FCC Hires Jonathan Mayer For Enforcement Bureau – Cybersecurity Expert Will Focus on Consumer Protection

The Federal Communications Commission features included some muscle to its payroll regarding privacy. The fee features employed mentioned cybersecurity expert Jonathan Mayer to go up its investigations into phone, tv and websites providers. Mayer may be tasked primarily with customer defense issues. It’s a move who has caught the eyes … Continue reading

FCC Chief Supports T-Mobile’s Binge On Promotion, Despite Critics’ Worries

T-Mobile’s Binge On campaign features raised countless eyebrows. Experts state T-Mobile will ruin the web because its promotion flies when confronted with Net neutrality. Federal Communications Commission president Tom Wheeler, but appears to disagree utilizing the critics. Wheeler, whenever asked by a reporter during a current FCC conference if Binge … Continue reading

YouTube Kids Finally Comes to Canada – App Also Available for Download in U.K., Australia, Ireland and New Zealand

It’s the application your children have already been awaiting. YouTube teenagers is eventually visiting Canada also Australia, the U.K., Ireland and brand new Zealand. YouTube teenagers YouTube’s software for children launched in February and, ever since then, is downloaded significantly more than 10 million times. The application, which is readily … Continue reading