Belgium Gives Facebook a Tongue Lashing – Privacy Protection Commission Accuses Social Network of Misusing Personal Data

Belgium’s privacy regulator berated social networking giant Facebook today, saying the company treats people’ personal data “with contempt,” Reuters is stating. The Privacy cover Commission in addition accused Facebook of failing continually to co-operate with investigators probing its privacy settings. The Commission, that will be using its German, Dutch, French … Continue reading

Chief Disruption Officer: The New Role – With the Internet of Things train leaving the station, a key to staying relevant could be a new “C” in the C-suite

New eras call for new leadership roles. Straight back around 2000, Vice Presidents of eBusiness initially appeared as businesses migrated their particular company processes online. 10 years later on, Chief Data Officers and Chief Innovation Officers began springing up to seize the possibilities in big information. Today, whilst the Internet … Continue reading

FCC Denies Net Neutrality Delay Requests

The Federal Communications Commission is going ahead utilizing the utilization of its Net neutrality principles, despite wait demands from a number of broadband providers and trade teams. The FCC passed an order late Friday, denying the requests. Your order, authored by Wireless Competition Bureau main Julie Veach and wi-fi Telecommunications Bureau … Continue reading