites


Karon Thackston is president of Marketing Words Copywriting Agency plus publisher of Ecommerce Copywriting: Proven How to Increase Sales & Search Rankings.

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Facebook Testing Keyword Search

Facebook is growing Graph Search.

The social network is testing keyword look about its mobile application, permitting members to look from older posts or pages they have followed according to keyword.

“We’re testing an improvement to look about mobile,” Facebook mentioned inside a statement. “In this test you are able to employ keywords to look for posts you’re inside the audience for about Facebook.”

As an illustration, when a consumer desired to obtain a post by his friend Alex Jones regarding his trip to Las Vega, he might kind inside “Las Vega Alex Jones.”

Facebook is remaining very tight-lipped regarding the test, that it mentioned has been tested just about a tiny scale therefore far. The business declined to comment about when it is rolled out to all consumers.

Seemingly, truly the only cause Facebook offered any comment at all, was considering the story was reported by Bloomberg.

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Facebook Testing Keyword Search


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Marketing Communications: The Amazing Power Of FAQs

Whether it’s a Website or perhaps a document, the FAQ is regarded as the many effective tools accessible to marketers plus different communicators. It can improve a sales efforts, overcome resistance, minimize misunderstandings, plus boost customer reassurance. Best of all, we absolutely understand everything you ought to develop yours.

I’m not certain whom initially created the FAQ (frequently asked questions) document or page, nevertheless I do hope I receive the chance to thank her someday. (And yes, I’m very confident it had been a “her,” provided the innate man reluctance to pose concerns.) In the unlikely event which you’ve really awakened from a couple years of suspended animation, an FAQ is a list of concerns frequently asked by stakeholders including clients, together with answers to people issues.

Generally, sites, brochures, plus different communications tools take the destination of 1 of the employees. They offer info to clients, prospects, plus alternative stakeholders whenever you’re not about to do which. Many of the time, their info is marketing plus focused about what we see because the key points. So what arises whenever those stakeholders don’t see all info they require or have more concerns? They might contact we, yet which takes extra time plus effort. By the time they are doing which, they can have absolutely decided to do company with the rival — or they will merely forget all regarding it.

A well-crafted, thorough FAQ page or document fills the gap. Take a customer that is considering a buy. She can be a bit reluctant plus ask herself, “Well, what about… ?,” plus which query may create enough uncertainty to stop her from purchasing. However when she drifts over to a FAQ plus sees her query together with a answer, you’ve swiftly addressed plus removed which hesitancy. You’ve turned a browser into a buyer.

If we kept a list of the issues we get from prospects or buyers, you’d determine which there were a dozen or thus we hear over and over. In fact, you’re possibly thus tired of those concerns which the answer sounds because bored because we feel whenever we deliver it. Those are precisely the types of concerns which must end up inside a FAQ. And, because shoppers plus prospects spring hot concerns about we, you are able to add those to the FAQ, thus it becomes more powerful over time.

It’s simple to develop an FAQ, yet keep 1 important point inside mind: a FAQ cannot improve a sales efforts, overcome resistance, minimize misunderstandings, or boost customer reassurance except it’s completely candid plus honest. An FAQ isn’t the destination to duck tough topics or conceal behind weasel wording. That’s considering a stakeholders are better at spotting which form of stuff than we understand. If they sense which you’re not being completely upcoming, they won’t trust anything you must state.

On the different hand, whenever a FAQ answers are candid, we instantaneously build self-confidence plus trust inside the reader’s notice. Imagine this query about contending manufacturers’ FAQ pages: “How difficult is it to assemble a veeblefetzer?”

Company 1 responds: “It’s amazingly convenient to place the veeblefetzer together with prevalent tools we have about the store. Before we learn it, you’ll be utilizing the veeblefetzer to core radishes quicker than ever!”

