Historic Toy Goes High-Tech With a Little Help From Google – Mattel Uses Google Cardboard to Bring View-Master Into 21st Century

Bing is teaming up with doll maker Mattel to carry virtual reality to your historical View-Master.

The 80-year-old doll is getting a significant makeover and will also be combined with Bing Cardboard to offer “an immersive electronic experience for young ones.”

By combining the View-Master’s ‘experience reel’ and application with an Android os Smartphone, the re-imagined View-Master will enable kiddies to simply take field trips to far-off and famous places, landmarks including being able to explore different components of nature and planets in 360-degree ‘photospheres.’

“The View-Master was first introduced in the 1939 World’s Fair in ny, offering consumers usage of dazzling 3D globes simply by choosing a reel and seeking through a computer device,” Mattel global brand general supervisor Doug Wadleigh stated in a news release. “By working with Google’s Cardboard system, we’re now able to take that experience even further taking the breakthrough and immersive watching experience of the View-Master on electronic age. Combining technology and development using this classic model offers kids an advanced knowledge allowing for play opportunities perhaps not however imagined through new, digitally curated content.”

Bing Cardboard product director Mike Jazayeri described Cardboard as an available platform that other companies, like Mattel, can develop on.

“Many people on the Google Cardboard group grew up playing with View-Master, therefore we had been excited to collaborate with Mattel and understand audience advance and make use of Bing Cardboard,” Jazayeri said.

The model is slated going to the marketplace this autumn. The View-Master viewer and a sample experience reel for SRP, used paired with a Smartphone, will retail for $ 29.99. Extra experience reel packs would be sold for $ 14.99. Each pack will feature four themed encounter reels – particularly nature, adventure locations and technology.

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Historic Toy Goes State-of-the-art With Some Assistance From Google


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Internet Censorship in China: We’ll Sing it for You

By Sisi Wei and Yue Qiu, ProPublica

Asia’s Web censorship agency today features it is own choral anthem, a tune entitled “The Mind and Spirit of Cyberspace safety.” The newest York Circumstances reported Thursday that the lyrics to your track — which praises the agency’s commitment “to the worldwide village, evolving it into its many stunning form” — had been published by Wang Pingjiu, who additionally had written the words when it comes to opening track towards the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

ProPublica saw, converted and subtitled the video clip.

Even though the days reported that copies of video clip are increasingly being erased quickly, ProPublica discovered copies quickly through the preferred Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo.

When you look at the track, staff members proudly declare not only loyalty with their work, but that it is changing the whole world into a much better place. Words consist of:

  • “With loyalty and devotion, we view over our domain day-and-night”
  • “Contributing toward international town, developing it into its many gorgeous kind”
  • “within universe, as a huge selection of streams movement across each of China, loyally looking for the sea, they carry using them the great Chinese culture and measure Asia’s success.”

While it is tough to convert the actual definition behind a track, a particular lyric might be referencing a vintage Chinese proverb — 水能载舟,亦能覆舟 — which stresses that while water-can keep a boat afloat, it may flip it over. The lyric, which reads “Integrity ripples only from an obvious and pure nation,” might be referencing the fact that without integrity, the country would flip on the government.

The official “Mind and Spirit” values of the Cyberspace management is defined by the company as “Loyalty, obligation, development, integrity, unity and commitment.”

In 2013, ProPublica published 527 user-posted photos that were erased by censors at Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website similar to Twitter. In an effort to find out just what triggers a user’s articles to be censored, ProPublica also discovered that the everyday lives of users or their loved ones were sometimes threatened due to product they had published online.

In addition, every single day since Nov. 17, 2014, ProPublica has been testing perhaps the homepages of international development organizations tend to be available to browsers inside Asia. See the outcomes.

Here’s our interpretation:


“The notice and Spirit of Cyberspace safety” (《网信精神》)







网络强国 网在哪, 光荣梦想在哪

网络强国 从遥远的宇宙到思念的家

网络强国 告诉世界中国梦在崛起大中华

网络强国 一个我在世界代表着国家







With commitment and devotion, we view over our domain night and day,

to serve our goal because the sunshine rises when you look at the east.

Producing each day with development, adopting its brightness,

exactly like a beam of stability that moves your heart.

Unifying the strength of all residing things,

leading to the global town, evolving it into its most breathtaking type.


an Internet power — in which there is Web, you will find glory and ambitions.

a net power — From the remote cosmos into the houses that individuals skip.

an Internet energy — informing the whole world the Chinese Dream is lifting up China.

a net power — every person presents the entire country.

