Friday, October 24, 2003

This is the first post in my new Blogger site. I am hoping to share my feelings with the world about the use of Free website templates and the effect that is has one the website design industry. I am a website designer and I have an extremly difficult time competing for business when an average secretary can download a Free webpage template and bammmm give the company a great looking website overnight.

Now you might ask your self how do I stay alive? Well I will tell you that one of the main ways is because while yes the secretary can create a site quickly and make it good looking at the same time. I normally get the call to "clean" it up. There is always some table that cannot be lined up properly or some graphic that they cannot get to display properly. But in the long run I do not make enough money cleaning up the scraps of html work from this type of work. So while Free website templates and even pay templates might be really good for designers to get over designers block. These templates also hurt the industry to some degree. When I get some time I will try to add more of my thoughts on the website template industry.

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