MoboRobo Prevents Information Loss – Software Tranfers Phone Data to Users’ PCs

Losing important info whenever flipping equipment is conveniently avoidable because of a fresh software. Image courtesy of (graur razvan ionut) / The initial cross platform software, MoboRobo supports the transfer of contacts of both Android plus iOS systems to a PC. The software eliminates the frustration of losing calendars, … Continue reading

President Gives NSA Nod to Exploit Some Internet Bugs – Intelligence Community Can Keep Quiet in Cases of National Security or Law Enforcement Need

U.S. President Barack Obama has decided the National Security Agency must present most the Internet protection vulnerabilities it discovers — yet not all. Sources told The NY Times over the weekend which Obama has provided the NSA a loophole thus the agency will continue to employ safety imperfections, inside several … Continue reading

Companies Given the Green Light to Share Cyber-Threat Data – FTC, DoJ Say Properly Shared Information Does Not Raise Anti-Trust Issues

Companies which share cyber-threat info with 1 another no longer need to worry prosecution for violation of anti-trust regulations, 2 U.S. government agencies have announced. When cyber-threat info is correctly shared, it could help inside securing the country’s networks plus online resources, the U.S. Department of Justice as well as … Continue reading