Inside universe, as all rivers loyally look for the ocean,

they carry Asia’s great culture and measure Asia’s success.

Five thousand several years of record condensed to illuminate innovation.

Integrity ripples just from a definite and pure nation.

We have been unified in the exact middle of the universe.

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Internet Censorship in Asia: We’ll Sing it available


ProPublica is a completely independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism within the community interest. ProPublica is based in New york.

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Microsoft Offering 100GB of Free OneDrive Storage to Bing Rewards Members

Microsoft is providing 100GB of no-cost OneDrive cloud storage space to people who sign up for the business’s brand new Bing incentives programs.

The promotion is a fairly good deal. Usually, OneDrive’s free storage space offering is just 15GB of data.

Microsoft image

Microsoft image

Become eligible, you need to put up a free Bing Rewards account, go right to the Bing Rewards dashboard after which click the ‘100 GB free’ website link. You must after that accept obtain marketing OneDrive e-mails and the 100GB is yours for free until 2017.

The existing price for 100GB rests at $ 1.99, so those who take advantage of the promotion tend to be saving by themselves approximately $ 48 over couple of years.

Sadly, the advertising is only open to U.S. people.

Microsoft is constantly upping its game in the storage space war. The software monster announced final October it could provide limitless cloud storage space to Office 365 Residence, individual and University subscribers at no additional price.

Final April it announced OneDrive for company storage would increase from 25GB to 1TB for no extra price.

Previously named SkyDrive, Microsoft was forced to choose an innovative new identity for its service after losing its 2013 legal fight with British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) over trademark of this Sky title.

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Microsoft Offering 100GB of totally free OneDrive space to Bing Rewards users


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Snowden Documentary, Citizenfour, Wins Poitras Two Awards

The story of nationwide Security department whistleblower Edward Snowden has actually won two awards for Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Laura Poitras.

Known as CitizenFour, the documentary produced by Poitras won best documentary manager within administrators Guild of America prizes ceremony in Los Angeles Saturday. It was Poitras’ very first administrators Guild Award nomination.

After that, on Sunday, CitizenFour won best documentary at BAFTA movie Awards at London’s Royal Opera House.

CitizenFour informs the storyline of how Snowden anonymously contacted Poitras in January 2013 via an encrypted e-mail signed Resident Four. The email offered information about the NSA’s huge surveillance program. In Summer 2013, with investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald and Guardian reporter Ewen MacAskill, Poitras went along to Hong-Kong to generally meet Snowden, where he fled after releasing papers towards news. Throughout several group meetings, which Poitras filmed, she obtained the video footage when it comes to documentary.

The documentary received great reviews with regards to was launched in October.

Through the Washington Post: “Whether you might think Edward Snowden is a hero or a traitor, you ought to look at riveting documentary.”

The BBC: “Citizenfour, Laura Poitras’ exciting and newsworthy portrait-of-a-whistleblower documentary, is something all too rare: a movie about a seismic event that appears to happen appropriate within center of the earthquake.”

The Ny occasions said it could be seen either as a “piece of advocacy journalism, a goad to advance argument on how security and transparency must certanly be balanced in a democracy, about how governments abuse technology, exactly how official secrets tend to be held and revealed” or as “an elegant and intelligent contribution into the thriving category of dystopian allegory.”

Moving Rock called it a “potent and serious documentary” that while “guilty of sins of omission, marshalls the hard truths and goes simple regarding varnish.”

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Snowden Documentary, Citizenfour, Wins Poitras Two Awards


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Talent Solutions a Big Money-Maker for LinkedIn in 4Q

Powerhouse expert network LinkedIn will continue to shock Wall Street, posting a 44 per cent leap in quarterly revenue because of its last quarter of 2014.

The company’s shares hopped eight % in after-hours dealing Thursday, following the organization reported income for the 4th one-fourth emerged in at $ 643 million compared to the $ 447 million it published into the 2013 one-fourth.

Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner

Income for the year came in at $ 2.219 billion, a 45 per cent boost versus $ 1.529 billion it posted in 2013.

“Q4 ended up being a strong quarter, bringing to an in depth another successful year of growth and innovation,” said CEO Jeff Weiner in a seminar telephone call with experts.