Company 2 says: “Most customers tell you it takes between 90 minutes plus 2 hours to assemble their veeblefetzers, somewhat more for individuals whom aren’t employed to mechanical projects. You’ll require a hammer, a #2 phillips screwdriver, a pair of tiny needle-nose pliers, along with a 3/8-inch socket wrench. A bench vise or bar clamp might create assembly simpler. Simply make sure to read the instructions completely before beginning function, considering customers that encounter issues usually confess which they missed a step.”

Which company’s FAQ might we trust? And that veeblefetzer might you purchase?

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Marketing Communications: The Amazing Power Of FAQs


Scott Flood creates efficient copy for businesses plus alternative companies. To understand more, see his site or read his website .

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Microsoft Weeds Phony Apps From Windows Store

Microsoft is finally cracking down about phony apps inside its Windows Store.

The software giant has provided the boot to over 1,500 “crap apps” plus more are probably to adhere to because the firm continues its review of applications inside its shop.

“Earlier this year you heard loud plus obvious which folks were acquiring it harder to locate the apps they were looking for; usually needing to kind by lists of apps with perplexing or misleading titles,” Microsoft mentioned inside a website post. “We took the suggestions really plus modified the Windows Store application certification requirements because a initial step towards greater guaranteeing which apps are called plus described inside a technique which doesn’t misrepresent their cause.”

App creators should today confirm the app’s name clearly plus appropriately reflect its cause. Additionally, apps need to be classified based on the application function plus cause plus icons need to be differentiated thus there are no look alikes. The new plan has been used to all unique application submissions plus existing application upgrades for both the Windows plus Windows Phone Store.

“The Store review is continuous plus you know which you have more function to do, however, we’re about it,” Microsoft mentioned. “We’re applying extra resources to accelerate the review task plus identify more issue apps quicker. No approach is best, thus you motivate individuals to report any issues they will encounter with Windows Store.”

Customers may use the “report concern to Microsoft” link inside the Store to report any issues they come across. Infringement concerns is reported via the Web or by e-mail:


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Microsoft Weeds Phony Apps From Windows Store


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.

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Dropbox Lowers Prices, Increases Storage for Pro Users

Just call it the storage wars.

Dropbox has dropped its costs to stay competitive inside the ever-growing cloud storage marketplace plus has additionally improved storage plus added fresh safety qualities for Dropbox Pro consumers.

Under a hot, simplified pricing structure, Dropbox Pro consumers might today pay for a single program which offers them 1 TB (1,000 GB) of room for $ 9.99 a month.

The business has furthermore added 4 main safety upgrades.

Simple collaboration is regarded as the factors folks select Dropbox Pro, nevertheless we’ve heard we ask for more methods to safeguard the stuff we share,” mentioned Dropbox staff ChenLi Wang inside a website post. “That’s why we’re delivering modern sharing controls to Dropbox Pro.”

The updates include:

  • Passwords for shared links — This feature creates an more layer of safety thus just folks with all the password will access a user’s link.
  • Expirations for shared links — This way shields sensitive files by allowing the consumer to set how extended the hyperlinks remain up.
  • View-only permissions for shared folders — This feature enables a consumer to select when recipients will edit or only view files inside shared folders.
  • Remote wipe — This way hands consumers the ability to delete their Dropbox files from a lost or stolen device whilst keeping them securely supported up inside Dropbox.

The fresh qualities are automatic with anyone enlisting for the service. Current users’ accounts is up-to-date automatically inside the upcoming some days.

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Dropbox Lowers Prices, Increases Storage for Pro Users


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Yahoo Considers Consolidating California Offices in Hollywood: Report

Yahoo is found on the look out for a flashier place to do company inside Southern California.

Sources “close to the situation” told Re/code Yahoo would like to consolidate its media plus development operations plus is shopping for because much because 200,000 square feet of area. The move might combine its Santa Monica plus Burbank operations.

Yahoo is searching at the 959 Seward workplace complex, a swanky part of property inside Hollywood, 2 sources “with knowledge of the commercial property marketplace inside Los Angeles” told Re/code.

The place, that will not be prepared for job till early 2016, will be inside strolling distance of Paramount, CBS Television City plus Hollywood Center.