“One 12 months ago, we started several multi-year strategic assets into the platform. We carried on our change from desktop to cellular, and also focused on projects in tasks, content, and international expansion. While nevertheless early, we made considerable progress on these concerns in 2014, and maintained solid growth across all member ecosystem metrics while delivering record financial outcomes.”

A huge section of relatedIn’s success this season is much more and more companies are employing its service, Talent possibilities, to hire employees. Income for the reason that unit hit $ 369 million, up 41 % when compared to 4th one-fourth of 2013. Talent Solutions revenue represented 57 percent of complete revenue within the 4th one-fourth.

And LinkedIn views that upward trend continuing as the business expands internationally, garnering brand new subscriptions from multiple nations. LinkedIn simply joined the Chinese market early in the day this present year and currently Asia is a large way to obtain new users.

“into the fourth-quarter, a lot more than 75 per cent of new users stumbled on LinkedIn from away from usa,” Weiner said.

Premium Subscriptions will also be increasing, making the company $ 121 million in 4th quarter, a growth of 38 % set alongside the same one-fourth in 2013.


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Talent Solutions a large Money-Maker for LinkedIn in 4Q


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Google Starts Review Program in Challenge to Yelp

Bing is getting prepared take on review application Yelp with today’s first of its “Local Guides” system within an update to Google Maps.

But Google requires your help to make regional Guides a success. The tech company is currently looking for individuals join its neighborhood Guides program as “explorers” who can write neighborhood reviews on Bing.

“As you write even more reviews, you access even more quantities of benefits offered simply to regional Guides,” checks out the web site. “Sign up for neighborhood Guides, then start composing high-quality reviews of the places for which you consume, shop, play, and explore. You can write your reviews on Google Search or Google Maps on your Smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. As soon as you’ve registered, it might take up to 72 hours to begin with getting neighborhood Guides email messages. While you compose even more reviews, you’ll get access to brand new benefit levels.”

But Google just isn’t wanting slap-dash reviews. Just reviews with a minimum of 3 to 4 phrase containing particular, helpful and balanced information about a certain company will do.

As soon as you achieve the 50-review mark, you can expect to get a badge and be called a premier reviewer on Bing Maps for Android and iOS.

This system is like Yelp’s Elite Squad for the reason that regional Guides can be involved in both personal communities, in this case on Google+, and neighborhood meetups.

Those contemplating enrolling can click here.

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Google Starts Evaluation Program in Challenge to Yelp


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Apple HealthKit Pilot Program Launching in Hospitals: Report

Apple could the hospital — well, its HealthKit is.

Fourteen of 23 top hospitals into the U.S. polled by Reuters have often established a pilot system for the iPhone maker’s HealthKit solution or are in talks to do so.

It seems Apple features a major head-start over its rivals Google and Samsung, which provide similar services but are just now beginning to contact hospitals as well as other medical facilities, Reuters reported.

“Such methods hold the guarantee of allowing health practitioners to watch for very early signs and symptoms of trouble and intervene before a medical problem becomes severe,” checks out the report. “That could help hospitals prevent repeat admissions, that they’re penalized under brand-new U.S. federal government recommendations, all at a comparatively low-cost.”

Apple’s HealthKit will enable medical practioners to track and conserve clients’ blood circulation pressure and heartbeat also monitor glucose levels. Technology will also record oxygen levels to ascertain breathing rate and top-notch respiration plus monitor hydration, physical working out, nourishment and sleep.

It is really not only useful to medical professionals, nevertheless. People associated with the unit can figure out their body mass list (BMI) by entering their particular height and weight in addition to figure out their percentage of body fat. Users could then watch these indicators in the long run as part of a weight loss system. Those people who are dieting can enter their particular everyday intake of food and can also keep an eye on how many measures they take daily to find out if they are energetic adequate.

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Apple HealthKit Pilot Program Launching in Hospitals: Report


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Facebook Sparking Feelings of Envy that Lead to Depression: Study

Facebook can breed emotions of envy which, subsequently, may cause depression, scientists during the University of Missouri-Columbia can see.

People in the social network whom simply utilize it to stay in touch with buddies might not be susceptible to such despair, but people who practice that which was termed by scientists as “surveillance use” or “brows[ing] the web site to observe how their friends do compared with their life,” will experience feelings of jealousy ultimately causing depression.

“We unearthed that if Facebook people experience envy of the activities and lifestyles of the buddies on Twitter, they are much more likely to report emotions of depression,” MU School of Journalism teacher Margaret Duffy said in a press launch. “Facebook can be a very good resource for most people, but if it is used as a way to shape up one’s very own achievements against other individuals, it can have a bad impact. It is important for Facebook users to be familiar with these dangers to allow them to avoid this behavior when working with Facebook.”

Surveillance usage of Facebook, which occurs when people see the site to observe their friends are doing, causes people to become inundated with posts about exciting holidays, new domiciles or automobiles or pleased connections. Those people who are much less fortunate may feel disheartened.

The answer, the scientists said, is self-awareness.

“Positive self-presentation is a vital motivation in making use of social networking, it is therefore become anticipated that many people would only post good reasons for on their own,” said Edson Tandoc, an old MU doctoral pupil and assistant professor at Nanyang technical University in Singapore.

“This self-awareness, ideally, can decrease feelings of envy.”

The analysis ended up being centered on a study of greater than 700 students andwas published in Computers in Human Behavior.

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Facebook Triggering Feelings of Envy that Lead to anxiety: learn


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Apple to Open Command Center in Arizona

Apple is sinking $ 2 billion in to the overhaul of a failed sapphire cup plant in Mesa, Ariz. to show it into a command center for iPhone maker’s global businesses.

The middle, that’ll express one of several business’s biggest investments of all time, may be the place Apple arranged in 2013 for GT Advanced Technologies Inc. to produce scratch-resistant sapphire screens for Apple products. GT Advanced Technologies and Apple agreed to part means final October only days after the brand new Hampshire-based firm filed for section 11 bankruptcy security.

GT Advanced’s reduction will likely be Arizona’s gain, nevertheless.

“This is a good day for Arizona, and we also have moved rapidly to create this happen and benefit from Apple’s curiosity about our condition,” said Gov. Doug Ducey in a declaration. “Apple is by far very innovative and successful companies in the world. Its choice to carry this brand-new center to Mesa is a big win for Arizona and a top testament to the business-friendly climate and talented staff. This development brings a significant financial investment, and propel Arizona’s position among the most readily useful says into the nation for which to do company. I’m proud to keep our partnership with Apple with this brand new project.”

The center is expected to use 150 full time Apple workers, as well as develop 300 to 500 construction and trade tasks.

Apple intends to run the facility with 100 percent green energy. Meaning the organization intends to develop and finance solar tasks designed to make the most of Arizona’s numerous sunlight. The jobs will create 70 MW of clean power, adequate to power over 14,500 Arizona houses.

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Apple to open up Command Center in Arizona


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Google Says It Makes Enough Money to Afford Failure on Projects Like Glass

Google, the very first time, admitted that its beloved Glass endeavor came with too many problems.

Main financial officer Patrick Pichette, while discussing the computerized cups during its quarterly results summit ask Thursday, said it was time for a “pause” and a technique “reset” with regards to Glass.

Pichette, however, had been unapologetic about the wasted cash that went into trying to get Glass off the ground. He noticed that Google’s web sites enjoyed an 18 per cent revenue development during the fourth quarter, which, subsequently, provides tech firm “license” to sink its cash into such long-term jobs.

Pichette’s remarks came on the heels of Google posting $ 66 billion in revenue for 2014 — a growth of 19 percent year-on-year. The tech titan in addition reported incomes of $ 18.10 billion for its 4th quarter, up 15 per cent form equivalent one-fourth in 2013.

Since Dec. 31, Google’s money, money equivalents, and marketable securities arrived in at an impressive $ 64.4 billion.

Thereupon much money behind Bing, it’s little wonder Google is unrepentant about losing money on Glass.

Pichette informed people that Google usually invests in lengthy shots, and lots of pay back, like Google Fiber, which is steadily expanding to urban centers over the U.S.

Glass, conversely, has been unable to “hit its hurdles,” regardless of the very early excitement it generated, Pichette said.

Google announced earlier this month it could not be offering Glass, its computerized spectacles, in its current form at the time of Jan. 19. The organization also shuttered its Explorer system so it “can target what’s coming after that.”

“We’re continuing to construct for future years, and you’ll begin to see future variations of Glass whenever they’re prepared. (For The Time Being, no peeking.),” the firm stated in a Google+ post.

Google couldn’t supply any timelines on whenever a fresh version of Glass might be prepared for marketplace.

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Google States It Makes Adequate Cash to cover Failure on Projects Like Glass


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