The fresh place might effectively go hand-in-hand with CEO Marissa Mayer’s call to create Yahoo cool again, including a main focus found on the improvement of the company’s movie plus social products.

Yahoo has plans to launch a Web-based movie platform with authentic half-hour comedy shows plus which platform got a main boost lately with all the information ‘Community,’ a sitcom regarding community university, had been rescued from cancellation by the Internet fast.

The show, cancelled by NBC, is back for the sixth season about Yahoo, exciting fans plus providing Mayer the boost she must receive the ball rolling along with her plans to provide YouTube — to not mentions Netflix, Amazon plus Hulu — a run for their funds.

It was leaked back inside March which Yahoo had plans to emulate Google’s YouTube, though it was to be a more elite variation with just top-quality plus favored movie content which is chosen plus approved by Yahoo itself.

As element of which program, Yahoo was seeking to debut authentic half-hour comedy shows to draw big viewers to its hot platform. Mayer has reportedly been trying to obtain these content, thus ‘Community’ is a main score for her.

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Yahoo Considers Consolidating California Offices inside Hollywood: Report


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State Law Forces Google to Add Steering Wheels to Self-Drive Cars

Google’s self-driving vehicles are not completely steered by development in the end — at smallest, not yet.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has produced it compulsory for motorists to gain “immediate bodily control” of the car, necessitating the addition of the steering wheel plus fuel plus brake pedals to its fleet of self-driving vehicles.

Google's driverless car

Google’s driverless car

The development fast has mentioned it may obey the unique regulation set to go into impact inside mid-September.

“During the testing you are equipping the cars with manual controls like a steering wheel, brake pedal, plus accelerator pedal,” a Google spokesperson told CNet. “With these additions, the protection motorists may test the self-driving qualities when having the ability to take control of the car when required.”

Google has mentioned the auto may identify hundreds of objects — pedestrians, stop signs inside the hands of the crossing protect plus barriers found on the road — simultaneously. The car not just senses these barriers however,, unlike a human driver, refuses to become irritated or tired when traveling.

An added bonus, wrote project director Chris Urmson inside a website post, is when people is distracted plus unable to predict what lies ahead when driving, the Google car has shown it will.

“As it turns out, what looks chaotic plus unique about a city street to the human eye is very predictable to a computer,” he wrote. “As we’ve encountered thousands of different conditions, we’ve built software models of what to anticipate, within the probably (a auto stopping at a red light) to the unlikely (blowing by it).”

Urmson mentioned, nonetheless, there remains much function to do found on the hot technologies.

Google has not mentioned how lengthy it may be before the vehicles, realistically, is willing to take to the road without at smallest certain human aid.

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State Law Forces Google to Add Steering Wheels to Self-Drive Cars


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Twitter Takes First Place for Company Culture, Values: Glassdoor

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 8.28.11 AMWhen it comes to culture plus values, Twitter is tops, according to a unique list from Glassdoor.

The list is compiled by the company-review site based about hundreds of thousands of U.S. staff reports over all industries.

Twitter stole the No. 1 place about Glassdoor’s first-ever Top 25 Companies for Culture plus Values list, followed by Google inside 3rd region plus Facebook inside fifth. The additional firms creating up the best 10 are not within the technologies sector.

Further down the list was Apple, that nabbed the 15th place plus Adobe inside 20th, NetApp took the last slot — No. 25 — found on the list.

Only firms with at smallest 1,000 employees were considered.

Employee critiques of Twitter were glowing, with 1 phoning it “the greatest region I have ever worked.” Another called the business culture “amazing,” citing “massive development possible plus absolutely interesting product.”

“The folks are really the greatest,” reads 1 review. “Amazing culture. Always understanding anything modern at Twitter University. Team meetings found on the rooftop are the number one, awesome teamwork along with a great deal of smart folks. I love how the 10 core values drive the business to usually be greater.”

A friendly ambiance with approachable managers plus professionals were moreover labeled because main pluses.

Check out the full list here: glassdoor-top-culture-values-2014

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Twitter Takes First Place for Company Culture, Values: Glassdoor


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.

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